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Best Rain Gloves For Golf – Top All-Weather Golf Gloves

Updated on July 26, 2019

Don’t we all just love heading out on a wet rainy drab day to play a round of golf?

Damn right we don’t!

It’s terrible and even worse if you aren’t well prepared well.

Rain gloves or all weather gloves help to grip the club better in the wettest of weather.

In our guide to the best rain gloves for golf we will not only help you choose your next wet weather glove, but also show you what general characteristics to look for in a glove.

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Best Golf Rain Gloves

Below are our selection of the best rain gloves for golfers: 

Also check out our golf rain gloves buyers guide.

Best Rain Gloves For Golf

1. Best Overall: Footjoy RainGrip

FootJoy Men's RainGrip Pair Golf Glove Black Medium/Large, Pair

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Our number 1 pick in wet weather gloves is the Footjoy RainGrip, it’s worth every penny and will impress even the toughest of customers.

Footjoy is the leader in the golf glove industry and has been for a number of years.

Each and every one of our testers chose the Footjoy RainGrip as their #1 pick, which says something.


  • Very comfortable and the actual sizing is spot on – no finger is slightly longer than it should be. Just perfect
  • Standard thickness and just right in my opinion – not too thick
  • After drenching and drying and repeating, the RainGrip withstood the test. It’s going to last you!


  • The tee holder on the side of the glove can be a slight irritation as sometimes the tee falls out

2. Runner-Up: FootJoy WinterSof

FootJoy Men's WinterSof Pair Golf Glove Black Medium/Large, Pair

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The FootJoy WinterSof gloves will keep your hands warm in the most brutal of weather!

Available only in pairs, which is convenient and exactly the right way to do it. Thick enough, but also not too tick where it inhibits the flexibility of your hands. Comfortable and very effective.


  • The suede palm is fantastic – provides excellent grip even in the pouring rain
  • Close fitting and not particularly loose on any part of the hand or fingers – just how it should be
  • The knit cuff allows the heat to stay within your hands and keep them warm


  • Again the tee holder I’m not really a fan of – it is more out of your site than for example the RainGrip, but still a bit random

3. Most Comfortable: Nike All Weather Golf Glove

Nike 2016 Tech Extreme VI All Weather Golf Gloves Leather Palm Mens Left Hand White/Black Large

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The Nike All Weather Golf Glove is definitely the best gripping glove that we’ve tested, very impressive.

Exceptionally comfortable primarily due to the really good fit. Really thin and almost feels like you’re wearing a premium leather glove!


  • The thinnest glove of all the contendors
  • Superb grip on the club even in torrential rain – exactly what you are looking for in a rain glove


  • The stitching on the index finger hasn’t been thought out too cleverly. If gripping the club with overlap grip then your right ‘pinky’ will constantly rub against it and become uncomfortable

4. Best Breathability: Srixon Rain Glove

Srixon Rain Glove (Pair), Black, Medium/Large

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The Srixon Rain Glove uses a quick dry knit material which is proven to aid breathability and flexibility in the wettest of conditions. Essential.

The gloves come in a pair with a tour-designed microfiber suede palm that provides added grip as the glove gets more wet.


  • The knit material provides breathability and is very comfortable
  • The suede palm is beautiful and grips the club really well – big confidence booster in wet conditions


  • A tad on the thick side, which results in a slight bunching of the palm when closing your hand

5. FootJoy WeatherSof

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof 2-Pack Golf Glove White X-Large, Worn on Left Hand

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The FootJoy WeatherSof has stood the test of time and is a super all-rounder for any weather conditions.

Available in a variety of colours and feels fantastic over the hand. Not going to be the best grip in torrential rain, but still great quality at a good price!


  • Very very comfortable and feels better than any other synthetic glove we’ve felt or tested
  • The fit is absolutely perfect – no bunching and no fingers too long


  • Not the best glove in heavy rain, but still better than leather or going gloveless!

6. Callaway Weather Spann Glove

Callaway Golf Men's Weather Spann Premium Synthetic Golf Glove (Medium , Single, White, Worn on...

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The Callaway Weather Spann Glove rounds off our review of best rain gloves for golf and is widely available online for purchase.

An entry level offering that still provides decent grip in tricky weather conditions. If you’re concerned about price then opt for this glove as you won’t find much better at the price that will aid you in wet weather.


  • Standard thickness and grips the club decently in light rain
  • The aerated knuckle section does help in terms of breathability and so too the flexibility of the glove overall


  • Not the best feel or fit, but at the price it is a good buy
  • The Opti-Fit tends to wear reasonably easily and doesn’t last as long as the FootJoy RainGrip for example

Golf Glove - Buyers Guide

Right Fit

Almost 50% of golfers wear the incorrect size golf glove. Are you perhaps one of them?

By wearing a glove that is too big for you it compromises your swing and subsequently shot shape and direction. Your hands (and glove) are the only contact point with the club and therefore your glove should be almost like a second skin and tight over your hand and fingers.

Two measurements determine your glove size:

The first is the length of your middle finger. Yes the one that you occasionally stick up to the players in front of you that are too slow! The tip of this finger needs to sit snuggly up against the leather so that there is no loose fabric that you can easily pinch and pull away from the finger.

The second is the circumference of your hand measured around your first knuckle. When you pull a fist your first knuckle should stretch the leather down and tightly over your skin. If the leather is loose against the first knuckle then the glove is too big. Equally, if you struggle to pull a fist then the glove is too small.

ALWAYS REMEMBER – If in doubt between two sizes you need to choose the smaller of the two!!

Wear and Tear

  • Palm Wear & Tear – Means you’re likely gripping the club too much in the palm of your hands or your hands are slipping slightly through impact.
  • Heel Wear & Tear – You’re either gripping the club too far towards the end of the grip or you could be re-gripping the club at the top of your swing.
  • Thumb Wear & Tear – You’re putting your thumb too straight down the shaft. It needs to favour the right slightly if right handed and vice versa if left handed.

Golf Rain Glove Assessment Criteria

In determining the best rain gloves for golf we used the following scoring process:

  • Grip – How well does the glove grip right through the swing in the wettest of weather
  • Fit – Does the glove fit you well and is it comfortable over your hand?
  • Longevity – How long does the glove last you? Does it wear and tear easily?
  • Thickness – How thick is the glove over your hand? i.e. thin, standard, thick

About the author 

Michael Todt

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

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