Best Putters 2019 – Choose Your Weapon To Knock Shots Off Your Game

Welcome to our Best Putters 2019 Review.

In this comprehensive guide we have sifted through the absolute best putters currently available on the market. The guide separates putters by category, price and features to help you find the best putter for your game.

We have tried to keep our selection pretty broad in terms of handicap suitability, but admittedly, most of the putters featured below are for low single figure to mid-teen handicaps.

If you are just beginning golf or are a high handicapper we recommend you check out our review of the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners.

Let’s jump into our Best Putters review and find out which is best for you and why!

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Best Putters for Golf

1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter

Odyssey are only known for their putters. That’s because that’s all they do in terms of equipment, but boy oh boy do they do it well!

The Stroke Lab range has carefully and effectively changed their approach to a putter’s weight and shafts and have come up with an effective solution. The Stroke Lab has a graphite shaft with steel tip to enhance performance dynamics and produce a better roll on the ball. 

Additional weight in putter head and butt of grip provide a more consistent repeatable stroke.


  • World class leader in feel, the Stroke Lab focuses on weight distribution and promoting a more consistent stroke.
  • Incredibly effective in terms of roll off the putter face at impact, which subsequently holds the ball on line from the get-go improving accuracy
  • Offered in a wide range of putter head shapes and a new Tuttle shape which is reminiscent of the Ram Zebra of yesteryear


  • Feel and sound did vary from putter head to putter head so test out one before purchasing

2. Taylormade TP Black Copper Collection Putter

Taylormade TP Black Copper Collection Putter

Jason Day, Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm being the flag-bearers definitely made a difference in consumer awareness.

Undoubtedly, the design has unique benefits across the range providing players with differing strokes a specific putter that suits. Available in 7 different head styles and ranging in weight from 342 - 355 grams and with a lie angle of 70 degrees.

The Pure Roll provides phenomenal feel as well as end over end roll and consistent at that. 


  • The milled 304 stainless steel heads make it look even more beautiful
  • The sole weights being adjustable make it easy to change putter head weight
  • Whatever stroke you have, there is a model to suit due to the varied toe hangs, hosels and weighting
  • The Pure Roll inserts really provide great feel and superb end over end roll – and consistently


  • Slightly busy design particularly when looking over the ball at address

3. Odyssey O-Works

Odyssey O-Works

The Odyssey O-Works is our Editor’s Choice in Putters.

How on earth are they going to keep stock levels sufficient enough to fulfil demand? That’s the biggest headache Odyssey will have in store this year, because these putters are simply exceptional!

The Microhinge face insert defies the natural trade-off between feel/distance control and feedback. It’s the perfect combination of all three, yielding terrific consistency. There are plenty of putters to choose from within the range too, and each and every one exudes pure class and beauty.

Get involved – as soon as you can! To read the full review click here.


  • Cutting-edge Microhinge Insert Technology is surely the leader of its field to date
  • Great control, soft feel yet still a solid, feedback-providing sound
  • Classy, aesthetically-pleasing designs across all models
  • For 220-odd bucks, you’ll struggle to beat this for value


  • It doesn’t have… ha, just kidding. No holes to be poked here folks

4. Ping Stigma 2

Ping Stigma 2

In our opinion, the Ping Stigma 2 Putter is a complete winner in terms of quality and value – superb.

The Stigma 2 is a world class offering and available in 11 different head models. Enough options in terms of weight or face insert and the clean neat lines help your alignment beautifully! This is aimed at the player who prefers slightly softer feel with lively response off the putter face at impact.

True Roll technology and Dual-Durometer face are what make the difference in terms of ball speed consistency and accuracy. Lastly the adjustable length shaft is an incredibly important benefit allowing players to have the exact length to match their posture and length of stroke


  • Beautiful clean, square lines to the Stigma
  • Variety in options in terms of putter models
  • Feels and sounds soft with lively response at impact
  • Custom shaft length is pivotal in providing perfect match to your stroke and posture


  • Nothing to knock about the Stigma 2 apart from possibly having too many mallet style heads (9 in total) to choose from opposed to blade heads

5. Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putter

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putter

The ‘crème de la creme’ of golf equipment, a classy offering from a leading brand. In terms of feel, sound, weighting technology and roll off the putter face its full marks.

A vibration dampening layer (30% larger than before) provides exceptional feel and control. The reshaped sole aids alignment really well and almost sits square at address on its own!

It is a pricey purchase, no doubt about that, but if you are serious about the game and putting is your passion then give this a go – it is pure.


  • Soft, but solid feel that provides exceptional feedback on putts hit out the center of the clubface.
  • Heel-Toe weight technology that is matched to the length of putter providing optimal potential for the best strike and roll possible
  • Efficient speed and roll off the putter face


  • Only one model is offered in a left handed option, which is a pity
  • It’s pricey – no messing around on that front, but if you are serious about the game and can afford it then it’s worth it

6. Ping Vault 2.0

Ping Vault 2.0

In a word (or two): world class. Across the entire line there is excellent look and feel, while the True-Roll technology underpins the truly superior performance and consistency.

