Best Mallet Putters (2019) – Expert Review

Mallet putters certainly seem to be the go to choice for many of the top performing tour professionals at the moment, with the likes of Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, John Rahm, Jason Day and Justin Rose all going for these oversized flatsticks to sink putt after putt.

Even Rory McIlroy was spotted using a mallet putter for a short while. So which putters are these guys choosing to put in their bag?

We have highlighted five of the best mallet putters currently on the market for you to make a more informed decision on which one would be most ideal for your game.

Here are our picks for the best mallet putters:

  1. Best Overall Mallet Putter: Oddysey Putter O-Works No 7
  2. Popular Pro’s Choice: Scotty Cameron Futura 7M
  3. Best Leading Edge Technology: TaylorMade Spider Tour
  4. Another Top Choice #1: Cleveland TFi Halo
  5. Another Top Choice #2: PING Vault Oslo

Best Golf Mallet Putters

Best Overall Mallet Putter: Odyssey O-Works No 7

The Odyssey O-Works No 7 is the editor’s choice for best mallet putter.

The shape of the No 7 has been around for many years now and is used by the likes of former World No 1 Luke Donald and more notably Henrik Stenson. It is a very simple shape that is based around a blade putter with two arms extending away from the rear of the face and is often referred to as the fork. This design makes the putter very easy to align and increases the MOI thanks to this mass being extended away from the face.

The new O-Works face features a multi-material insert with Microhinge Face Technology. This sees inverted L-shaped stainless steel hinges co-moulded into the soft elastomer layer and these hinges compress slightly at impact to reduce skid and get the ball rolling forward more effectively. And this really seems to work quite impressively.

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  • Spectacular feel and roll from the Microhinge Face Technology
  • Intuitive alignment system
  • A choice of either the red or black clubhead finish
  • Adjustable weights in the sole to offer a more precise feel
  • No versa model in the No 7 shape
  • Also no satin finish model

Popular Pro Choice: Scotty Cameron Futura 7M

Scotty Cameron putters have garnered somewhat of a cult following through the years and are known to be some of the most premium flatsticks on the market. The more modern Futura range has been around for quite a while now with the latest models offering improved mallet designs with the use of better materials.

The Futura 7M is one of the simpler mallet models but is packed with features that improve alignment, feel and consistency, as well as a higher MOI than its predecessor, the Futura X7m.

The feel is incredible off the face at impact thanks to the one-piece milled face and sole plate being cushioned by a softer material between itself and the rest of the clubhead body. This also increases the MOI by shifting mass more effectively around the clubhead.

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  • Incredible feel
  • Intuitive alignment system similar to that on the Odyssey No 7
  • Adjustable sole weights to increase the customisation and feel of the putter
  • Premium finish offering a very stylish look at address
  • One of the more expensive options for a putter, but worth every penny

Best Leading Edge Technology: TaylorMade Spider Tour

This iconic TaylorMade putter has actually made a bit of a resurgence after being a slightly different model many years ago. We have Jason Day to thank for that and now the likes of Dustin Johnson and John Rahm continue the trend.

The Spider Tour is a unique shape that now forms the basis of many different models with various alignment lines and necks to choose from. You can even choose the colour finish with four different options to select from.

Each different finish features its own unique face insert material to change the way the putter feels at impact. And when it comes to stability, this Spider Tour is one of the highest MOIs so you get the full package with this flatstick.

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  • A multitude of options to choose from in this one model
  • An interactive model allows you to link the putter to your smartphone to track certain stats
  • Great price for such a high performer
  • The different face inserts are stock standard on the various finishes and don’t allow you to mix and match
  • The interactive version is significantly more expensive than the standard models

Another Top Choice #1: Cleveland TFi Halo

The Cleveland TFi Halo putter looks a bit more like a spaceship than a mallet putter at address, but is pack with great features that make this a high performing putter.

The most noticeable feature is the Smart Square alignment system on the crown with the two squares making it much easier to line the putter up to your target with the ball simply getting in the way.

The unique face system features a multi-material construction that provides both great feel and roll, while the overall design is there to increase MOI and make sure each putt feels the same and reacts the same as a well-struck shot.

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  • Great alignment ability thanks to the Smart Square dual axis system on the crown
  • The feel across the entire face is the same due to the way that the entire face cup is attached to the body using a soft elastomer material
  • Outstanding value for money
  • This is just not as attractive as other mallet putters despite the high level of performance

Another Top Choice #2: PING Vault Oslo

PING is another brand that is known for producing high quality and high performing equipment and its putters certainly continue that legacy. It was PING after all that produced the Anser blade putter design that is still the most popular shape today.

Venturing into the mallet designs PING has produced some very interesting shapes in the past, but the latest Vault Oslo is much more simplistic while being packed with great performance.

The shape of the putter head ensures a high MOI with the mass distributed in a strategic way to offer great feel and stability. The milled face is truly world class when it comes to how it makes the ball roll so effectively from impact.

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  • The simplistic lines, design and finish just scream style and luxury
  • The feel across the entire face area is very consistent with minimal loss in accuracy or length on mishits
  • Despite being at the higher end of the price range, it is still great value for money
  • Honestly nothing springs to mind

Mallet Putters Guide

Design and Feel

Mallet putters are designed in all shapes and sizes it seems and all of these different styles have a function. The main factor to consider when designing a mallet putter is how to achieve the highest MOI to make the putter as stable as possible through the stroke and ensure mishits don’t react very differently in accuracy and length compared to a well-struck putt.

With most mallet putters the majority of mass is distributed as far away from the clubface as possible to ensure a high MOI, which is why all mallet putters are so much larger in volume.

With the advancements in materials used in putter design and construction the size of mallet putters has become slightly smaller without sacrificing MOI giving you more choice on what putter suits your eye best.

When it comes to feel this is purely subjective and fortunately putter designers have created many different face inserts to allow you to determine how soft you want the putter face to feel at impact against the golf ball. Milled metal faces are still a popular choice for those who prefer that solid click at impact.

Ease of Use

The purpose of a high MOI in a putter or any golf club for that matter is to increase the stability of the clubhead and also increase the resistance to twisting around the shaft axis. This makes mallet putters essentially much easier to use than a traditional blade putter for the same reason that cavity back irons are easier to hit straighter than blades. However, this higher MOI does call for a straighter putting stroke with less arc and this can be difficult for some golfers, so it is essential to find what works best for you first.

Another advantage of mallet putters is the ability to improve alignment with these flatsticks. The added material behind the face that extends further away gives more space to add longer lines that help you to line up more effectively to the golf ball and your target. Despite this there are some mallet putters that have no additional alignment aids on the crown and are still highly popular if you don’t want any distractions when addressing your ball on the green.

Value for Money

Mallet putters often carry a higher price due to the added materials used in their creation, however some brands prefer to make each range of putters the same price regardless of whether they are mallets or blades.

Essentially you should be paying more for your putter than any other club as you use it the most in each round and therefore it carries a higher performance value.

Still Confused? Ask Questions In Comments

We hope our best mallet putters review has helped you make an informed choice on the right mallet putter for your game, but if your still have questions just leave a comment below and we will respond within 24 hours!

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