Best Golf Drivers 2018 – Expert Review Of The Best Drivers

Welcome to our Best Golf Drivers 2018 review.

On this page we rank and provide detailed overviews on the best golf drivers on sale at the moment. The guide separates drivers by category, price and features to help you find the best golf driver for your game.

As part of our Best Golf Drivers Review we assessed over 15 leading drivers currently on the market. We tried to keep our selection pretty broad in terms of handicap suitability, but admittedly, most of the drivers featured below are for low single figure to mid-teen handicaps.

If you are just beginning golf or are a high handicapper we recommend you check out our review of the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners and High Handicappers.

Let’s jump into our Best Golf Drivers review and find out which is best for you and why!

Best Golf Drivers 2018

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  1. Editor’s ChoiceCallaway GBB Epic
  2. Pro’s Choice(s)Ping G400, Taylormade M1 2017
  3. Best ValueTaylormade M2 2017
  4. Best PriceCobra King F7
  5. Best SellerCallaway Big Bertha Fusion
  6. Worthy CompetitorsMizuno JPX 900, Titleist 917D2, Srixon Z 765, Callaway XR 16, Callaway Great Big Bertha, Titleist 915D2

Best Golf Drivers by Category

Editor’s Choice – Callaway GBB Epic Driver

The Callaway GBB Epic Driver is our Editor’s choice for the Best Golf Driver.

Callaway took a chance naming it Epic as if it didn’t live up to expectations it could well have been the laughing stock of current drivers on the market. It’s pricey let’s not ignore that, but it offers superb value that will add yards and consistency to your game.

A slightly unresponsive feel at impact due to the 3G titanium bars joining the crown and sole, but the sound off the clubface is fantastic.

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  • Mishits definitely travel further than normal and your misses will be a lot closer to target
  • The hype around the Epic and how long it is, is valid. In testing the average distance gained over 30 balls, we found the Epic was 9.2 yards longer than other leading drivers
  • Concise variety in leading shaft brands ranging from 40g – 80g as well as varying launch benefits
  • Superb sound off the clubface at impact leaving you itching to keep on hitting it and hitting it out the middle!
  • The feel off the clubface at impact may take a bit of getting used to in comparison with the driver you currently use. Not as ‘springy’.

Pro’s Choice – Ping G400 Driver


The Ping G400 is simply incredible.

Again Dragonfly technology has been used to lighten the crown and move center of gravity lower in the clubhead to provide maximum distance and consistency. Not to mention forgiveness.

Whether you’re a low single figure handicap or high teens, this is a great fit and at $400 it’s a fair bit of money, but still beats a couple of competitors comfortably price-wise.

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  • Wonderful forgiveness due to lowered center of gravity
  • The turbulators on the crown give it a really aerodynamic look
  • Really solid feel through impact and a noticeable improvement on some previous Ping models
  • Adjustable hosel allowing for optimum adjustments in terms of ideal launch
  • $400 is still a little pricey, but then again – this is proper value!

Pro’s Choice – Taylormade M1 2017 Driver

With the M1 2017, Taylormade have built on the success of the old M1.

Both the sole and the crown have been built with more weight-efficient carbon composite, and a downward shift of some mass means this is simply a standout club with respect to forgiveness. Other virtues include impressive distance (notably, reduced spin at launch), superb feel at impact, and also the incredible versatility and adjustability we’ve come to expect.

It’s a fantastic club with plenty to offer – no wonder the world’s best are making a beeline for it.

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  • Adjustable in the extreme, and with 27g of movable weight at your disposal courtesy of the T-track system
  • Superb smash factor – feels great at impact
  • So, so easy on the eye, with the characteristic white titanium leading edge
  • Unbelievably forgiving, and the spin rates are as low as anything we’ve seen
  • No respite for the wallet, given a price tag of $500!

Best Price – Cobra King F7 Driver

Obviously the big headline grabber regarding the King F7 (and indeed the F7+) is that it is the first commercial driver to come with a preinstalled tracking sensor, which is an impressive breakthrough.

We’ve focused on the King F7, which is the more forgiving of the two, while the F7+, with lower levels of spin, is more conducive to working the ball, and, perhaps by extension, better players. The King F7 delivers premium levels of adjustability, and every other feature you’d expect from a modern day driver.

This new club really could mark the launch of an exciting new era.

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  • Cobra Connect sensor in the grip, powered by Arccos, means you’re getting an absolute first in terms of a driver stat tracker
  • Also includes a GPS app to measure distances
  • TeXtreme Carbon Fibre crown adds immense forgiveness and performance
  • Adjustable weight system is easy to operate, and very effective when it comes to shape and trajectory
  • Probably not going to carry as much appeal for low handicappers

Best Sellers – Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

The Big Bertha Fusion driver marks a notable shift in direction and priority at a time when all the emphasis seems to be on adjustability.

