Odyssey Golf (Brand Profile)

Odyssey is a company focused solely on putters within the golf industry. They jumped onto the scene in 1991 with a whole new level of technology – the insert within the face of the putter. This was thanks to Michael Magerman and Jim Flood who were two of the key movers behind the marketing and development behind Odyssey putters.

The primary aim of the insert was to have the feel and forgiveness improved and one thing is for sure, it most certainly has.

Odyssey Golf Brand Profile

Quick Facts

  • Founded: 1991
  • Founders: Jim Flood
  • Headquarters: Carlsbad, California, USA (Callaway headquarters)
  • Revenue: $85 million (2017)
  • Employees: 2200 (Total number of Callaway employees)
  • Major Professional Endorsements: Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, Henrik Stenson, Marc Leishman, Xander Schauffele, Kevin Kisner
  • Websitewww.odysseygolf.com

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Odyssey - Brief History

Odyssey golf got the ball rolling (excuse the pun) in 1991 where Jim Flood took advantage of new materials for putters being the stronomic insert in particular. This was composed largely of urethane and the pioneer of the Odyssey putters was the hugely successful Rossie line which was named after Bob Rosburg.

Jim Flood was the kind of guy who had to have his finger in many pies and even himself admits he never paid particular attention to the financial part of an idea or business. Flood was also the founder of Aldila shafts well before Odyssey came onto the scene.

After reporting sales of over 1 million putters in 1996 and owning a 50% share of the putter market, Flood sold Odyssey to Callaway Golf in 1997 for $130 million.

The same year of selling over one million putters, the first major victory for Odyssey occurred at Augusta National and things were starting to blow up in a good way for the company.

In the year 2000, the White Hot putter was released which replaced the original black Rossie line. The White Hot was sharper looking and more responsive than the black insert. The aesthetic appeal of the putter was also a winner with it being outside the box somewhat.

2001 saw the 2-Ball released to the golf market for the first time and this was another hugely successful piece. The pure psychology behind the two circles (looking like golf balls) backing up the golf ball made it easier for golfers in general to line up to their target better and easier.

After a decade of dropping fractionally, Odyssey once again returned to holding a 50% share of the putter industry in 2003 and also introduced a chipper.

Jump to 2016 and Odyssey released a revised White Hot range, improved the insert and added in a number of new models. 2017 saw the O-Works line come onto the scene which is a black insert with microhinge technology providing a truer, smoother roll to the golf ball at impact. The O-Works line is truly beautiful and came at an exceptionally reasonable price too appealing to a wide handicap range of golfer.

One of the most recent releases is the Red Ball which is the original 2-Ball, but donning a red outfit that is again carrying that unique interesting appeal. Odyssey’s most recent release is the Exo and they claim it carries “maximum forgiveness created by an advanced multi-material construction”.

Odyssey have used a number of materials to move the weight toward the perimeter of the putter to significantly improve speed control and accuracy.

Since 2010 Odyssey have been the #1 putter in golf with almost 600 worldwide wins and almost $750,000,000 in prize money earned using their putters. Certainly impressive and Odyssey will undoubtedly not be going anywhere anytime soon, they’re here to stay.

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