Best Golf Blogs – The Ultimate List Of Golf Websites

On this page we have tried to provide an impartial and comprehensive list of the best golf blogs on the web.

To compile the ranking we tracked hundreds of independent golf websites from around the globe. We then created a shortlist of the top 50 golf blogs ranked predominately by their Alexa score, but also taking into account their Domain and Page Authority as defined by MOZ.

To maintain impartiality we did not use our personal opinion in any way.

We aim to update our ranking of the best golf blogs every year. The data for this years ranking was collected over the week commencing 6th November 2017 .

A huge congratulations to all the golf blogs that made it onto this years list and to those that improved a number of spots!! We thoroughly enjoyed reviewing your sites and look forward to seeing how you develop and evolve over time!

For those golf blogs that didn’t make it onto the Golf Assessor list, don’t get yourself down. We will be updating the list next year July and with some hard work we are sure you will get a mention then!

Best Golf Blogs

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Top 50 Best Golf Blogs

No.1 Golf Now (up 1)


Founded in 2001 and is the leading provider of online tee times, golf course technology, and service solutions. Trusted by millions of registered golfers and golf courses and have a quality blog to catch up on

Alexa Rank:22,758

Visit Golf Now

No.2 (up 1)

Pretty much the most sought after domain name out there, absolutely anything in the world of golf is covered by If you want to keep up with the times visit their site.

Alexa Rank:29,815

Visit Blog

No.3 The Sandtrap Blog (up 2)


Started by Eric J. Barzeski along with a few friends in 2004, The Sand Trap was created for people to share their views, opinions and commentary in the world of golf.

Alexa Rank:117,715

Visit The Sand trap Blog

No.4 The Hackers Paradise


The Hackers Paradise aims to bridge the gap between companies and consumers offering you valued opinions. Having even launched a radio station back in 2010 they are a serious player!

Alexa Rank:155,940

Visit The Hackers Paradise

No.5 Blog (up 1)

golfshake-blog is a place for golfers to get together online and discuss the latest hot topics in golf, chat, ask for advice, write blogs and air their views. Reviews, tips, travel destinations and golf equipment. Above all it is a place where golfers can enjoy themselves and their game.

Alexa Rank:269,208

Visit Blog

No.6 Golf News Net (up 4)


GNN originally launched in 2003 and relaunched in late 2012 with a mission of providing an eclectic mix of golf news, ranging from silly to serious, viral to vocal about issues facing the game.

Alexa Rank:288,941

Visit Golf News Net

No.7 Geoff Shackelford (up 2)


Geoff Shackelford is a Contributing Writer to Golf World magazine, a Contributing Editor to Golf Digest, a weekly contributor to Golf Channel’s Morning Drive and is the author of eleven books.

Alexa Rank:383,399

Visit Geoff Shackelford

No.8 Nextgengolf Blog (up 7)


Kris Hart is the founder of Nextgengolf. All swings are welcome – whether you are an avid player or brand new to the game. What brings the Nextgengolf community together is the love of the game and bond through the game of golf.

Alexa Rank:413,748

Visit Nextgengolf Blog

No.9 The Your Golf Travel (down 1)


Everything you need to know on the golfing scene, from the latest golf holiday destination reviews to news on the European and PGA Tours.

Alexa Rank:430,280

Visit Your Golf Travel

No.10 No Laying Up (up 9)


A great blog that recognizes and celebrates the colorful personalities in golf, especially those who make the suits at PGA Tour HQ cringe. Very entertaining!

Alexa Rank:443,035

Visit No Laying Up Blog

No.11 American Golf Blog


Founded in 2001 and is the leading provider of online tee times, golf course technology, and service solutions. Trusted by millions of registered golfers and golf courses and have a quality blog to catch up on

Alexa Rank:537,129

Visit American Golf Blog

No.12 Practical-Golf Blog (up 5)


Dedicated to helping everyday golfers improve and enjoy the game more. What started as a small experiment with 5 articles has easily grown to over 150, and become one of the most popular game-improvement resources for golfers, with thousands of players from around the world reading articles daily.

Alexa Rank:624,032

Visit Practical-Golf

No.13 The Fried Egg (up 19)


Everything about the golf world in a unique, witty fast format in their newsletter. The long form content is there to help everyone gain a better understanding of golf through architecture, experience and what to and not to wear.

Alexa Rank:652,018

Visit The Fried Egg

No.14 Ottawa Golf Blog (up 35)


Started by Sean Crogie and provides news and reviews from the world of golf. Insightful and interesting to read and catch up on the latest updates.

