Blast Motion (Brand Profile)

Blast Motion is a company targeting game improvement solutions by using motion capture technology. The company was founded in 2007 by Ryan Kaps and Michael Bentley and after starting with golf they have since stemmed into Baseball and Softball.

The Blast Motion system captures, analyses, trains and monitors your performance over a set period of time and is also used by over 200 tour professionals worldwide in most commonly putting.

Brad Faxon is their most well-known ambassador and the premium services offer something extra with advanced reporting and analysis.

Blast Motion Brand Profile

Quick Facts

  • Founded: 2007
  • Founders: Ryan Kaps & Michael Bentley
  • Headquarters: Carlsbad, California, USA
  • Major Professional Endorsements: Brad Faxon
  • Website:

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Blast Motion - Brief History

Before moving into the golf detail, Blast Motion is exceptionally big in the baseball industry with over 50% of MLB teams using their performance software. While CEO Michael Fitzpatrick won’t uncover turnover or financial figures, it is very likely they are doing exceptionally big numbers annually.

There are two products in particular that Blast offers. Firstly the Blast Motion sensor and secondly the Blast Vision App (which still requires the sensor). Blast Motion has a small removable motion sensor that analyses golfers’ swings and synchronizes to an application that provide a beautifully detailed portal of swing metrics.

The sensor is exceptionally small and Fitzpatrick created the golf specific product within the Blast Motion stable in 2014 when he struggled to figure out what he needed to do to improve his golf swing.

In January 2018 the company released Blast Vision, which pairs up smart video capture and metrics to provide a more extensive analysis for serious golfers or athletes. It’s undoubtedly a software application that is targeting the better golfer and not the average Joe.

The biggest benefit of the Blast Vision app is that players are able to see their swing mechanics, but also what the effects are on the golf ball once contact has been made.

While similar to that of the Zepp product, the Blast Motion sensor attaches to the butt of the golf club and allows players to forget about technology when swinging the golf club or stroking the putter.

With regard to putting, the app records backstroke time and length, forward stroke time and length, total stroke time and length of stroke, tempo and impact stroke speed.

It is phenomenal thinking of all these metrics and being able to analyse and improve. The in-app training centre provides a number of drills and aids performed by legendary putter and golfer Brad Faxon.

The Blast Vision App provides the power to visualize the shot results of your golf ball after impact rather than just imagining it. It provides real time feedback, shot tracer and estimated ball flight distance with voice feedback.

The Vision app just needs to be placed on a tripod directly down the line behind the golfer and each video will be recorded with the swing metrics overlaying the actual swing.

The Blast Golf Sensor is a very reasonable $149.00 and there is a premium option which is an additional $59 per annum. A truly remarkable product that delivers incredible swing motion, metrics, feedback and tips/drills to improve your game.

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Blast Motion 3D Golf Swing Analyzer Review

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