Callaway Apex UT Iron Review


The Apex UT is something that most of the better players are looking for in their bags.

An option to be able to work the ball either way (whether off the tee or the fairway) and also to be able to hit low with plenty of roll or high.

Driving irons generally don’t give the option of hitting a low runner , particularly off the tee, but the Apex UT is just fantastic.

We reviewed the Callaway Apex UT as part of our Best Golf Driving Irons, see full listing here.

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Callaway Apex UT

Our Assessment

9 Total Score
Excellent (A)

The Callaway Apex UT is certainly one of the more forgiving and better feeling utility irons currently on the market. The satin finish gives it a very luxurious look and adds to the soft feel at impact. With so much forgiveness on offer from the chunky clubhead with added offset, these clubs will cater to all golfers regardless of skill who prefer the look of an iron to a hybrid. Available in 2-4 iron options with lofts of 18, 21 and 24 degrees, these irons replace the traditional 2, 3 and 4 irons in a set, but certainly offer more performance for even the most skilled player. The premium stock steel and graphite shaft options complete this very impressive package.

Build Quality
Control & Performance
Design & Appearance
Value for Money
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Pros and Cons

  • Fantastic feel. The forged clubhead with a satin finish produce a most pleasing click at impact and offers minimal vibration on mishits
  • The design promotes more feel behind the sweetspot with plenty of consistency in distance on shots hit low on the face across the entire length
  • The stock shaft options are lightweight yet solid enough to produce the perfect launch and spin characteristics
  • The weight port in the sole makes it easy to adjust the swingweight should you feel the need to
  • This is quite a pricey club, especially if you are looking to replace your 3 and 4 irons in your set with these utility irons
  • They are not as long as some other utility irons and tend to launch the ball slightly higher

Key Facts

Product Details Callaway Apex UT Review
Launch RRP $249.00
Gender Men’s
Handicap Range Low – Mid
Hand Availability Right & Left Hand
Lofts 18° (2), 21° (3), 24° (4)
Length 39”, 39.5”, 40” depending on loft
Swing Weight D0 – D2
Shaft Type and Name Graphite – UST Recoil, Steel – KBS Tour V
Grip Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Manufacturers Website Callaway
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Callaway Apex UT Detailed Review

Utility irons have made quite a comeback in recent times as a more forgiving option to a traditional long iron.

Previously these irons were known as driving irons and often replaced higher lofted woods. They were built with smaller heads and less offset to offer a lower, penetrating launch and more workability than a wood.

These days however, advancements in materials and technology have allowed club manufacturers to make utility irons that are as workable in trajectory and shot-shaping, while being far more forgiving than traditional driving and long irons.

The Callaway Apex UT iron is one of the current options in this category and the second generation of modern utility iron from the brand. Featuring a similar look to the 2014 Apex MB blade irons, the UT version is slightly chunkier with more offset and a weight port on the sole.

These design features make it more forgiving while the hollow, forged construction give these utility irons a fantastic feel and plenty of distance.

And when replacing traditional Callaway long irons in the current models the transition is almost seamless, which is why these utility irons are so popular among the

Callaway staff players on the various professional tours worldwide. The 18-degree 2-iron is particularly effective as an alternative to a 5-wood or hybrid, as it offers a very penetrating launch with ample workability.

Build Quality

Apex UT clubs feature the best of both worlds when it comes to distance and forgiveness. The hollow construction combined with the weight port in the sole promotes a much higher MOI and this produces more stability through this perimeter weighting technology.

The added weight in the sole also produces a slightly higher launch with less spin thanks to a lower center of gravity that is positioned directly behind the middle of the face.

The key to the extra distance despite the traditional loft options is the forged face cup. This face cup technology is used on all Callaway woods to produce higher ball speeds at impact.

The fact that the face cup is forged in the Apex UT gives it the same soft feel found in a forged iron.


Image Credit: Official Callaway Image

Control & Performance

As mentioned before the hollow construction clubhead makes it more stable through impact to increase forgiveness on mishits. This obviously gives you more control and confidence that even badly struck shots will still travel far and straight.

This added stability can often have a negative effect on the ability to shape shots, however, with the added weight from the port in the sole placing the center of gravity directly behind the middle of the face you can still manipulate the club at impact to produce the desired flight, be it low, high, fade or draw.

This really caters for the better player especially when using the heavier and stouter KBS Tour V steel shaft.

The UST Recoil graphite shaft is lighter in weight and offers more forgiveness and a generally straighter ball flight. It is definitely the better choice if you are wanting to replace your long irons with a higher launching and consistently straight hitting club.

Design & Appearance

The Apex UT is designed to fit seamlessly into your set of Callaway irons as replacements for long irons and hybrids, and it does just that.

The satin finish is the same as that on the 2014 Apex, Apex Pro and Apex MB irons while the overall design of the clubhead is similar to the Apex MB. It is however, slightly larger in size and has more offset and a thicker topline to accommodate the hollow construction.

Thankfully the topline is thick enough that it hides the much chunkier muscle pad and wider sole giving the UT an iron like appearance at address, unlike how its predecessor looked. It is one of the chunkier looking utility irons on the market, but is by no means to big or distracting to the better player who wants that added control and to flight the ball lower if necessary.


Image Credit: Official Callaway Image

Value for Money

Despite being one of the more expensive utility irons on the market the Apex UT is well worth every penny when it comes to feel and performance.

The stock shafts, especially the graphite option is generally expensive on its own and therefore makes the UT even better value should you choose this setup.

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