Volvik (Brand Profile)

Volvik has been around for surprisingly longer than most people realise, although it’s only been in the last decade or so where they have made their mark.

Established in 1980, Volvik has an interesting story behind the actual brand name.

It was a combination of the Italian word ‘volare’ which means fly paired up with the words being ‘victory’ and Korea. Together these symbolise a soaring global brand according to the CEO of Volvik and this is depicted by a flying fish in their logo (when this version of logo is used of course).

Volvik Brand Profile

Quick Facts

  • Founded: 1980
  • Founders: N/A
  • Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
  • Revenue: $50 million+ (Export sales of $32 million alone in 2017)
  • Major Professional Endorsements: Carly Booth, Mi Hyang Lee, Tim Burke, Justin James
  • Websitewww.volvik.com

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Volvik - Brief History

Volvik are a company predominantly focused on golf balls and have a major share of the Asian market in particular. The company is renowned for its coloured golf balls and its strong presence on the LPGA Tour in the USA.

Over 75 professionals have used Volvik’s golf balls, but most have these have been lady professionals. Bubba Watson signed a short term contract with Volvik at the beginning of 2017 using their S4 golf ball in a pink variation that he so dearly loves.

Volvik sponsors an event on the LPGA Tour each season and is also the official ball of the World Long Drive tour. Not to mention it is the title sponsor of the Volvik World Long Drive Championship, which is televised on the Golf Channel and viewed around the world.

Even though the company was founded in 1980, Volvik did extensive research and development before initiating the manufacturing of their first 2 piece golf ball in 1989. In 1991 they had already introduced their first three piece golf ball and were manufacturing over 1 million dozen golf balls per annum.

1996 saw the release of their first 4 piece golf ball and a few years later initiated their first Tour Ball which was the Probismuth.

In 2009 the Vista IV was released as their premium golf ball and by this time Volvik had seen a noticeable increase in the number of women golfers (professionals included) using their golf balls.

In 2012 Volvik USA was founded and their multi-coloured golf balls spread like wildfire. They have now become the market leader in coloured golf balls in the industry and were also the first to introduce matte finish golf balls which are available in a whopping 8 different colours.

In recent years Volvik has adopted a goal of becoming a leading golf brand and not just a leading golf ball brand.

Since founding Volvik USA, they now offer a range of hardware equipment including putters and wedges and will no doubt look to widen their hardware range in coming years.

They also manufacture a number of golf bags, headwear and accessories such as gloves and umbrellas.

Volvik must be commended on providing a full golf ball fitting application on their website which fully explains everything there is to a golf ball and what the best possible option would be for your game.

This is a company committed to service and customer satisfaction and will continue to grow, especially in the biggest market in the world – the USA.

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Volvik Golf Balls Review (S3 Model)

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