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Best Golf Towel – How To Pick The Right One

Updated on April 12, 2021

A good golf towel should be large enough to regularly clean your clubs without having to be frequently washed, but also small enough that it's not cumbersome.

Microfibre is the preferred material for a golf towel, but if you're looking for a more premium and versatile towel, then a tri-fold option that features different textures for scrubbing and wiping is the way to go.

Here are our picks of the best golf towels.

Best Category Variation H2

Below are our top picks for the best golf towels by category. 

  1. Best Value: El Classico Golf Towel
  2. Best Overall: Under Armour Golf Towel
  3. Editor's Choice: Callaway Uptown Golf Towel
  4. Pro's Choice: Titleist Players Microfiber Golf Towel
  5. Best Large Golf Towel: Wing XL Golf Towel
  6. Best Novelty Golf Towel: I Use This Towel To Wash My Balls
  7. Golf Towel for Dads: Best Dad In The World Golf Towel
  8. Golf Towel for dog lovers: Boston Terrier Microfiber Towel
  9. Best Ladies Golf Towel: I Play Like A Girl, Try To Keep Up
  10. US Patriots: US Patriot Golf Towel

Best Golf Towel Reviews

1. El Classico Golf Towel

Sunday Golf Microfiber Golf Towel 14 x 40 inches| Premium Fabric | Waffle Pattern with Center Slit...

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If you’re looking for a golf towel that can do it all, look no further than the El Classico Golf Towel by Sunday Golf

The waffle microfiber fabric works like magic at removing any dirt, and grass from your clubs.

The towel comes standard with a reinforced centre slit to easily hang over your golf clubs or bag, and therefore you won’t need any fancy clips or hooks to keep track of it.

2. Under Armour Golf Towel

Under Armour Adult Bag Golf Towel , Black (001)/Steel , One Size Fits All

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Known for their exceptional sporting goods, you can’t go wrong with this golf towel from Under Armour.

The embroidered golf towel comes tri-folded, which essentially means it has three sections. It has a soft section meant for polishing and absorbing water and a textured section to clean loose dirt and mud. It even comes with a scrubbing patch to get rid of dried-on dirt.

These sections are super effective, and make this towel as stand-out-option for the discerning golfer.

3. Callaway Uptown Golf Towel

Callaway Tri Fold Towel, Black, 16 x 21 Inches

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A no-nonsense golfer needs a no-nonsense golf towel.

The Callaway Tri-Fold Towel is a must-have in any golfer’s bag. It’s made from 100% cotton, which means it is incredibly soft and absorbent. 

The towel comes with a carabiner to clip onto your golf bag. It measure 16 by 21 inches which is a great size, big enough to effectively clean one's clubs and balls, but at the same time not feel too bulky. 

The tri-fold design might take some getting used to, as the two lower layers sit under the cotton top layer, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy to use.

4. Titleist Players Microfiber Golf Towel

Titleist Players Microfiber Golf Towel, Grey, (TA9MFTWL-2)

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The Titleist Microfiber Towel is one good-looking towel, but as a premium brand we wouldn't expect anything less from Titleist.

The towel comes with a center slit to easily hang over your golf club heads that just immediately says “premium” when looking at it.

Titleist has done an excellent job of using a proprietary hub patterned microfiber fabric that allows the towel to retain moisture for longer than most other towels will.

They also make sure to not overdo it with the branding, as the new updated design includes a subtly woven label logo.

5. Wing XL Golf Towel

Wing XL Golf Towel - Unique Center-Cut Waffle-Shammy Hybrid Construction, Premium Golf Towel...

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 If you take your golfing seriously, you need a serious golf towel. Look no further than this extra-large one, with a unique owl design from Visualize.

The towel is made from a hybrid of waffle microfiber and shammy fabric that gives you the best of both worlds. It has the powerful cleaning properties of the microfiber and the exceptional shine of the shammy.

Due to its large size, and center slit, carrying this towel is a breeze as it can be carried over-the-shoulder and on your golf bag. Visualize also donates a portion of the sale toward owl sanctuaries.

6. I Use This Towel To Wash My Balls

Wolf Golf Towels - Funny Golf Towel - Golf Gifts for Men - Embroidered Golf Towels for Golf Bags...

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There’s nothing like a good golf game with the boys and this golf towel is sure to get the banter going!

With very cheeky embroidery, you’re getting more than just a golf towel. This golf towel is made from 100% cotton and is highly absorbent.

With a generous 16 x 24” size and a trifold center grommet, the towel is easy to clip onto your golf bag without taking up any room. The brand has a wide variety of designs available.

These towels are sure to spark a conversation on the greens.

7. Best Dad In The World Golf Towel

Center Cut Microfiber Golf Towel 16'x40' (Best Dad in The World)

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A brilliant gift idea for your golfer dad is this microfiber towel

The design is modern and simple. The microfiber waffle weave is highly absorbent and efficient at cleaning dirt and mud from your equipment.

You can keep one side dry to use to dry your hands, while the other side can be kept damp to clean your club heads.

Unlike many other microfiber towels, this one does not get very heavy when it’s wet and won’t add extra weight to your golf bag.

8. Boston Terrier Microfiber Towel (for dog lovers)

Microfiber Golf Towel Boston Terrier Quick-Drying Portable Towel for Yoga Workout & Golf Sport

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Attention all dog lovers! This towel is a must-have if you have a cute fur-kid that you can’t bring with you to the greens! 

A bit longer than the traditional golf towel, the dimensions are perfect for draping around your neck during scorching hot days.

Made from 100% microfiber, it allows for the quick and effective removal of grass, sand, mud and dirt.

This towel can also be thrown into the washing machine for easy cleaning and can be used for many other purposes other than just a golf towel.

9. I Play Like A Girl, Try To Keep Up

Golf Towel Women's Golf Towel Funny Golf Towel Gift for Her I Know I Play Like A Girl So Try to Keep...

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We love a sassy quote, and the one embroidered on this golf towel is perfect for the ladies! 

This towel is larger than traditional ones, at 14.96 x 25.98 inches, and can be used for many purposes on the golf course.

The microfiber waffle fabric makes cleaning up a breeze, and will not distract from your game as you clean your club heads and balls.

10. US Patriot Golf Towel

Hot-Z Golf USA Towel

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Show your patriotism on the golf course with this large golf towel.

Made from 100% cotton with a durable jacquard weave, this towel plays no games when it comes to cleaning your golf balls and clubs.

The fabric is machine washable for easy cleaning and comes with a brass grommet and hook to easily attach to your golf bag.

The dimensions are bigger than typical golf towels at 16” x 24” but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to understand why so many people enjoy using it.

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