Alexa Rank:682,972

Visit Ottawa Golf Blog

No.15 GolfWeather (down 3)


GolfWeather was launched in 2009 and is now the most up to date and reliable source of weather forecasts tailored to your next round of golf. Over 38 000 golf courses already in their database and growing constantly. Not only do they provide weather forecasts, but also news, equipment reviews, pro tips and more.

Alexa Rank:758,940

Visit GolfWeather

No.16 Adam Young Golf (up 4)


Adam Young provides fantastic tips and information on trying to help you with your game. Only focused on teaching and is a solid offering.

Alexa Rank:871,996

Visit Adam Young Golf

No.17 Bunkers Paradise (down 4)


Made up by a number of writers and contributors, The Bunkers Paradise has a mission of bringing you the latest and greatest from the world of golf and offer a bit of fun at the same time. Visit their site here

Alexa Rank:1,114,078

Visit Bunkers Paradise Blog

No.18 Hitting The Green


A great resource for beginners and more advanced golfers, Hitting The Green, provides fun reviews, views and insights from Golf Guy Rob, the author of the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Golf.

Alexa Rank:1,227,578

Visit Hitting The Green

No.19 Top 100 Golf (up 10)


A blog which covers mainly golf courses and the to be more specific the top 100 golf courses in the world. Opinionated commentary on all these courses as well as an “inside look”!

Alexa Rank:1,322,219

Visit Top 100 Golf Blog

No.20 (up 4)


Golf1 is one of the leading German golf blogs on the web. Golf1 covers everything golf related, from equipment and courses to player news and golf instruction. The perfect golf resource for German readers!

Alexa Rank:1,422,566


No.21 Golf Tripper (up 12)


From Top 100 private courses like Seminole Golf Club to popular golf vacation destinations such as Myrtle Beach, Golf Tripper features the most comprehensive information available on golf courses and golf travel.

Alexa Rank:1,558,163

Visit Golf Tripper

No.22 Golf Is Mental (up 4)

Golf Is Mental Blog

Josh Strukoff is behind Golf Is Mental & has been passionate about golf ever since he was too small to even carry his own bag! Strives to get better at golf & to help improve your mental game too.

Alexa Rank:1,617,917

Visit Golf Is Mental

No.23 Shutface Golf (up 21)


Entertainment only so don’t take it so seriously. Shares his candid, brutally honest and sometimes vulgar views on the game we all love. Nothing is off limits!

Alexa Rank:1,617,990

Visit Shutface Golf

No.24 Golf Blogger (up 3)


A blog focusing offering golf news, a tee time portal as well as online pro shop to purchase a few items. Based in Michigan, USA.

Alexa Rank:1,735,600

Visit Golf

No.25 Hooked On Golf Blog (down 11)


Tony Korologos started Hooked On Golf Blog back in 2004 being one of the golf blog front runners. A passionate editor that has already notched up over 5000 posts and 20 000 photos and is still getting going! Visit their site here.

Alexa Rank:1,778,059

Visit Hooked On Golf Blog

No.26 Barry Rhodes Golf (down 19)


Barry Rhodes has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the rules of golf. He is the first person to achieve a 100% correct mark on the public Advanced Rules of Golf Course examination, run by the PGA. His blog on golf rules is a must read!

Alexa Rank:1,892,970

Visit Barry Rhodes Golf

No.27 Sir Shanks Alot (up 3)


A complete mix of absolutely everything golf including reviews, news, tips, equipment etc. Been around for a few years and striving to make their mark even bigger on the blog network.

Alexa Rank:2,020,166

Visit Sir Shanks Alot Blog

No.28 Andrew Rice Golf (down 6)


Andrew Rice provides powerful insight to instruction and provides a blog with tips to help you in every aspect of your game

Alexa Rank:2,020,592

Visit Andrew Rice Golf

No.29 Golf Influence (NEW ENTRY)


A user-friendly blog by Jordan Fuller whose aim is to help you improve your golf. Everything from swing tips to short game tips to assisting beginners take up the beautiful game of golf.

Alexa Rank:2,101,766

No.30 Wei Under Par (down 13)


Stephanie Wei is the lady behind the Wei Under Par and has plenty of experience behind her. A writer, blogger and broadcaster and currently a reporter for Fox International Channels.

Alexa Rank:2,462,091

Visit Wei Under Par

No.31 Aussie Golfer (down 2)


Michael Green started Aussie Golfer back in 2007 and has now built a blog where readers can view the best news, reviews, equipment on offer. Born out of a want and need to discuss everyday concerns in the golf world

Alexa Rank:2,590,765

Visit Aussie Golfer Blog

No.32 Golf Workout Program (up 38)


A step-by-step guide to playing better golf. If you’re looking for in-depth, proven information on how to improve your golf game look no further than this blog.

