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Best Golf Push Carts And Trolleys – The Lightest and Most User Friendly Options!

Updated on August 14, 2019

Golf can be a draining game due to you being out there for rather a long time. The last thing you want when having a great round is to be derailed by fatigue.

So what fits the bill?

As ever, the keys for you are to get your hands on something light, easy to operate, offers good value, and doesn’t take up too much storage space.

Read through our best golf push carts Review to see which five we picked out as the best currently available.

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Best Carts For Golf

Below are our top picks for best push carts for golfers.

Also check out our buyers guide for golf push carts.

Best Golf Carts

1. Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART - Foot Brake - ONE Second to Open & Close! (White/White)

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With the push of a button, the Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart folds in one second! The fastest folding golf push cart in the world.

Super compact and lightweight making storage and travel a breeze. A height adjustable handle means you can adjust to suit your personal height for a more comfortable use.


  • Easy to set up, even easier to fold away and store
  • Smooth over almost all terrain
  • Fastest folding golf push cart in the world
  • Height adjustable handle


  • Does not fold with golf bag
  • Front wheel does not swivel

2. Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART - Two Step Open/Close - Smallest Folding Lightweight Golf CART...

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The Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart weighs only 14.5 pounds and folded is very compact in size.

It uses an easy two step folding system and has friction free, over sized and maintenance free rubber tires. The handle has 3 height positions and features generous storage space. 

Some other features include easy-run oversize wheels, a foot-operated brake, and adjustable bag supports.


  • Lightweight (14 lbs)
  • Easy to use, and simple to fold and pack away.
  • Compact. Fits into small car trunks!
  • Generous storage space
  • Brake works well, and a solid set of features all round


  • Does not balance well on hilly courses

3. CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart 

caddytek Caddycruiser One Version 8 - One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart, Lime

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The CaddyTek 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart features a patented one-click folding mechanism design and is one of the most unique and easiest push carts to fold. 

It is lightweight, compact and easy to use. With it's large wheels you'll have perfect balance and traction on all terrain types. 

CaddyTek is a great choice for the avid golfer and has adjustable handle height, foot brake, basket with built in cooler, an umbrella holder, as well as a storage rack! What more can you ask for? Well, also included is a scorecard holder, and a storage compartment perfectly suited for beverages, cellphones or GPS.


  • Patented one-click button folds the cart to compact size (17" x 14.2"X 26.4")
  • Lightweight, strong aluminum frame, (weighs less than 17 lbs)
  • 27 inch wide body design for effortless pushing
  • Variety of extras such as storage space, umbrella holder and scorecard holder
  • Simple to use on every count, particularly in terms of maneuverability


  • Some stand bags battle to fit
  • Front wheels make contact with large bags

4. Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 Golf Push Cart

Sun Mountain Golf 2019 Pathfinder 4 Push Cart BLACK (Black, )

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The Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 was designed with accessory storage and a cell phone holder that allows charging. 

Bungee cords assist with securing the bag to the cart. Folds and unfolds in two easy steps and fits easily in your vehicle. Lightweight and compact!

The adjustable bungee cords keep your bag secured to your cart and it features upper and lower brackets that fits both stand and cart bags. 

Somewhat overpriced but this is a great all round 4 wheel golf cart. 


  • Lightweight (17 lbs.)
  • Folds and unfolds easily
  • Accessory console for electronics, scorecard etc.
  • Upper and lower brackets to cradle your bag in the cart, perfect for both cart and stand bags


  • Bungy cords not easy to adjust
  • A little bit pricey

Golf Push Carts Buying Guide

1. Design and Build Quality

I remember the only ‘trolley’ that was ever owned in my family – the good old Gemini with a seat that my mom used to use. It was a revelation when it first came out.

My goodness, it’s a monstrosity now though, and time has marched on. The transition from push to pull has meant that both weight and aerodynamics underpin what is most important in terms of build quality and design.

You need something with minimum resistance and maximum glide. Yet while keeping it light is important, so is stability, and this isn’t always an easy balance to find.

For the rest, you’ll certainly want something durable, with solid wheels, and a decent frame.

You’d have to say these factors are on the second tier of importance compared to the above, but that’s certainly not to say they should be disregarded either. You’re looking for the complete package here, so take a look at the whole picture.

2. Ease of Use

There a lot of things that can stress you out on a golf course. A push cart should not be one of them. From start to finish, your next set of wheels needs to be a breeze.

How easy is it to assemble? How easy is it to attach your bag, and how snug does it fit? And most important, how easily does it fold up and store away? Of course, it’s also imperative that it sits comfortably as you walk, and that you get the maximum distance for the pressure you exert.

That said, it’s also no good having something which travels at the speed of light, but is hard to control. These are all the fine equilibriums that need to be kept, and it’s what separates the proverbial men from the boys.

3. Value for Money

Think of your next golf push cart as an investment. There’s no reason this shouldn’t last you for the next five years. Actually, it should last as long as you want it to – perhaps until you decide it’s time for a change.

With that in mind, go into this with a decent budget in mind.

There’s plenty of boxes that need to be ticked. The best thing to do is to rank them in order of priority in terms of what you’re looking for, and see which models most resoundingly get the job done with respect to each category.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to the remaining strong bunch of contenders, it simply becomes a straight shootout on price.

About the author 

Paul Bradshaw

Paul hit his first golf shot at the age of 5, and from that point on was immediately hooked. He went on to become one of the leading amateurs in South Africa, securing a full golf scholarship with the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Turning professional in 2004, Paul played extensively on the Sunshine Tour and co-sanctioned European Tour events. Paul is our lead editor at Golf Assessor.

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