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Best Golf Glove – Our Top Picks For Comfort And Fit

Updated on July 26, 2019

How important is it that you get the best golf glove for your game?

Really important, if you ask me!

Think about it, your hands are the only contact you make with the club.

Because of this, your grip is by far one of the most important factors in determining the outcome of your shot.

In essence, your shot is highly dependent on the placement of your hands on the club and the control of the club in your hands when you swing.

The latter is particularly relevant to your choice in golf glove as less reliable gloves are prone to slipping when wet with sweat or worn from regular use.

In this article we dive deep into the best golf glove options you should look at to improve your game.

We start out looking at the various types of gloves available in terms of size and materials, and then outline our top picks based on a rigorous scoring assessment, which we explain below.

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Best Golf Gloves

Below are our selection of the best gloves for golfers: 

Also check out our golf gloves buyers guide​​​.

Best Gloves For Golf

Best For Hot Weather: Footjoy StaSof Glove

FootJoy Men's StaSof Golf Glove White Large, Worn on Left Hand

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Made from “APL Taction 2 Advanced Performance” leather, the Footjoy StaSof Glove provides optimum feel and grip. The glove features great moisture management in all weather conditions. In fact, the grip actually improves as the glove becomes moist during a round of golf.

The Footjoy StaSof Golf Glove is ideal for players who tend to play in hot and humid conditions or in general perspire a lot.


  • Optimum feel and grip – you will do well to find better feel ANYWHERE!
  • Very durable with no excessive wear and tear after several uses


  • I found that some of the sizes were not quite consistent with the same 2 sizes not quite fitting correctly. Once I found the correct size though, the fit was extremely good.

Best Comfort: Srixon Cabretta Glove

Srixon Mens Z Cabretta Golf Gloves, White, Medium/Large, Left Hand

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This Srixon Cabretta Glove is made of very high grade Cabretta leather which ensures great feel. The Lycra insert over the knuckles makes for a very comfortable fit.

This glove is ideal for the player that seeks comfort and feel, yet still want their glove to last at least 6 months.


  • Very comfortable with great feel
  • Fits wonderfully when new
  • Very durable with few signs of wear and tear after many uses


  • The glove did stretch over time so lean toward a smaller size when buying

Best For Humidity: Footjoy WeatherSof Glove

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof 2-Pack Golf Glove White Large, Worn on Left Hand

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The Footjoy WeatherSof Glove glove is an all-weather glove that has been around for many years. This is by far the best all-weather glove I tested. The Weathersof glove is available in a variety of colours.

This glove is ideal for a golfer that often plays in very humid conditions.


  • Very comfortable and by far the best feel out of all the synthetic gloves on the market
  • The fit is just perfect with no excess material on palm or finger tips


  • Not ideal in heavy rain, but still performed better in the wet conditions than a leather glove or even when going gloveless

Best Breathability: Footjoy SciFlex Tour Glove

FootJoy Golf- MLH SciFlex Tour Golf Glove

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Featuring the same leather as the Footjoy StaSof, the Footjoy SciFlex Tour Glove glove includes a Cool MicroVent FibreSof at the back of the glove. Out of all the gloves we tested, this glove really fits the best.

The Footjoy SciFlex Tour Glove glove is ideally suited for the player that seeks comfort and breathability.


  • The MicroVent at the back of the glove provides great feel, comfort and breathability.
  • This glove kept its size really well and the same fit was experienced even after several uses


  • The somewhat “flashy” synthetic used on this glove might not be to everyone’s liking.

Titleist Players Glove

Titleist Players Mens Cadet LH Pearl, White(Medium, Worn on Left Hand)

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The Titleist Players Glove glove uses the finest of Cabretta leather to provide the thinnest feel as well as a very consistent fit. Perforations on the fingers and small vents between the fingers allows for adequate ventilation. Unfortunately, the great feel comes with a price as this glove wears far quicker than the other ones I tested. If price or durability aren’t an issue, this glove is definitely the one for you!

The Titleist Players glove is ideal for the golfer that want optimum feel and comfort, no matter what the price


  • The extremely thin leather used on this glove makes for a wonderful feel. By far the best feel of all the gloves I tested.
  • No bulk or excess leather in the way when gripping the club


  • Due to the fact that this glove is very thin, it does tend to wear out quite quickly.
  • Some golfers might find this glove a bit pricey for their liking

Best Golf Gloves – Key Considerations

Before we jump into our picks of the best golf gloves, we recommend taking a minute to review the key considerations you should think about in terms of the the right size and material for your glove.


The size of your glove is extremely important as it impacts control and feel. The golf glove you choose should feel like a second skin with the velcro strip only closing about 75% of the way.

If the glove is too large and has excess materials either across the palm of the hand or at the end of the fingers, then it increases the probability of the club slipping in your hands.

Get a glove that is too small and you will spend the day with uncomfortable hands that lack the fine feel required to get the ball up and down regularly!


There are two main types of golf glove materials – leather and synthetic. Below we outline the common characteristics of each.

Leather Gloves: Leather is by far the most common used material in manufacturing golf gloves due to it perfectly suited characteristics – great feel, good grip and moisture resistant. When in doubt, we always recommend going with a leather glove.

Synthetic Gloves: Synthetic materials are stretchy and lightweight, and are often used on the smaller parts of a glove like the fingers and knuckles. They provide good breathability and can adapt to the movement in a player’s hand. Some gloves are completely synthetic, which are best used by golfers who play in very hot and humid conditions or in rainy conditions. If you interested in this type of glove we recommend checking out our review of rain golf gloves.

Golf Gloves Assessment Criteria

In determining the best gloves for golf we used the following scoring process:

  • Grip – How well does the glove grip throughout the swing. The last thing you want is for the club to move around in your hands during your swing, causing poor shots.
  • Fit/Comfort – How well does the glove fit. Is there a consistency in the sizes. There should be no excess material on the tips of the fingers or in the palm area.
  • Longevity/Durability – How long does the glove last you? Does it wear and tear easily?
  • Feel – How does the glove influence your feel on the club. i.e. Is the material used thick or thin
  • Value – Is this glove worth the money you will be paying for it.

By taking all of the above into consideration, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of the best golf glove options that are currently on the market.

About the author 

Jaco Van Reenan

Jaco has been playing golf for over 25 years. A graduate from Tygerberg Golf School of Excellence, his amateur career included representing Namibia 3 times as well as Western province u/23. He joined the PGA Apprentice program in 2004 at the Jamie Gough Golf School in Kenilworth, Cape Town and developed a huge passion for teaching the game. In 2010 he moved into the Turfgrass Management industry as well and currently serves as the Head Professional and Course Superintendent at Omeya Golf Club.

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