In terms of milled putters, this is almost as good as you’ll find, and it’s good to see both platinum and slate finishes on offer. They don’t come cheap, but for quality like this, it still represents good value.

Overall, a resounding yes from us! 


  • Exudes style and class
  • Tremendous consistency and feel across all four models
  • Choice of blade and mallet heads – all needs catered for!
  • Even at $300+, these high-end putters still represent decent value


  • None that we can think of

7. Cleveland TFI 2135 Putter

Cleveland TFI 2135 Putter

Cleveland have focused their attention on the most important thing there is to putting – alignment. Simplified basic looks in terms of design and appearance along with the raised alignment aid which will help you line up correctly each and every time.

Available in 7 different models with four being modern mallets and three being traditional blades, there is something for everyone. The widened horizontal impact point has greatly improved off-center strikes making distance control a whole lot easier than you’re possibly used to (if you’re honest with yourself!).

At just short of $130 for the most effective model this is very good value for money and is suited to any handicap player. To read the full review click here.


  • Beautifully soft in terms of feel and sound at impact making you look forward to each and every putt just that little bit more
  • Distance control is outstanding with the widened horizontal impact zone on putter face enhancing off-center strikes
  • Seven different models to choose from with four mallets and three blades – you will find one that suits your eye and game


  • Only one model is offered in a left handed option, which is a pity
  • Not the most eye catching putter around, but then again that is what Cleveland wants and have focused on other aspects that are more important

Best Golf Putters Buying Guide

Build Quality

It’s interesting to observe the different approaches brands take when they are, essentially, all working towards the same end goals. There is a vast array of models out there – both mallets and blades, and even within that, there is much variety in terms of build, weight distribution and technology. Particularly with regards to alignment, there are some really innovative aids and features out there.

We also see inventive “roll technologies”, and there are also contrasting approaches when it comes to face inserts and head designs. It’s a lot to consider, but hugely important too. I’m not saying you need to keep a putter for 15 years like I did, but ideally you want it to be a long-term purchase if you’re sinking this kind of money into it.

Build quality is thus vital to both durability, and ensuring optimal results for the duration of your ‘relationship’ with your new Texas wedge.

Control and Performance

Golf is a simple game, but putting is even simpler. There are two components that you have to get right at the end of the day: alignment and speed. Yes?
It isn’t quite as simple as that though.

In order to get you on point with both of those elements, there’s a little bit of water that needs to go under the bridge first. Feel is vital to striking the balance, and this is underpinned by consistency. That means getting a true roll, with clear feedback on mishits, so that you can become a putting metronome. Doing so builds the kind of confidence whereby lining up your putt and nailing distance control eventually becomes a natural, instinctive occurrence, rather than something that requires agonizing thought and analysis beforehand.

The quality of the putter – and the technology that goes into it – has a huge role to play in this, and it can take a fair degree of testing to know which flatblades come to the party, and which don’t. We’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you, but at the end of the day, only you can make the call as to which putter will generate the best results for you.

Design and Appearance

Some of the best putters out there today are just absolute stunners. Honestly, it’s amazing what an aesthetically-pleasing design can do for confidence. It isn’t just about cool points either. I’m convinced there’s a link between looking/feeling the part and results.

But there is also more to it than beauty.

Putters come in many shapes and forms – even within the same series visual differences can be vast. The key is that all features and nuances must make for a clean, uncomplicated look that complements things like alignment aids, rather than distracting from them. Most of the big guns get this balance spot on, but not everyone!

Value for Money

One inevitable consequence of exponential improvements in technology is that variance in prices escalates. You can pay up to $500 for the very cream of the crop. We consider it to be a breathtaking amount of money to spend on a putter, but… if it does fall within budget, then there are some amazing benefits to be enjoyed.

Whatever your budget is though, you do not want to feel short-changed after, or suffer from the dreaded buyer’s remorse. The only way to avoid that is to ensure you get value for money – whether you’re paying $100 or $500.

Luckily for you, we’ve got fine-tuned nous when it comes to this sort of thing, so when it comes to a cost-benefit analysis, fear not: our word is good.

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

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  1. Grip and feel! Does the grip provide the necessary, feedback from all the putter head technology, that allows the golfer to develop their muscle memory for improvement(s). It’s like a car, does all the marketing designs/redesigns make a better driver, or is it the confidence that results between the driver and the conditions? Every tools is designed to satisfy the objective – start to finish and then it’s individual talent that separates expectations and results.

    Determine your realistic talent, before you open your wallet, to begin the journey to a higher level of expectations!

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