Looking to reach a targeted golf audience?

We offer traditional online advertising and native advertising.

Traffic Stats

  • Total monthly visitors: 40,000+ per month
  • Total monthly page views: 60,000+ per month


  • United States: 65%
  • United Kingdom: 10%
  • Australia: 6%
  • Canada: 5%
  • Rest of the World: 14%

Banner Ads

We offer three banner ad areas:

  1. Leaderboard banner (728 x 90) at the top of our site
  2. Sidebar square banner (250 x 250)
  3. Sidebar skyscrapper banner (600 x 250) sticky on scroll

In total we can provide 180,000 ad impressions a month. We charge £4.5 CPM.

Press Releases

For golf equipment manufacturers and brands we are happy to share your press releases. If you are not an equipment manufacturer or brand please do not contact us. Here is an example Press Release.


To discuss your advertising needs and our pricing options, please use the form below to contact us.

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