Best Womens Golf Clubs – Complete Sets For Ladies

In this guide on the best women’s golf clubs we focus on complete sets.

There are of course individual ladies woods, irons and putters, but as a beginner it’s much easier to purchase a packaged set. These sets are readily available at most major online retailers.

In a hurry? By far the best packaged set for ladies is the Callaway Strata 16-piece set. The set includes a a quality set of clubs - driver, fairway wood, 2 x hybrids, 4 x irons, 2 x wedges and a putter - as well as a lightweight bag! 

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Best Ladies Clubs for Beginners

1. Callaway Strata Ultimate Ladies’ Set

Callaway Strata Ultimate Ladies set

Made by Callaway Golf, the Strata Ultimate Ladies’ packaged set is the affordable option from the immensely popular brand. This 16-piece set is designed specifically for beginners.

This traditional set comprises a 10.5 degree driver, a 3-wood, two hybrids, four irons, two wedges and a putter. All of the clubs have lower, more traditional lofts and rely on the low CG design to launch the ball high and far through the air.

The set features a stylish stand bag that is lighter and easier to carry, as well as being much easier to travel with.


  • Quality design and materials used in such an affordable packaged set
  • Lightweight clubs with lower lofts and longer shafts offer more distance
  • Plenty of forgiveness from the high MOI design
  • Lightweight stand bag makes the set easier to carry and travel with


  • The lower lofts and longer shafts can be more difficult to play with for certain beginners

2. Wilson Profile XD Women’s set

Wilson Profile XD Women’s set

Wilson promotes this set as the custom fit in a box setup thanks to the various options you have to choose from. You can select your specific length of clubs and whether you would prefer a stand bag or cart bag with this set.

The clubs in this packaged set are all designed to be as easy as possible to hit and launch the ball high from impact with plenty of forgiveness on mishits. The set is also made from premium materials making this a very affordable bag of clubs for what you are getting.


  • Custom fit in a box setup means you can select the clubs that best suit your profile
  • Clubs are very forgiving and offer plenty of distance too
  • 10 different clubs ensures you have enough to play every shot
  • Very affordable for such a premium setup


  • No 3-wood in the set
  • Nothing else springs to mind

3. Cobra Women’s F-MAX Clubs

cobra f-max womens golf clubs

The Cobra Women’s F-MAX packaged set features the same F-MAX woods and irons that can be purchased separately, but in this instance is put together into a more affordable option. This also includes a matching cart bag and matching headcovers.

The set comprises of a 460cc 15-degree driver, three fairway woods, one hybrid, four irons, two wedges and a putter ensuring you have every club needed in your bag.

This is one of the more premium priced packaged sets, but with all of the technology in the design along with the high quality materials used in each club, you are getting your money’s worth.


  • High quality materials and plenty of technology has gone into making this set very easy and enjoyable to use
  • Increase lofts on each club ensure a high launch with added carry
  • Lightweight graphite shafts throughout the set make these clubs easy to swing with minimal effort
  • The entire set is colour matched and stylish


  • The offset on every club might not suit better players or those who want to shape the ball more effectively

4. Tour Edge Lady Edge Complete Set

Tour Edge Lady Edge Complete Set

The Tour Edge Lady Edge Complete set is our editor’s choice for best ladies clubs for beginners.

Every club in this set is designed with making the game more enjoyable in mind. The woods are all lofted up with the driver sitting at 15 degrees and only 43 inches in length. The rest of the set comprises two woods, two hybrids, two irons, two wedges and a putter.

The complete set also includes a premium cart bag with plenty of pockets and a stylish finish.


  • Higher lofts on each club ensures more launch from impact and plenty of spin for more carry
  • Every club features a lightweight graphite shaft designed specifically for women
  • Premium cart bag
  • Available in different lengths
  • Outstanding price for what you get


  • Stainless steel hybrids and irons have a hard feel at impact
  • The 7-piece mini-set has loft gaps that are two wide and features a stand bag instead of a cart bag

5. TaylorMade Kalea Women’s Clubs

TaylorMade Kalea 2018 Womens clubs

TaylorMade Kalea Women’s clubs feature many of the technologies found in the regular TaylorMade clubs that make them hit the ball further and consistently straighter.

Designed specifically for women the Kalea clubs feature lighter shafts with specific design aspects that help to launch the ball higher and further with minimal dispersion.


  • Low and deep CG in every club ensures a high launch and optimal spin
  • Consistent loft gaps between clubs improves your distances and makes every club in the bag useful
  • Slim tech shafts and speed pockets in the soles promotes higher clubhead speed and ballspeed for increased distance


  • This 10-piece set doesn’t include a putter or bag
  • Quite pricey considering you don’t get a complete set

Ladies Golf Clubs Buyers Guide

Design and Feel

Much like packaged sets for junior, men and senior golfers, ladies packaged sets are designed to be as forgiving as possible with minimal effort needed to launch the ball high and straight.

This means more loft per club, lighter shafts and more perimeter weighting to increase the MOI of each club.

Packaged sets will generally feature cast irons and wedges with stainless steel woods, as this keeps the price of the packaged set more affordable. Sets that feature clubs with multi-material designs will generally feel better but will cost more overall.

Ease of Use

Every club in a ladies packaged set is designed to be as easy to use as possible. This means there will be more loft on each club to launch the ball higher. The shafts will be shorter and lighter too, as this allows you to swing the club quicker and generate more clubhead speed without extra effort.

Other design factors such as thicker toplines, increased offset and wider soles also add to the ease of use of each club.

Value for Money

As mentioned before packaged sets are generally more affordable than buying individual clubs to make up a set. Having said this the higher quality ladies packaged sets will carry a bit more of a premium price.

It depends on your choice of brand, your budget and how often you plan to use the clubs to make the final decision on which set you would like.

Still Confused? Ask Questions In Comments

We hope our best ladies golf clubs for beginners review has helped you make an informed choice on the right clubs for your game, but if your still have questions just leave a comment below and we will respond within 24 hours!

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  1. I play with the Addams Idea club set. Liked the set but replaced driver. I usually score between 98-108 on courses. I need a new set but don’t think I’m ready for individual club purchase. My drive is usually 150+yards and have been told my swing speed is faster than most women. Do not want the Addams idea or cobra. What set would you recommend. I consider myself an intermediate player. Is Kalea, moda silk or Calloway Solaire a good choice. I would consider buying just irons and mix my hybrids in the set. My driver, though, is ready for retirement. Need professional help and direction.

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