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Best Golf Clubs For Juniors – Complete Sets (Across All Ages)

Best Junior Golf Clubs

Last Updated: August 19, 2019

In this guide on the best golf clubs for juniors we focus on complete sets that are perfect to get your youngster started in this great game.

Back when I started golf, junior golf clubs were very limited. Thankfully these days golf club manufacturers design and create golf clubs specifically for junior golfers.

Use the quicklinks to navigate our selection of the best kids golf clubs.

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Best Junior Golf Clubs

Below are our top picks for best clubs for junior golfers.

Also check out our buyers guide for golf clubs for kids.

Best Kids Golf Clubs

1. Callaway XJ Hot sets

Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set, Right Hand, 9-12 Years Old

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Callaway XJ Hot juniors sets are some of the more premium sets for kids on the market and feature more clubs packed with performance characteristics taken from the latest Callaway clubs used by adults and top professionals.

XJ Hot juniors sets are available in two different setups. The first is for boys aged 5 to 8 and features a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, two irons, a wedge and a putter, all of which have been designed to launch the ball high and far with minimal effort.

The second set is for boys and girls aged 9 to 12 and features the same amount of clubs, but with longer shafts and different weights to make the transition from the younger set to the older one much easier.


  • Designed using premium materials
  • Plenty of technology to ensure your kid gets the best performance out of these clubs
  • The 7 different clubs in the set gives you full course coverage with the ability to play a variety of different shots from a young age
  • Each set includes headcovers for the woods and a high quality stand bag with plenty of storage space


  • There is no specific set aged 5 to 8 for girls
  • The overall weight of the set for younger kids could be quite heavy
  • This premium set carries quite a premium price too

2. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids - 3 Age Groups Boys &...

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The Precise X7 Junior set is available for kids across three age ranges (3-5, 6-8, and 9-12). The set includes 5 clubs - 15 degree driver, 22 degree fairway wood, a putter and two high lofted irons.

All Precise clubs are designed to be as easy to hit as possible no matter your skill level, so expect your kids to hit high and long shots with every club.


  • High quality materials are used in the construction of these sets
  • The sets are lightweight and flexible enough to be used by both boys and girls
  • The perimeter weighting on the irons makes them very forgiving and easy to hit
  • Very affordable considering the quality and performance you are getting out of these sets


  • There are only 5 clubs, which fine for younger golfers but perhaps a bit limited for 10 year olds.

3. Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set

WILSON Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set — Large, Blue, Left Hand

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The Wilson Profile Junior Complete set is our editor’s choice for best golf clubs for juniors

Thanks to the Custom Fit in a Box system used by Wilson, the Profile Junior set is one of the easiest to decipher when it comes to selecting the right set for your child’s age and height. The red set is for age 5 to 8 or children who are 40 to 50 inches tall. The yellow set is for kids aged 8 to 11 or who are 50 to 56 inches in height and the blue set is for kids aged 11-14 and are above 56 inches.

The three different sets feature a different amount of clubs with red having the least and blue to most making it easier for your child to learn to hit more clubs as they grow older. These clubs are also designed to be as easy to hit and forgiving as possible.


  • The ability to select the correct set based on height and age of your child using the Custom Fit in a Box system
  • Lightweight clubs with shafts designed specifically for juniors ensures they are easy to hit and very forgiving
  • Each set includes a lightweight stand bag and headcovers for the woods
  • Very affordable for sets made by a mainstream brand


  • There is only a girl’s option in the age 11-14 set and not in the other two smaller sets

4. Tour Edge HL Junior Golf Set

Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set with Bag (Right Hand, Graphite, 1 Putter, 3 Irons, 1 Hybrid,...

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The Tour Edge HL Junior Golf Set makes golf fun for both boys and girls with it's high-flying technology.

This set is great value for money and is available in five sets, each with a lightweight dual-strap stand bag. Both left and right handed set available!

The set comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Comes in both right and left handed sets
  • All of the clubs are easy to hit and launch the ball very high and far
  • 350cc high MOI driver produces high flying shots


  • Not the greatest quality

5. Cleveland Golf Junior Set

Cleveland Golf Junior Golf Set, Large Ages 10-12, 7 Clubs and Bag

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Cleveland Golf is another mainstream brand known for making high quality game improvement equipment and the junior sets are no different.

The choice is simple when it comes to selecting the correct Cleveland Golf Junior set for your child. You can either buy the small, medium or large set. The small set includes three club and is suited to kids aged between 4 and 6. The medium set includes 6 clubs and is for children aged between 7 and 9 and the large set is for kids aged between 10 and 12. It includes 7 clubs. These three sets also suit different heights.

All of the clubs in each set feature technologies used in the design of the standard Cleveland Golf equipment for adults.


  • An easy to decipher selection system with the choice of small, medium or large
  • High quality golf clubs that are very forgiving and easy to hit
  • Each set includes a size appropriate stand bag with plenty of storage space


  • Some of the more expensive junior equipment for what you get per set

Best Junior Golf Clubs Buying Guide

Design and Feel

Golf clubs for juniors are generally designed to hit the ball higher in relation to how much smaller and weaker children are compared to adults. The purpose of junior golf clubs is to get the basics right first and from there ensure they enjoy the game as much as possible so that they continue to play as they grow up.

Feel is less of a factor in junior golf clubs.

What is most important is that you purchase the correct clubs for your kids that suit there age and height. Most junior packaged sets will stipulate the age and height the clubs are best suited for.

Ease of Use

For very young children just the enjoyment of hitting a ball with a club regardless of where and how far it goes is enough, and therefore golf clubs for juniors are made to be as easy to hit as possible.

The lofts are generally much higher to help launch the ball into the air. There is also more offset on each club to offer some assistance in squaring the face at impact.

Again it comes down to making sure you have purchased the correct set for your child to ensure he/she is able to hit the ball effectively without struggling with the length or weight of the club.

Value for Money

There is quite a vast array of golf clubs for juniors available with varying prices too. Generally the mainstream brands such as PING, Callaway and Cobra carry a higher price tag and this is no different with their golf clubs for juniors; however, their equipment is generally easier to hit and offer more performance benefits.

Thankfully the lesser known brands that produce golf clubs for juniors often provide decent performance at an affordable price, and make it easier for any child to take up the game.

Still Confused? Ask Questions In Comments

We hope our best golf clubs for juniors review has helped you make an informed choice on the right clubs for your child, but if your still have questions just leave a comment below and we will respond within 24 hours!

About the author  Jason Mylroie

Been hooked on golf since I was 12 and lived on a golf estate while at school. Began to work in Golf Industry during university and spent a year on the Sunshine Tour as a media operator. Subsequently became deputy editor of Compleat Golfer in South Africa for 5 years, specializing in equipment and travel reviews. After that I became a consultant to a major golf chain, testing and reviewing all equipment. Also a Callaway custom fitter and play off a 2 handicap when actually getting the chance to play!

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