Bushnell Golf (Brand Profile)

Bushnell is the undoubted leader in the golf rangefinder market. Bushnell’s primary principle is to provide the highest quality, most reliable and affordable product on the market and it must be said their commitment to customer service is remarkable.

Bushnell has been around for 65 years (1953), but only entered the golf segment a number of decades later. The company was founded in 1948 by David Bushnell after traveling to Japan with his wife on honeymoon and he returned to the USA with two crates of binoculars which he then sold by mail order.

Bushnell Golf Brand Profile

Quick Facts

  • Founded: 1948
  • Founders: David Bushnell
  • Headquarters: Overland Park, Kansas, USA
  • Revenue: $65 million
  • Employees: 1,000+
  • Major Professional Endorsements: Rickie Fowler
  • Website: www.bushnellgolf.com

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Bushnell Golf - Brief History

Rangefinders have been an integral part of the game of golf and whilst they are still not allowed in competitive tournaments or professional events, almost every serious golfer will own one.

A large chunk of this market is owned by Bushnell who have been manufacturing quality rangefinders for years. They provide outstanding quality and have consistently won design and performance awards from golf’s major magazines and media.

From the days of reading yardage books to now having digital Bushnell rangefinders along with a Jolt function. This is now a function available in a number of Bushnell products including the Tour V4 Shift, Tour V4, Pro X2 and newly released Hybrid. Jolt is the minor vibration you’ll feel once locking your target – a reminder of sorts that you have correctly captured the correct distance.

Bushnell’s rangefinders in particular cover the fairly broad price range of $299 for the now entry-level Tour V4 to the Pro X2 at $499. What makes the Pro X2 that good is the range particularly – it can capture a target up to 1300 yards away (accurate to 0.5 yards) and the flagstick up to 450 yards away. The 6 x magnification makes it easier to capture the correct target, particularly for the shaky handed golfers out there.

Another factor that Bushnell was famous for was implementing slope technology which uses your height compared to the locations height and either adds or minuses yards from the actual distance to provide a revised distance.

For example if you were playing to a target 20 yards lower than your height on a 150 yard shot then you would minus roughly 5 yards. Amateurs are able to use rangefinders in events, but the slope function needs to be deactivated.

Bushnell have more recently got involved in the GPS watch as well as handheld GPS markets.

These are aimed more at the social golfer who are still keen on having exact yardages they can trust at their disposal. Bushnell provides two models in the watch segment being the ION 2 priced up at $179 and the Excel at $249.

The Bushnell quality principle insures the value for money in these offerings is exceptional. Battery life that lasts up to 3 rounds of golf, smartphone notifications, automatic course recognition, swing speed and tempo amongst other things.

Bushnell will be around for a number of years to come and a report released in 2015 pointed out they had a 90% share of the market which is incredible. A trusted choice among many of the best players in world golf – even if just for practice rounds.

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