Alexa Rank:2,712,720

Visit Golf Workout Program

No.33 The Grateful Golfer (up 2)


Founded in 2012 by Jim Burton and his primary goal was to focus on all positive aspects of the game of golf. He strives to provide free tips, drills and positive views and have constructive exchange with others on all things golf.

Alexa Rank:2,827,725

Visit The Grateful Golfer

No.34 (up 15)


If you are a German speaker then the GolfRessort blog is a must follow and read. Get up to date information on the European tour, equipment and golf travel!

Alexa Rank:2,957,929

Visit GolfRessort Blog

No.35 Golf Dash Blog (down 13)


John Diekmann and Doug Farrick back in 2006 and established to bring you up to date info on cutting edge latest peak performance ideas helping you play your best.

Alexa Rank:3,001,625

Visit Golf Dash Blog

No.36 Fairway Golf (down 4)


All about golf equipment and how to help every golfer around the world. Based in San Diego California, one of the best places for golf around the world!

Alexa Rank:3,548,306

Visit Fairway Golf

No.37 Golf Business Monitor (NEW ENTRY)


The #1 B2B Golf Business Blog in the world and founded by Miklos Breitner. Also provides advisory services to owners and developers of golf properties and golf equipment manufacturers and contributes to a number of online magazines.

Alexa Rank:3,754,186

Visit Golf Business Monitor

No.38 The Social Golfer (up 5)


The Social Golfer is an awesome online golf community where you can find new golf partners, join local golf games and events in your area, and interact in fun and engaging golf chat and forum discussions.

Alexa Rank:4,144,090

Visit The Social Golfer

No.39 Golf Stinks (up 2)


Funny, snarky and sometimes dead serious, they aim to take the frustration out of golf! Designed and created for average hacker that needs help!

Alexa Rank:4,196,012

Visit Golf Stinks

No.40 How To Break 80 (down 13)


Written by Jack Moorehouse and tries to offer advice and information to help the average golfer get more enjoyment out of the game. Primarily lessons and tips offered.

Alexa Rank:4,568,778

Visit How To Break 80 Blog

No.41 Ruthless Golf (up 1)


Started back in 2009, Mike takes the ideas in Ruthless Putting and expands them to include the whole game making it easier for you!

Alexa Rank:4,920,451

Visit Ruthless Golf Blog

No.42 Gorilla Golf Blog (up 3)


Launched in 2010 by Tommy Priest creating an opportunity for golfing fanatics to converse with one another and ultimately widen the net bringing more people to taking up the game of golf

Alexa Rank:5,129,783

Visit Gorilla Golf Blog

No.43 Into The Grain (up 1)


As editor John F Duval states their “mission is to educate, inform and entertain by bringing our readers equipment reviews, swing tips & advice, news, opinions and humor using a fun, informal writing style”. Good read!

Alexa Rank:5,190,423

Visit Into The Grain

No.44 The Breakfast Ball (up 20)


Based in the Las Vegas valley, Mathew Wangrycht is the man behind the great content. The Blog focuses on reviews, rants, stories, tips and photos and is very entertaining.

Alexa Rank:5,286,034

Visit The Breakfast Ball Blog

No.45 Golf For Beginners Blog (up 8)


Started by Stacy Solomon an avid golfer from the Bronx New York. This blog served as a way to record all the lessons she ever learnt and provide them to all of you readers!

Alexa Rank:5,973,099

Visit Golf For Beginners Blog

No.46 Links Life Golf (up 6)


Features on equipment, courses, tips, books, travel and the golfing lifestyle. This site is for those that actually pay their green fees and purchase their equipment. Said like it is, a nice site to keep you going on all things golf!

Alexa Rank:6,010,087

Visit Links Life Golf

No.47 (up 22)


David Hill started this blog in order to chronicle his golfing adventures and more recently the mechanics of the golf swing as well as the future and health of the beautiful game. Very interesting read!

Alexa Rank:6,890,084


No.48 My Little Golfers (up 9)


The mission of My Little Golfers is to positively impact the lives of young people by introducing the game of golf in a constructive positive manner. This is done by having created a network of people passionate about the game of golf.

