3Bays (Brand Profile)

3Bays is a company which develops state of the art technologies specializing in sports, but golf equipment in particular.

The company has vast expertise in the fields of motion and sports science. 3Bays has harnessed this knowledge to subsequently develop exciting technologies in the golf training aid and swing analyser markets.

Today 3Bays have an array of golf technologies that target both the long game and putting. The Zone, Putt and Pro analysers offer downloadable apps on both Apple and Android devices that pair up with each of the devices. The company is recognised as producing the lightest golf swing analysers in the world.

3Bays Brand Profile

Quick Facts

  • Founded: 2012
  • Founders: Unknown
  • Headquarters: Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong
  • Website: www.3bayslife.com

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3Bays - Brief History

3Bays has discovered the ideal method to help improve golfers’ swings, putting strokes and ultimately their golf scores simply, conveniently and effectively.

The Zone swing analyser plugs directly into the butt end of the grip and is so light in weight that it is hardly even noticeable when swinging the golf club. It records and analyses over 10,000 data points and provides feedback on things such as swing speed, swing path, shaft lean, carry distance, face angle through impact, tempo and a whole lot more.

What it also offers is a convenient swing comparison with a user’s best swings, as well as to that of a given PGA Professional’s swing to see where it differs and how to improve. The technology uses this data to keep a swing ‘log book’ tracking your swings and seeing improvement over time.

All of this is can then viewed via the convenience of an Android or iPhone app in an appealing 3D format.

Next up is the Putt analyser which, like the Zone, plugs into the butt of the putter and tracks your stroke, tempo, impact speed, face angle and more. Seemingly the most simple part of the game, putting costs each and every golfer a number of strokes per round and theoretically is the easiest to change.

3Bays provides the perfect solution by tracking your stroke without restricting or inhibiting your action and giving suitable feedback in order to help correct your stroke as you progress.

The Pro analyser is very similar to the Zone and Putt, but offers advanced motion sensors and digitizes your swing motion offering instantaneous swing metrics.

Having been in the swing analyser market for over 5 years, 3Bays provides a cost effective solution to the general keen golfer looking to improve on their scores and handicap.

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