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Best Golf Rain Gear – The Ultimate Kit To Stay Dry In Wet Weather

Updated on July 31, 2019

Don't let the rain keep you from playing the game!

Find everything you need from Shoes, Gloves, Umbrellas, Rainsuits, Hats and a whole lot more in our Best Golf Rain Gear Review.

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Best Rain Gear For Golf

Below are our selection of the best rain gear for golfers:

Also check out our golf rain gear buyers guide.

Best Golf Rain Gear

1. Shoes: Footjoy DNA

FootJoy Men's D.N.A. Helix-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes White 7 M Electric Blue, US

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After testing a vast variety of shoes, I found the Footjoy D.N.A. shoes to be the best rain shoe around.

These shoes are very classy, but still conventional looking and are worn by some of the world’s best players such as Adam Scott.

Read more on about the Footjoy D.N.A shoes and others in our waterproof golf shoes review.


  • Lightweight spike system that enhances traction and ensures the cleats stay locked in even in the harshest of conditions
  • The vented tongue helps reduce heat and perspiration within the shoe keeping your feet cooler
  • Beautifully soft Pittards leather upper that is exceptionally comfortable
  • Various colour options available


  • It was tough to find negatives for this shoe, but it is amongst the most expensive shoes currently on the market

2. Glove: Footjoy RainGrip

FootJoy Men's RainGrip Golf Gloves, Pair (Black)

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Footjoy has been one of the leaders in the golf gloves industry for many years. 

With the RainGrip they have exceeded themselves!


  • Very comfortable and the actual sizing is spot on – no finger is slightly longer than it should be. Just perfect
  • Standard thickness and just right in my opinion – not too thick. Good feel is still maintained
  • After drenching and drying and repeating, the RainGrip withstood the test. It’s going to last you!


  • The Footjoy Raingrip comes with a tee holder on the side and it is quite irritating as the tee keeps falling out

3. Rain Suit: Adidas ClimateStorm Jacket + Pants

adidas Golf Men's Climastorm Essential Packable Rain Jacket

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Out of all the rain jackets we tried on and tested, the Adidas ClimateStorm won by quite a distance. 

This suit includes a lightweight jacket that is both waterproof and windproof.

Adidas also offer a matching pair of ClimateStorm rain pants.


  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Mock neck jacket zips up to your chin for coverage
  • Adjustable cuffs with VELCRO brand fastener and adjustable hem offer personalized coverage
  • Soft mesh lining in jacket and pants enhances ventilation


  • Really tried hard to find negatives for this suit, but as far as rain suits go, this is as good as it gets

4. Hat: Footjoy DryJoy Bucket Hat

FootJoy DryJoys Tour Black Rain Bucket Hat

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The Footjoy DryJoy Waterproof Bucket Hat is absolutely superb in terms of keeping your head dry! 

The last thing you’ll be worrying about is getting water all over your face or in your eyes.


  • Kept my head nice and dry and the hat dried up very quickly afterwards
  • Keeps water from running down your back and will keep it off your glasses as well


  • Players that are used to playing with a conventional cap, might find that the sound off your club echoes a bit when using a hat.

5. Umbrella: Under Armour Double Canopy

Under Armour Golf Umbrella Double Canopy 68-inch

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The Under Armour Double Canopy Umbrella outperformed all of its competitors.

The double canopy is definitely wide enough to cover you and your equipment and this solid piece of equipment, although expensive, will last you for some years to come.


  • This umbrella not only looks classy, but provides ample protection from the elements
  • Very solid and lightweight and will withstand strong winds


  • Fairly pricey at $50.00 RRP even though it’s high quality – if you can get your hands on one for cheaper then don’t miss out

6. Bag Cover: Rain Wedge

Rain Wedge Easy Access Golf Bag Rain Hood/Cover

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We found that the Rain Wedge Easy Access Golf Bag Rain Hood covered all the bases. This product is the best way to keep your clubs dry when playing in the rain.


  • Waterproof, lightweight and can be adjusted to fit any sized bag
  • Enough height clearance to cover long oversized drivers
  • Very easy to install and stores away easily


  • I suppose a higher quality material could have been used, but for the low price you pay for it, you can’t really complain

Golf Rain Gear Buyers Guide

1. Effectiveness

Let’s face it, if it is not going to keep water out, there is no need in using it. Your focus will be greatly affected if your face is full of water and your clothes are drenched. Proper rain gear will help to keep you dry and maintain your focus.

In terms of shoes, manufactures spend a lot of time on research in developing a quality golf shoe, especially waterproof golf shoes. The fact that you are going to spend long hours on your feet, it is important that these shoes are not only waterproof, but lightweight as well. Heavy shoes will gradually wear you down and your last few holes could become unbearable.

So, when choosing a shoe for wet weather, make sure you fully inspect the build quality of the shoe to make sure it is both waterproof and light.

2. Fit

In order for me to play my best, it is important that the equipment fits. It is important not to feel hindered in any way. The conditions you are playing in are tough and so your rain gear should be as comfortable as possible. Certain brands of shoe might fit your foot better than others, and if this is the case, stick with that particular brand

3. Grip

When playing in rainy conditions, the first aspect of your game that will be affected is your grip. Your hands will start slipping on the grip of the club. Your feet will start slipping on the wet surface when you swing. These aspects will affect your ability to make a confident swing which will have a direct effect on the quality and enjoyment of your game. It is therefore imperative to select the best glove possible in order to maximize your grip on the club through impact.

Ground surfaces quickly become wet and slippery. It is almost impossible to make a quality swing if you do not have quality golf shoes with a solid base to do it from. Without good grip, a golf shoe is not going to be of much use to you.

4. Value for Money

When it comes to the price of goods, the retail price can be somewhat misleading. In order to make the best informed decision, one should consider the above mentioned considerations as well as how long the product will actually last.

Regarding golf shoes, waterproof shoes tend to be somewhat more expensive, but believe you me, it is definitely worth it. I sometimes find it strange that golfers will spend huge amounts of money on a driver that they might use a maximum of 14 times during around. But they struggle to buy a quality shoe that they will spend almost 6 hours in during a round. A quality golf shoe is a great investment, especially if you are a regular golfer so keep that point in mind!

About the author 

Jaco Van Reenan

Jaco has been playing golf for over 25 years. A graduate from Tygerberg Golf School of Excellence, his amateur career included representing Namibia 3 times as well as Western province u/23. He joined the PGA Apprentice program in 2004 at the Jamie Gough Golf School in Kenilworth, Cape Town and developed a huge passion for teaching the game. In 2010 he moved into the Turfgrass Management industry as well and currently serves as the Head Professional and Course Superintendent at Omeya Golf Club.

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  1. Can you recommend a waterproof golf boot rather than a shoe as so much rain has meant that the course is always wet and often the top of the FJ shoe I have is not high enough

    1. Hi Jacki

      I can only recommend the Footjoy Waterproof Boot, but it is currently only available in black. They are a good price though so click through to Global Golf from our site and you’ll source them there. In our opinion they’re best to only be worn with long pants, not shorts! The trouble with golf boots is that they aren’t the most attractive pieces of footwear around, but if it’s that wet out on the golf course then they’re worth having. Happy golfing and stay dry!

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