Forgiveness, at the end of the day, appeals to golfers of all abilities. Even the best need a hand at times. Distance-wise, we’d say it holds its own, without excelling in that category.

But, on the whole, Callaway have taken innovation to another level, with a product made of high-quality materials and the pinnacle in technology. As such, we think this puppy will have a whole lot of appeal – and not just for newbies either.

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  • Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. It doesn’t feel like you can miss a fairway!
  • The Exo Cage and cutting-edge triaxial carbon do an excellent job in tandem, with the MOI figures to prove it
  • Feels solid at impact, with market-leading stability throughout the swing
  • Still has all the adjustables you need in terms of loft and lie angle
  • You’ll have to dig deep into the pockets here. But then again, Boeing engineers helped design it!
  • Just perhaps lacks a bit of distance

Best Value – Taylormade M2 2017 Driver

One of the most popular drivers among contracted (and uncontracted tour professionals), the M2 is a power pack.

The primary factor behind the success of the M2 2017 is the lighter weighted clubface along with a lower center of gravity. The M2 is packed with power and forgiveness bringing a host of handicaps into the mix.

The original M2 was great, but this is definitely an improvement and one thing which stands out is the fantastic sound off the clubface at impact. Just so addictive!

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  • A exceptionally well engineered driver and the technology genuinely raises the bar from the original M2
  • The feel and sound are incredible (and addictive!), underlined by the impressive Geocoustic technology
  • Plenty of distance on offer not to mention the forgiveness and launch angle
  • Wide range of loft options with adjustability of lie and loft in hosel
  • Nearly $400 it costs. But let’s just face it, it is stuffed with value

Worthy Competitors

Titleist 917D2 Driver

The 917D2 has a new look about it that may not win everyone over. But the deeper-set center of gravity adds to the noticeable enhancement in forgiveness when compared to the 915D2.

The new cutting-edge weight cylinder (referred to as the SureFit CG adjustable weight) within the sole, which can be adjusted so as to optimize trajectory, direction, shape and alignment at impact, is a fine addition to the pre-existing Surefit Hosel for loft and lie settings.

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This club has a lot going for it – not least of all some awesome smash and extra distance – but it is all underpinned by this unprecedented, high-level customization from the SureFit combo which allows you to tailor it so that it suits you perfectly.

For this reason, we think they will sell a lot of these drivers to a broad cross-section of players – in spite of the price.

  • The high degree of customization from the SureFit CG is by far it’s biggest drawcard
  • Undoubtedly yields a few extra yards
  • Larger profile means it’s a very forgiving club, and makes a decidedly agreeable sound at impact
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and loft angles
  • It’s expensive! No getting around that
  • We all agreed we weren’t crazy about the square-ish shaped clubhead. Or the color

Srixon Z 765 Driver

You’d have to say the Z 765 is a niche club. It’s somewhat rare to see sub-450cc drivers on the market these days, and this isn’t the most forgiving driver we’ve ever sampled. In terms of performance though, you can bank on a penetrating ball flight, and better players will revel in the way you can work the ball.

It’s a little pocket rocket of a club, and this should definitely grab your attention if you’re a single-figure player.

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  • Impressive distance due to the Power Wave Sole (10% increase in COR area)
  • Simple, uncomplicated design
  • The Stretch Flex Cup Face creates a beautiful – and large – sweetspot
  • The ball flight is piercing, and you can shape the ball very easily
  • Probably not worth a second look if you’re a beginner
  • It certainly isn’t the cheapest at $450

Callaway XR 16 Driver

Almost a flat ‘A’ for the XR 16. A solid effort from the designers at Boeing and Callaway for producing a forgiving club that has plenty of distance that most golfers will fancy.

With the Epic taking over as most recent driver in the Callaway stable, the XR 16 is at a great price so value for money wise it is superb.

The clubface has a fairly wide stance behind the ball at address so it makes the golf ball appear very small. But that of course mentally aids performance seeming like it is impossible NOT to hit it out the center!

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  • Exceptionally streamlined design thanks to the designers at Callaway aided by Boeing
  • High launch angle packed with plenty of distance!
  • Really forgiving and easy to hit for almost any handicap ability
  • A fraction too much spin off the clubface at impact
  • Some players would say the clubface is just a bit too wide for their liking

Mizuno JPX 900 Driver

At first glance, it isn’t worlds’ apart from the JPX 850 in terms of appearance.

But the JPX 900 is just on another level when it comes to distance, forgiveness, and, above all, adjustability. It really has the wow factor, and the acoustics of the smash only confirm this.

Between the two tungsten sole weights and the aluminium disc to adjust face angle, every possible need or preference is catered for, and this club simply blew us away.

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  • Lighter CORTECH face with bigger sweet spot means excellent ball speed and forgiveness
  • Noticeable extra distance
  • With 16g of movable weight, VFA and toe & heel Fast Track, you have a world of adjustability at your feet
  • The Harmonic Impact Technology produces a beautiful sound
  • We haven’t lost perspective – $500 is still a lot to fork out for a golf club!

Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver

Callaway’s Big Bertha range has been a staple in golf drivers for decades. With their Great Big Bertha they have once again lifted their game with a driver that delivers results for any type of player.

Rated as a ‘Best Seller’ due to it’s incredible popularity with young and old players, the best and the rest, you simply can’t go wrong with the Great Big Bertha.

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  • Proven design delivers consistent results, time and again. It’s forgiving (which is great for the higher handicapper), and super versatile with its weight adjustment system.
  • Out of all the drivers we trialled, the sound at impact from the Great Big Bertha is by far the biggest and punchiest!
  • It goes without saying, the Great Big Bertha is long, long, long!
  • Nadda! Seriously, we would be being really picky to come up with negative things to say about the Great Big Bertha. Hat tip to Callaway for a superb offering!

Titleist 915D2 Driver

In our opinion, the Titleist 915D2 Driver is one of the best looking drivers on the market.

Seriously though, the design of the Titleist 915D2 Driver is impressive. Titleist have managed to design a club-head shape that reduces drag on the downswing to create more speed and stability at impact. The result: It’s Long and really forgiving!

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  • Like it’s peers above, the Titleist 915D2 is also really long and super forgiving, ideal for pure strikers but also mid to high handicappers
  • The 915D2 just looks great at address. You seriously get a psychological edge when you stand over the ball and look down at the fierce lines on the 915D2 Driver.
  • Definitely one of the more workable drivers out there. Despite the large club head we were able to shape it pretty easily!
  • Well, first off it is Titleist! Just kidding. They guys at Titleist have really delivered with the 915D2 Driver. It looks great, is long and is forgiving, so what’s not to like?

Key Buyer Considerations for Golf Drivers

Build Quality

So much technology to squeeze into one small piece of equipment! It’s almost frightening when you think of the level of expertise club manufacturers are sourcing in order to steal a march in this competitive marketplace, and years of design and testing goes into it. There isn’t a lot separating the best drivers on the market in this regard, given that they all generally make use of the most cutting edge composite materials. All you need to do is identify the properties and benefits each element of the club exudes, and assess how valuable these will be to your game.

Control and Performance

This one is the biggest challenge of all. How to marry forgiveness, distance and the ability to work the ball, all into one? I daresay no club can perfect all three in one go, but many make a good fist of it. Often it depends on ability and/or swing speed, but it’s probably best to prioritise those three criteria, and then go from there. Once you have a clear idea of what’s most important to you, it becomes much easier to disseminate between the drivers that may suit you and the ones which probably won’t.

Design and Appearance

Appearance may not be the be all and end all, but there’s plenty to be said for addressing the ball, looking down at your club, and feeling the part. It just sets the tone, and helps to make you feel comfortable. And design, of course, is another animal altogether. Do you like grand pianos or smaller heads? Flex? Versatility? These are all things to think about when mulling over the look and feel of a driver.

Value for Money

If you want the best, you’ve got to be willing to pay for it. That’s an important predisposition to have, otherwise the price tags below will frighten you away. But be smart here: this is the sort of purchase which can serve you for five-plus years. That’s barely more than $50 a year dedicated to the most important club for your most important pastime! So don’t skimp on quality – just be absolutely sure that you’ve found it first, and that your hard-earned dollars are going towards a cause that will be worthy for you.

Assessment Criteria

The last 24 months have seen a plethora of new drivers enter the market. Features like adjustability are now standard across even the most basic of ranges.

With the huge variety of offerings on the market, the most challenging aspect we had was choosing a comprehensive set of drivers to review. We initially cast the net wide, but quickly whittled the list down to our view of the best golf drivers available on the market at the moment.

All drivers were put to the test against our standard assessment model, where we looked at 4 key aspects: Build Quality, Control & Performance, Design & Appearance and Value for Money. Individual scores of each of these aspects was then aggregated to give an overall assessment score, as follows:

Overall Mark Score Description
Outstanding A+ 9.6 – 10 Stop the clock and buy now. This piece of equipment will change your game.
Excellent A 9.0 – 9.5 Superb piece of gear. Amazing quality, performance and value for money.
Great B+ 8.6 – 8.9 Great offering. This piece of gear won’t let you down.
Good B 8.0 – 8.5 Solid piece of gear with only minor issues to criticise.
Average C+ 7.6 – 7.9 Adequate offering, but not the best value for money.
Average C 7.0 – 7.5 Not the most exciting piece of gear, seek alternatives.
Weak D+ 6.6 – 6.9 Leaves lots to be desired. You can do a lot better.
Weak D 6.0 – 6.5 Steer well clear of this gear. Not worth the money!

Have Your Say!

We put this article together to help players, like yourself, find a golf driver that suits their specific game, level and budget. By keeping this guide updated and via feedback from the GA community, we hope this article becomes a great resource for anyone looking to get a new driver. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

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