Best Golf Wedges 2019 – Expert Review Of The Best Wedges On The Market

Welcome to our Best Golf Wedges 2019 review!

In this comprehensive guide we have sifted through the absolute best golf wedges currently available on the market. The guide separates wedges by category and features to help you find the best golf wedges for your game.

We have tried to keep our selection pretty broad in terms of handicap suitability, but admittedly, most of the wedges featured below are for low single figure to mid-teen handicaps.

If you are just beginning golf or are a high handicapper we recommend you check out our review of the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners.

Let’s jump into our Best Golf Wedges review and find out which is best for you and why!

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Best Golf Wedges

1. Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge

Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge

With the SM7 Wedges, Bob Vokey has created something really special. 

Sounds like we’re on repeat with every version of the Vokey wedge, but the SM7 is fantastic. Available in three stock finishes being Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet Black and lastly Raw (which is for custom only).

Key features that we really liked in the Vokey SM6 are the spin milled grooves which impart tremendous spin on the ball and the lower center of gravity for better control. Despite there being loads of spin, we did find though that spin RPM was slightly down compared to the SM6, but not even noticeable to the naked eye.

The Vokey SM7 comes at a price, but in our eyes worth it.


  • Buttery soft feel at impact and boy oh boy do they look good! Especially the jet black
  • Bucket loads of backspin, you can stop these things on a dime on the hardest greens around
  • Precise distance control


  • You are going to struggle to find any con about this particular wedge, but if we had to be nit-picky it would be the price, being slightly on the expensive side!

​2. Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedge

The Callaway Mack Daddy 4 range is now offered in four different sole designs:

Firstly the C-grind which is suited to firm conditions. The S-grind is the standard option and suits all conditions adequately. The W-grind is particularly for soft conditions or those golfers that have a steep downswing and lastly the X-grind that caters for players who play a wide variety of shots or courses that have a wide range of lies.

The varying groove pattern and groove-in-groove technology are a plus and in turn results in higher spin with the higher lofted wedges. The longer or less lofted the wedges the more control you’ll have coming into the green.

The Mack Daddy 4 is just fantastic and a notable improvement on the MD3. If you are a low to low-mid handicapper and are looking to improve your game around the greens in particular then put these wedges in your bag. 

Just make sure before purchasing that you know which lie and lofts you are suited to and then get involved.


  • An appealing design that looks fantastic behind the ball at address
  • The reduced weight provides a superb penetrating ball flight that is easy to control
  • All players are accommodated with the wide variety in lofts and sole grinds
  • Groove-in-groove technology has provided a notable increase in spin for particularly the higher lofted wedges


  • It is not forged, which may not appeal to all golfers
  • Could be a little confusing in deciding which of the grinds suits you particularly

3. Cleveland RTX-4

Cleveland RTX-4

Cleveland have delivered a top-quality wedge once again with performance and feel second to none. We all like to see a bit of bite on our wedge shots so you’ll be glad to hear that the RTX-4 spins like mad!

The rough, milled face along with Cleveland’s sharpest zip grooves yet deliver crazy spin out of almost any lie. The improved circular milling results in consistent back spin, even on open face shots.

The RTX-4 is versatile, durable and generates huge spin, making it the perfect wedge for any single-digit player.


  • Trusted and familiar design
  • Fantastic price in comparison with some of its competitors
  • Loads of spin for greenside shots
  • Huge variety in finish and bounce


  • Will cause a bit of wear and tear to your golf balls faster than you are perhaps used to

4. Cobra King Black Wedge

Cobra King Black Wedge

In one word, the Cobra King Black Wedge is “Buttery” soft! A consistent ball flight and trajectory right through the wedges provides ample confidence and this is certainly a great value for money purchase.

There are five loft options along with three different sole grinds providing 15 separate options. The DBM (Diamonized Black Metal) is certainly a good looker and provides maximum durability. The variable spacing between grooves also maximizes spin on the higher lofts and short pitches.

The 56, 58 and 60 degree wedges have wider and shallower grooves compared to the narrower tighter spaced grooves in lower lofts providing consistent shot trajectory. Thumbs up.


  • The Tour Notch (which has been around with Cobra for almost 20 years) is superb and really provides you with confidence in terms of getting under the ball and striking it well
  • The feel is absolutely superb. Buttery is the term given to it by Cobra and they are 100% correct
  • Great improvement offering the black matte finish providing minimal glare and enhanced durability


  • Do your homework on your own game before picking the right sole grind. If in doubt stick with the Classic!

5. Mizuno S18 Wedge

Mizuno S18 Wedge

Mizuno have stepped up their game tremendously with the new S18 wedge. The grain flow forged offering is available in three finishes being either Blue IP, or White Satin or Gun Metal – all beautiful.

