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Best Golf Courses In Georgia

Updated on November 12, 2020

When it comes to golf, Georgia is famously known as the home of the Masters Championship, which is hosted at Augusta National every April.

But there are in fact many fantastic golf courses in Georgia. According to the Georgia State Golf Association there are around 350 golf courses in the 'peach state'. 

In this article we look at the 11 best golf courses in Georgia.

Please note: The list of courses in this article are based on 3rd party rankings from sites like Golf Digest, Top 100 Golf Courses, Planet Golf and Golf Advisor; as well as from consumer reviews from platforms like Google and Trip Advisor.

Best Golf Courses in Georgia

1. Augusta National

augusta national georgia

Photo by Augusta National

  • Location: Augusta, Georgia
  • Date Established: 1932
  • Course Architect: Alister MacKenzie, Bobby Jones
  • Highlight / Interesting Fact: Every year the reigning Masters Champion gets to choose the menu for the Champions dinner, which is hosted on the Tuesday before the Masters begins.

Augusta National Golf Club is most famously known for hosting the Masters Championship every year (if fact it is the only course that hosts a golf Major every year and therefore most golf spectators are very familiar with the course layout).

The course was designed by one of the greatest golfers of all time, Bobby Jones, in partnership with one of the greatest golf architects, Alistair MacKenzie.

Augusta National is by far one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the World. There are only 300 members at any given time, and membership is by invitation only. Past members have included US presidents, major business icons like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, and famous golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

The Masters is hosted at Augusta National during the first week of April, with the winner receiving the famous green jacket. Although this year, due to Covid-19, the tournament is scheduled for 12th November.

2. Cuscowilla


Photo by Cuscowilla

  • Location: Lake Oconee, Georgia
  • Date Established: 1996
  • Course Architect: Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore
  • Highlight / Interesting Fact: Cuscowilla is located on the shores of Lake Oconee, the second largest body of water in the state of Georgia.

Cuscowilla is not very well known outside of Georgia, however, for those familiar with golf in Georgia, it is highly regarded.

The course was designed by long-time golf architect partners, Crenshaw and Coore, and opened to the public in 1996. The course forms part of a wider estate that includes residential properties.

Situated just 70 miles south-east of Atlanta, Cuscowilla makes for a great afternoon out from the city or indeed a weekend away on Lake Oconee.

3. Peachtree

peachtree golf club

Photo by Peachtree Golf Club

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Date Established: 1947
  • Course Architect: Robert Trent Jones
  • Highlight / Interesting Fact: Inspired by Bobby Jones, Peachtree is a classic Robert Trent Jones design.

Peachtree is a stunning golf course situated just 7 miles north of downtown. Atlanta. The course opened in 1947 with a 9-hole setup, but soon after was expanded to a full 18 holes.

The course resembles many of the flora features seen on Augusta National, including tall pine trees, azaleas and dogwoods, and the green are notable for there large sizes. 

There is a fair amount of water on the course so if you are prone to losing a ball or two, then make sure to bring a dozen!

4. East Lake

east lake golf club georgia

Photo by East Lake

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Date Established: 1908
  • Course Architect: Tom Bendelow, Donald Ross, Rees Jones
  • Highlight / Interesting Fact: East Lake hosted the 1963 Ryder Cup and the 2001 US Amateur Championship. It is also the host of the Tour Championship.

East Lake has a fascinating, and somewhat checkered history. The course was originally designed by Tom Bendelow on the site of an old amusement park in the suburbs of Atlanta. It opened to play in 1908.

In 1913, golf architect redesigned East Lake, and returned again in 1930 to design a second East Lake course. However by the lats 60s, the neighbourhood around East Lake had begun to deteriorate and the course fell into disrepair. In the 70s public housing was built on the second course and the area became poverty stricken. 

Fortunately in the 90s a wealthy businessman, Tom Cousins, decided to regenerate the area and use the course as the driving force for uplifting the neighbourhood. He hired Rees Jones to breathe life back into the course and garnered corporate sponsorship to invest in the club and surrounding area.

Today East Lake stands as a beacon for hope for the community. Not to mention a fantastic track for an afternoon's golf.

