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PXG is undoubtedly the biggest newcomer of all to the golf industry and it comes at a price. Owner Bob Parsons is a billionaire and founded the web hosting company Go Daddy. Parsons was convince he could better current equipment offerings and with no time or money constraints he has got the brand name out into the market – particularly in the USA.

Parsons is not afraid to speak his mind and he believes some, not all, but some of the other manufacturers are so focused on reaching their turnover targets and margins that they do not manufacture their clubs as good as they can be. With Parsons not worrying about the financial aspect as much as others he wants to rather charge more for the product, but make them absolutely as good as they can be. That is his primary goal.

PXG Brand Profile

Quick Facts

  • Founded: 2014
  • Founders: Bob Parsons
  • Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Employees: Unknown
  • Revenue: NA
  • Major Professional Endorsements: Charl Schwartzel, Billy Horschel, Zach Johnson, Ryan Moore, Pat Perez, Lydia Ko
  • Website: www.pxg.com

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PXG - Brief History

Bob Parsons is a self-proclaimed golf nut who spent over $200,000 a year on golf equipment trying to find the club that was going to help him improve. He eventually became fed up and set out on a mission to create the best golf clubs possible and this was no easy feat.

His designers manufactured prototype after prototype trying to find the secret sauce and in the process would have clubs that broke after a few shots and were subsequently termed ‘disposable clubs’ as the owner states in jest.

Eventually though they found what they were looking for, the COR2 technology was the answer. COR2 technology was made up of a vibration dampening material within the actual clubhead. The irons have the world’s thinnest clubface and biggest sweetspot, but the COR2 technology provides the soft, meaty feel making them almost addictive to strike!

The dots around the exterior of the irons are also a factor that provide perimeter weighting aiding ball striking and turf interaction. The PXG irons are available in four separate models catering to the spectrum of golfing abilities.

These constitute the 0311 T which is the thinnest clubhead and aimed at the Tour Player. This is followed by the P which is fractionally bigger followed by the XF and lastly the SGI which has the biggest sole and offset making it easiest to hit and get up into the air.

The 0811 driver range has three separate models. The X and LX are the lightest and lowest spinning drivers of the three and offer a superb ball flight. The XF offers forgiveness as the biggest selling point and with the centre of gravity and weight system optimized it helps square the clubface up easily and effectively through impact helping the weaker ball striker.

The original 0811 offers a heap of adjustable weights and loft/lie helping optimize ball flight for the better golfer.

PXG offers consumers two ways online to make their purchase. The first is a quick configuration which gives you options if you know your standard lie angles, swing speed, shaft flex etc. The second is a total customization which gives you a 5 – 10 minute fitting experience and uses algorithms to determine what the best match is in particular.

PXG is undoubtedly a powerful brand and with the passion and not to mention wealth behind the brand, it will undoubtedly be around for quite some time and be an attention grabber if you happen to have a set in your golf bag.

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