Alexa Rank:8,034,034

Visit My Little Golfers

No.49 Golf Girl’s Diary Blog (down 10)


One of the first independent golf blogs edited by a woman and now among the most popular golf blogs on the Internet. Created by Patricia Hannigan who has appeared on Inside Edition & Good Morning America

Alexa Rank:8,839,921

Visit Golf Girl’s Diary

No.50 Geeked On Golf (NEW ENTRY)


Jason Way is the founder of Geeked On Golf and is clearly passionate about this beautiful sport. A blog on being able to travel to special spots, play amazing golf courses and try to improve his own game along the way. A must read!

Alexa Rank:8,964,764

Visit Geeked On Golf

Honorary Mentions

WiscoGolfAddict (NEW ENTRY)


One of, if not the biggest golf fan in Wisconsin! Golf course reviews, equipment reviews and rankings all by Paul Seifert. Regular interesting blog posts so follow him, you won’t be sorry.

Alexa Rank:9,497,323

Visit WiscoGolfAddict

Albatross Media (NEW ENTRY)


A university student blogging about the ever-changing golf industry and what lies ahead for the future. Everything from rules to equipment to health and body.

Alexa Rank:N/A

Visit Albatross Media

Just Golf Blog (up 21)


A convenient platform to learn about everything golf whether you are an expert or a beginner. Interesting and informative covering all aspects of the game and industry.

Alexa Rank:9,759,074

Visit Just Golf Blog

Plugging and Playing (down 13)


Brian started Plugging and Playing a number of years ago and is dedicated to his passions in life – one of which is obviously golf! He plays it, talks it and watches it and hopes to have an app or two built in the coming years. Some interesting stories he’s got for you to read!

Alexa Rank:10,101,548

Visit Plugging and Playing

The Golf Travel Guru(up 3)


As the Blog says – Travel. It’s all about golf travel and Ed Schmidt has highlighted some fantastic travel destinations with some quality images that will get you keen on organizing your next trip.

Alexa Rank:10,109,748

Visit The Golf Travel Guru

The Golfer Babe (up 14)


Amy is the founder of The Golfer Babe and structures her life around positivity and happiness. Her passion is developing marketing content and providing her readers with something valuable and meaningful resulting in happy golfing!

Alexa Rank:10,631,990

Visit The Golfer Babe

The Barefoot Golfer (up 2)


Andy loves golf, fitness, health and is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition. Another one of his passions is of course golf this project will help you learn more about nutrition, get motivated, get healthy and improve your golf game.

Alexa Rank:10,708,698

Visit The Barefoot Golfer

Golf (down 6)


Another site that covers all aspects including travel, reviews, equipment, tips, news. Updated very regularly and keeps all their readers in the loop.

Alexa Rank:11,118,904

Visit Golf

Chicago Golf Guy (up 5)


Chicago Golf Guy is a golf blog for golfers by golfers in Chicago, who are looking for everything and anything golf in Chicago.

Alexa Rank:11,504,739

Visit Chicago Golf Guy

Revolutionary Golf Balls (New Entry)


A new offering that offers custom golf balls suited specifically to your game and shipped to you each month. Fill out a form with all the detail necessary and they will do the rest!

Alexa Rank:13,415,351

Visit Revolutionary Golf Balls

Front 9 Back 9 (down 9)


Honest and thoughtful opinions on the happenings in the world of golf. Created for golf nuts that are obsessed with the game!

Alexa Rank:15,889,398

Visit Front 9 Back 9 Blog

Golf Gal Blog (up 2)


As an avid golfer she took up the sport 8 years ago for both for business and pleasure and is now making golf her business. Also a senior writer for Insider Golf Magazine & Golf Today Northwest.

Alexa Rank:16,641,589

Visit Golf Gal Blog

Calgary Golf Blog


Calgary’s best source for golf deals, golf discounts, course reviews, golf tips and news in and around Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Alexa Rank:16,916,919

Visit Calgary Golf Blog

Wrong Fairway (up 11)


Chris Chaney is the founder, owner, writer and editor of Playing From the Wrong Fairway, a golf blog that covers the PGA Tour and professional golf around the world.

Alexa Rank: 18,107,531

Visit Wrong Fairway Blog

36ADay Golf Blog (up 4)


A blog about golf in Canada and seeking the best value for money in terms of green fees and golf vacations. The already big golfing community of 5 million people in Canada are getting great advice by Mike Johnny. Enjoyable to read that is for sure!

Alexa Rank:18,587,121

Visit 36ADay Golf Blog

4 Deep Golf Blog (down 8)


4 Deep Golf Blog is your source for PGA Tour, European Tour and LPGA Tour picks. Previews, analysis, honest criticism, news, opinions, reviews and more! Run very well by Joel Harrington.