5. Atlanta Athletic Club (Highlands)

atlanta athletic club highlands

Photo by Atlanta Athletic Club

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Date Established: 1898
  • Course Architect: Robert Trent Jones, Joe Finger
  • Highlight / Interesting Fact: Atlanta Athletic Club has hosted the 1981, 2001 and 2011 PGA Championship.

Atlanta Athletic Club was originally founded in 1898 as an athletic club, and wasn't until the 1960s that Robert Trent Jones was hired to design a 27-hole golf course.

Today, the club has 2 eighteen-hole courses, with the most famous being the Highlands course. The Highlands course has famously hosted three PGA Championships and the 1976 US Open.

6. Sea Island (Seaside)

Sea Island Seaside

Photo by Sea Island (Seaside)

  • Location: North of Jacksonville, Georgia
  • Date Established: Late 1920s
  • Course Architect: C. H. Alison, Joe Lee, Tom Fazio
  • Highlight / Interesting Fact: Sea Island was once rated the best golf resort in America

Sea Island is situated 80 miles north of Jacksonville and consists of two eighteen-hole course (Seaside and Plantation).

The Seaside course is a true test with lots of bunkers and water in play.

In addition to golf, the club offers fantastic recreational activities, so if you find yourself in the Jacksonville area it is well worth a visit.

7. Atlanta Country Club

Atlanta Country Club

Photo by Atlanta Country Club

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Date Established: 1965
  • Course Architect: Willard C. Byrd
  • Highlight / Interesting Fact: Hosted the Bellsouth and AT&T Classic (Atlanta Classic)

Atlanta Country Club is situated just north of Atlanta is a fine example of a woodland course. Old oaks and pines line every fairway and the more than half the holes have water in play! It is not the longest course but it very challenging and requires good course planning to card a decent round.

The course is most famously known for it's incredible finishing hole, the par-5 18th. This 500-yard hole is long, winding and has two water hazards that line the fairway.

8. Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain georgia

Photo by Lookout Mountain

  • Location: Chattanooga, Georgia
  • Date Established: Early 1997
  • Course Architect: Seth Raynor, Charles Banks, Brian Silva
  • Highlight / Interesting Fact: Originally designed in the early 1920s, the course wasn't finished until the 1990s.

Lookout Mountain is a wonderful golf course situated in the hills above Chattanooga.

The course was originally designed in the 1920s by Seth Raynor, but unfortunately wasn't completed as Raynor died in 1926 and by 1929 the arrival of the Great Depression and a large rainstorm washed away hopes of ever launching a golf course.

That all changed in 1997 when Brian Silva was commissioned to complete the Raynor vision. The finished product is a true gem.

9. Augusta Country Club

Augusta Country Club Georgia

Photo by Augusta Country Club

  • Location: Augusta, Georgia
  • Date Established: 1897
  • Course Architect: Donald Ross, Brian Silva
  • Highlight / Interesting Fact: Originally called Bon Air Golf Club.

Augusta Country Club is situated just down the road from Augusta National, but pre-dates it by almost 30 years. 

The course originally used sand brown greens, but these were updated in the late 1920s. In 2000 the club commissioned Brian Silva to restore the course, and extensive work was done to improve the tees, bunkers and greens. 

Today, Augusta Country Club offers a fantastic golfing challenge for the amateur and pro player alike.

10. Ocean Forest

Ocean Forest georgia

Photo by Ocean Forest

  • Location: North of Jacksonville, Georgia
  • Date Established: 1995
  • Course Architect: Rees Jones, Greg Muirhead
  • Highlight / Interesting Fact: Played host to the 2011 Walker Cup

Ocean Forest was designed by Rees Jone and Greg Muirhead in the early 90s, and opened to the public in 1995. The course resembles a true seaside links, and is a proper challenge, especially when the wind is blowing. 

There are loads of natural sand dunes scattered throughout the course, and water is frequently in play. 

11. The Farm

The Farm golf club georgia

Photo by The Farm

  • Location: Chattanooga, Georgia
  • Date Established: 1988
  • Course Architect: Tom Fazio
  • Highlight / Interesting Fact: x.

The Farm Golf Club is situated in the northeast corner of Georgia, not from the the border of Tennessee. Designed by Tom Fazio, the course has hosted a number of notable tournaments, including the US Senior Amateur in 2005 and the US Women's Open qualifier.

The course is a tough challenge, especially from the tournaments tees. So if you don't bring your A-game we recommend using the standard men's tees. 

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