Mizuno have a new milling tool that has made the edges sharper in the Quad-Cut grooves and along with the metal composition allow for longevity in groove performance. Mizuno wedges have never seemed to really have the ideal launch angle and spin, but that’s all changed in the S18 – low off the clubface on full shots and plenty of action upon landing.

A slightly thicker topline with a well-rounded silhouette to the S18 make it a definite improvement on predecessors.


  • Beautiful in all three of the Blue IP, White Satin or Gun Metal finishes with custom stamping an option too if that tickles your fancy
  • Wide variety in loft offerings all the way from 45 – 62 degrees in one degree increments making it 29 in total! (although only 12 are standard stock items)
  • Longevity is the biggest factor with the new boron infused carbon steel S18 allowing grooves to not wear as easily whilst still retaining performance


  • With there being so many loft options it can confuse you as to which suits best, but if in doubt then stick to the conventional standard loft options
  • A touch expensive relative to competition so if you find this for a deal then take advantage

6. Cleveland CBX Wedge

Cleveland CBX Wedge

Cleveland arguably make the best wedges in the game. Roger Cleveland himself has been head hunted by all sorts of other manufacturers to assist in their designs.

Cleveland have seemingly made this the middle man between the older RTX-3 and a smart sole type of wedge. Catering to a wider spectrum of player, the CBX provides huge forgiveness and if you’re struggling to build confidence with your wedges then these are for you. Iron like appearance to the lower lofts and wider chunkier sole in the higher lofts providing chunk-eliminating results!

Workability, versatility, spin on all shots make it a rock solid value for money option.


  • Exceptional value for money from a leader in the wedge industry for years and years
  • Extended longevity which helps not having to replace your wedge(s) too often
  • Huge forgiveness providing weaker short game players with a boost in confidence


  • Only downside is that the grooves really chew your golf ball so could become costly having to use several balls a round!

7. Ping Glide 2.0

 Ping Glide 2.0

Ping have brought in minor changes to the original Glide by focusing on two things in particular. Firstly the groove edges have been sharpened and one additional groove has been added to the lower lofted wedges in order to increase friction and improve launch angle, ball flight and maximize spin.

The second factor is Ping have given you four different sole grinds with each matching separate angles of attack and divot characteristics in order to make your wedge game as easy as possible.

The Glide 2.0 looks and feels good and serves great value for money whether you are a low or mid handicap player. Read our full review.


  • Despite being slightly simple it is beautiful from every angle – particularly that of the address position
  • Superb ball flight and launch angle primarily due to the sharpened groove edges and the water repelling hydropearl finish
  • Wide variety of lofts, lies and sole grinds to choose from each providing their own unique fit to your ball flight and angle of attack
  • Good value for money coming at a suggested retail of $140 and less than some major competitors


  • Would be nice to have black satin or matte black option for Ping wedges. Many other manufacturers do it and it just provides that little extra spice in a trusted authoritative brand that golfers are searching for

Golf Wedges Buyers Guide

Build Quality

Plenty of factors to assess in build quality. How soft is the metal used? How many loft options? What bounce options? Are there varied sole grinds available within the particular model? Have the clubface & grooves been milled?

Build quality is exceptionally important and when it comes to a wedge – trust the sales numbers and brands that have stood the test of time hanging around the upper ranks. They know what they’re doing.

Control and Performance

Whether you like it or not, 95% of you will choose spin as the first thing you are after when selecting a wedge. But there are other factors to consider. Feel is exceptionally important being that these are the clubs you need to get cute with around the greens occasionally.

Launch angle & Ball flight are what we look out for. Those trajectories that seem to come out low, but still stay in the air what feels like forever because of the spin & control. Versatility is another that plays a big part being able to use it just about anywhere and for any shot within 100 yards of the green.

Design and Appearance

Each to their own on this one, but we’re in the camp of looks are important. You want to look down at a wedge behind your ball that builds or sparks confidence.

Something that you can’t get enough of and can’t wait to take it out the bag.

Something with as little detail as possible on the back, but yet still has enough pizzazz and sexiness to keep your eyes peeled.

Value for Money

Wedges are generally not seen as powerful as drivers are. Or as important as putters are, but truth be told wedges are exceptionally important. Being confident with a wedge in your hands can get you up & down for pars or within range for regular birdies thus saving plenty strokes over time.

If you’re a serious golfer then do yourself a favor and invest in a quality set of wedges that may cost a bit, but will be great value.

If just a social golfer that enjoys the game we still suggest a quality wedge, perhaps something a bit more lenient on the budget that’s still going to help knock a few shots off the handicap.

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  1. Would have been interesting to have an indication of the weight of these clubs. Unlike drivers and irons there are never test wedges to try. As I have got older and weaker after a serious wrist operation I find some clubs just feel to heavy.
    I know swing weight is a factor but it’s not easy when you can rarely try before you buy.

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