Alexa Rank:19,469,743

Visit 4 Deep Golf Blog

Tiger Golf Traveler (down 5)


Jimmy is on a worldwide quest to play the top 100 golf courses in America as ranked by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. Wonder how far he is in his journey? Visit his blog to find out more!

Alexa Rank:19,498,098

Visit Tiger Golf Traveler

Golfers Globe (NEW ENTRY)


Golfers Globe is undoubtedly one of the best golf travel sites on the web! The site has detailed information on 50 countries around the world and covers 100s of golf courses in 100 destinations. A great resource to plan your next golf vacation!

Alexa Rank:N/A

Visit Golfers Globe

Canadian Golf Traveller (NEW ENTRY)


The team made up of Brian and Sharon offer an insider’s guide to unique golf experiences, superb destinations and courses, and the absolute best deals in Canada not to mention the world. Get ready for a trip that will create memories that last a lifetime.

Alexa Rank:N/A

Visit Canadian Golf Traveller

Your Caddy (down 27)


Your Caddy provides the latest news and views on the golf world. The site includes Your Caddy TV, Your Caddy Magazine and a cool directory for golf courses and coaches in the UK!

Alexa Rank:N/A

Visit Your Caddy

Golf & Girls (down 25)


A tongue in cheek golf blog focusing on the fun things in the game – like golf betting, gossip in the pro industry, features of the WAGs of golf pros and the beauties that play on the LPGA!

Alexa Rank:N/A

Visit Golf & Girls

Armchair Golf Blog (down 19)

Neil Sagebiel, the founder and editor of ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG started AGB as an experiment back in 2005 and it took off better than he had hoped and imagined. Original and entertaining content

Alexa Rank:N/A

Visit Armchair Golf Blog

The Quest Fore Scratch (down 5)


David Bareno takes you on his journey of his improvement as well as setbacks and frustrations. He posts about the people that will help me achieve his goal of being a scratch handicap.

Alexa Rank:N/A

Visit The Quest Fore Scratch

Right On Par


Provides unique insight into top golf courses in the USA and abroad. Also provides updates and opinions on the latest PGA Tour & Amateur Golf. Started by Ben & George Wolfe

Alexa Rank:N/A

Visit Right On Par

Tom Kennedy Golf Blog


Over 18 years experience in the golf business and has traveled all over the world! From Adare to Old Head, Bighorn GC in California, Doonbeg, The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort, Target Golf Management &, Mount Juliet and as Director of Golf Ghana. A passionate Golfer who loves the business side of things as well.

Alexa Rank:N/A

Visit Tom Kennedy Golf Blog

Midwest Golf Blog


Celebrating all that is good about golf in specifically in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois. Course reviews, equipment and travel deals all in one site.

Alexa Rank:N/A

Visit Midwest Golf Blog

Bryan Somers Golf


All about travel and picking out some of the best golf travel destinations around the globe. Some great options out there if you’re a keen golfer!

Alexa Rank:N/A

Visit Bryan Somers Golf

Awesome Africa Tours


Dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Africa whilst treating you to the best golf courses Southern Africa has to offer. Hosted by James and Nadine, you’ll experience a vacation that will create lifelong memories and be planning your next trip before even leaving Africa.

Alexa Rank: N/A

Visit Awesome Africa Tours

James Loughnane Blog


One of the most passionate golfers you’ll ever come across – as well as an ex European & Sunshine Tour player. James Loughnane provides plenty of drills and practice tips to help improve your game. Definitely worth a visit!

Alexa Rank: N/A

Visit James Loughnane

Top Golf Blogger


Started by Happy Palmer whose aim is to provide you the beginner with valuable information to help improve your handicap. Cuts straight to the chase!

Alexa Rank: N/A

Visit Top Golf Blogger

Peerless Golf


Jordan Caron started this blog to give a new dimension to online coaching and make his mark in an effective way by adopting a different approach to playing golf and succeeding.

Alexa Rank: N/A

Visit Peerless Golf Blog

The Golfing Bloggers


Rick & Kim Williams are passionate about golf and decided to start a blog detailing their every golfing move and where their journey takes them. Based in Orlando, Florida.

Alexa Rank: N/A

Visit The Golfing Bloggers

UK Golf Guy


Designed to help people plan their way in playing the best courses in Europe. Built by a keen Scottish based golfer who has traveled extensively and seen plenty of the best golf courses around! Give this blog a few months and it’ll be ranking very high on search engines!

Alexa Rank: N/A

Visit UK Golf Guy

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