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What Is The Best Golf Umbrella?

Updated on July 30, 2019

It’s time to get your hands on the best golf umbrella possible for the best price.

In this article we have set out the key factors to consider when purchasing an umbrella.

We have also spent a few weeks reviewing the various options available on the market, and have provided detailed reviews on the ones that faired the best.

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Best Golf Umbrellas

Below are our selection of the best umbrellas for golfers:

Also check out our golf umbrella buyers guide.

Best Umbrellas for Golf

1. Titleist Double Canopy Umbrella

Titleist Golf Tour Double Canopy Umbrella

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The Titleist Golf Tour Double Canopy Umbrella is just pure class. It easily took the first position in our assessment. If you play a lot of golf and frequently get caught in the rain, then this umbrella is for you. 

The double canopy offers massive width and protection from the elements.

It comes at a price no doubt, but once getting your hands on the Titleist Double Canopy Umbrella you’re not going to be looking for or needing anything else for years to come.


  • Looks classy and plenty of cover from the wide brim
  • Solid, but lightweight build that will withstand strong wind and hard rain


  • Fairly pricey at $70.00 RRP even though it’s high quality – if you can get your hands on one for cheaper then don’t miss out

2. Callaway Tour Authentic Umbrella

Callaway Golf Tour Authentic 68' Umbrella Umbrellas 2017 Tour Authentic 68' Double Canopy Automatic...

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Large is an understatement! At 68 inches, the Callaway Authentic umbrella will easily cover you and your gear, as well as your caddy or a playing partner! 

The umbrella is nano-coated to repel water, which we can confirm it is excellent at.

The water just seemed to slip off the surface. The Callaway Tour Authentic umbrella also feels fantastic in the hand – really sturdy and robust.

It was a close second to the Titleist Double Canopy, but given the better price we think it is a definite winner!


  • Ergonomic non-slip handle is just what you need in the heavy rain helping you keep your equipment dry
  • Convenient push button operation that opens the umbrella in a heartbeat
  • Fiberglass shaft and tension cables that inhibit the umbrella inverting in heavy wind and rain


  • If you’ve got a small golf bag, this may look slightly odd by sticking out above your driver and 3 wood – then again, who cares!

3. Gustbuster Pro Series Umbrella

GustBuster Proseries Gold 62' Black

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GustBuster umbrellas are the #1 name for umbrellas that can withstand lots of wind!

The raindrop shaped wind release vents make the Gustbuster an incredibly well designed piece of kit to deal with wind! We tested the Gustbuster Pro Series during a howling south-easter and can say with confidence that it would withstand the worst conditions with ease.

If lots wind is a factor of where you play, then we highly recommend the Gustbuster!


  • Award winning double canopy design that is wind tunnel certified to 55+ mph
  • A wide double Velcro closure system makes the Gustbuster easy to pack away – neat and secure
  • Patented design with elastic shock-cord and also water and fade proof canopy
  • UA AUTOGRIP Temples create a comfortable, flexible & secure fit without any squeeze


  • No cons in our opinion – just a world class offering that oozes longevity

4. Under Armour Golf Umbrella

Under Armour Adult Golf Umbrella Single Canopy 62-inch , Black (001)/White , One Size Fits All

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The Under Armour Golf Umbrella is a great value for money, single canopy umbrella, although it is also available in a double canopy version. The umbrella frame consists of high quality fibreglass which we put to test and it came out sterling! 

Under Armour umbrella's are available in a wide variety of colours and not just the standard black or navy etc. that some other manufacturers offer.


  • Fantastic price and real good value for money
  • 68″ brim will cover all the equipment as well as your caddy if you use one
  • Fibreglass shaft and ribs which make it exceptionally lightweight and also helps in lightning


  • Not so crazy about the rubber handle

5. Eez-Y Umbrella

EEZ-Y Golf Umbrella - 58 Inch Windproof Rain Umbrellas w/Double Canopy - Compact, Portable & Break...

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The name says it all! Ease of use in a nutshell and a great value purchase.

At less than half the cost of some competitors, the EEZ-Y umbrella is wonderful – even better is that it is offered in a wide range of colours to suit anyone!


  • Wind tunnel tested to 55 mph and has been through over 5000 rigorous tests to ensure quality
  • Easy use with a push of a button that opens or closes the umbrella in less than a second – unbelievable!
  • Lifetime guarantee after purchase so if that doesn’t spell out quality for you then I don’t know what will


  • Not exceptionally wide, but still wide enough if only needing to cover yourself on the golf course

Golf Umbrella Buyers Guide

Size & Weight

I’m sure you’ll agree, the lighter the weight the better the umbrella right? Well yes and no. Obviously being lightweight is great but you don’t want your brolley flying off in the wind leaving you chasing after it down the fairway getting wet in the process! Don’t get me wrong here – it needs to be light, but at the same time have a bit of weight so it is sturdy enough. The ideal weight is just heavy enough to be held in one hand comfortably.

Then there is size. You’re always going to want as wide an umbrella as you can get when playing golf as it’s not just you that you need to cover, but mainly your equipment so you can actually hit your next shot easily.

Build Quality

There are number of factors that can be taken into account in terms of build quality. The main things are the shaft and ribs of the umbrella. Fiber glass is the best material for the skeleton of your umbrellas as it withstands the elements very well and god forbid, it can aid in not being shocked if struck by lightning somehow!!

Stainless steel shafted umbrellas are ancient so don’t even consider that option!

Single or double canopy umbrellas is another factor to consider. Double canopy umbrellas have air vents that allow your umbrella to withstand the wind better. Double canopies tend to be more expensive, but in our opinion they are worth every penny as single canopy umbrellas are prone to breaking in strong winds.

We recommend testing the push button to see how conveniently and speedily it opens the umbrella. Many of the design flaws we saw with all the umbrellas we tested was a slow or difficult to release push button, which is fun if you not in a rush, but with a sudden downpour you can get soaked in a few seconds so a fast release push button makes all the difference.

Finally, we recommend going for a golf umbrella that packs away tightly. There is nothing worse than trying to stuff an unwieldy and wet umbrella into your golf bag.

Value for Money

Plain and simple – is the umbrella available at a good price? It absolutely HAS TO be fiberglass in terms of shaft and ribs and then also needs to be wide enough to cover you comfortably. Ideally it should have a double canopy as well. If you find an umbrella with these elements at any price below US$40.00 then you know you have a winner.

Still Confused? Ask Questions In Comments

Hopefully you’ve seen something above that you like in our best golf umbrellas and think is great value. If not please feel free to comment below and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible with our suggestions and solutions.

About the author 

Michael Todt

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

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    But what if you decide to carry your umbrella when you’re not on the golf course? You’re always prepared for bad weather because now you can carry your large umbrella hands-free!
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