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SeeMore focuses on one thing and one thing only – putters. Known for their exceptionally simple yet most unique selling point, the centre shafted putter with the #1 alignment system in the game.

SeeMore has a patented Rifle Scope Technology (RST) that is a visible gun sight line on the top of the putter allowing the golfer to setup correctly each and every time. This works by lining up the bottom portion of the shaft between two white lines and covering the signature red dot at the bottom of the putter.

Seemore Brand Profile

Quick Facts

  • Founded: 1998
  • Founders: N/A
  • Headquarters: Franklin, Tennessee, USA
  • Revenue: $2 million (2011)
  • Major Professional Endorsements: N/A
  • Website:

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Seemore - Brief History

In 1999 the late Payne Stewart became the biggest name associated with SeeMore putters and there have been a number of other tour professionals who have joined in ever since. Another that comes to mind is Zach Johnson who has captured two major championships using the putter.

Whilst most would think SeeMore Putter Company are over the moon with the professionals winning using their putter (and they are), they actually get the biggest kick out of the average amateurs testimonials who rave about how the putter has turned their game around.

The company started in the late 90’s and after Payne Stewart’s US Open victory having one of the best putting displays in a major, SeeMore had big traction and big potential. However as quickly as the company came, it went again and was purchased by some investors who had very little involvement of interest in the game and the company was shelved.

In 2006 Jim Grundberg and Jason Pouliot purchased the company and had basically zero sales to build off. They set a plan in place and realized the only way to become the best putter brand in the business was to deliver phenomenal customer service. And that’s exactly what they did. To this day Grundberg believes in selling online to both wholesaler as well as direct public and while some people frown upon it, SeeMore believes it aids their customer service tremendously.

The pairing of SeeMore and the new owners was a good match from the start as they had an extensive background in the industry both having worked at Odyssey in years gone by. Now their team of 10 people is so small that their team goals and values stay in tact and their attention to detail is phenomenal. Before Grundberg and Pouliot took over, the company did $50 000 in revenue in 2 years. They took that figure to $8 million from 2007 – 2011.

The current putter range is made up of a total of 65 units. All of these are center shafted and range in price from $200 – $400. The RST is the common denominator in each and every model of putter and is likely to be that way still for many years to come. Each and every putter is built in Tennessee to the exact specifications of each and every customer which gives another added sales benefit and sense of importance.

The only difference in price is the fact of there being two styles of putter available – either the Original or Studio. While there is no difference whatsoever in performance it is only the craftsmanship and quality or difference of materials that are used.

The company now has over 800 fitters worldwide that are ready to get golfers using the innovative patented red dot technology. There’s no doubt it gets golfers aligning correctly quicker and easier than traditional methods and can improve anyone’s putting.

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