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Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood Review

April 2018

Callaway has really made a big name for itself with the Rogue drivers in 2018 and not far behind, certainly not when it comes to distances achieved, are the Rogue fairway woods.

As was the case with the GBB Epic fairway woods, where there was a regular model and a lower spinning, more workable Sub Zero model, Callaway have done the same with the Rogue fairway woods.

Except this time, the newer woods all feature revolutionary Jailbreak technology, which has changed the way woods perform, especially when it comes to consistency of feel and performance across the entire face area.

For the sake of clarity this review is only about the regular Rogue fairway wood, which is slightly larger than the Sub Zero model, has a slightly deeper face and the majority of the weight in the sole is positioned near the rear of the clubhead to launch the ball high with increased spin.

All of these attributes create a more forgiving fairway wood that is by no means a slouch when it comes to distance.

Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood

Our Assessment 

The Rogue fairway wood is a definite improvement over the GBB Epic fairway wood, which unlike the Epic driver just didn’t seem to be as popular or perform on the same level. The addition of an updated Jailbreak Technology in the Rogue fairway woods is the biggest reason for this.

Along with this the removal of the adjustable hosel system means weight is saved in this area and distributed lower and further around the perimeter of the clubhead to increase the MOI, which means more forgiveness on mishits. Much like the GBB Epic fairway wood the Rogue fairway wood also covers most of the bases for golfers.

It’s available in both men’s and women’s version and almost all the options are available in right and left handed. And if you are a golfer who prefers hitting fairway woods over hybrids and long irons you will love the fact that the Rogue Fairway Wood is available from a strong 3-wood all the way up to an 11-wood and includes the very popular Heavenwood, an easy to hit alternative to a 7-wood.


  • Great feel at impact that is a combination of the soft and dull feel of carbon with a solid and hot feel of stainless steel.
  • Launches the ball high and with the right amount of backspin to hit the ball consistently straight and long.
  • Very little dispersion in distance and accuracy on mishits thanks to the Jailbreak Technology.
  • A great selection of stock shafts to suit any type of player regardless of skill level.
  • A large range of available lofts that offers from a strong 3-wood up to an 11-wood.


  • Not very much workability for the better player.
  • No loft adjustability in the hosel.
  • Quite spinny on mishits.
  • An expensive fairway wood considering there is no adjustability.

Key Facts



Launch RRP



Mens & Women's

Handicap Range

Low to High

Hand Availability

Right & Left

Swing Weight

Men’s – D2, Women’s – C6


13.5° (men’s only), 15°, 17° (right hand only), 19°, 20° (Heavenwood), 21°, 23° (right hand only), 25° (right hand only)


Men’s – 41-43”, Women’s – 40-42”

Shaft Type and Name

Aldila Quaranta 40, Aldila Quaranta 50, Aldila Synergy 60, Project X EvenFlow 75, Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75, Project X HZRDUS Yellow 85

Manufacturer's Website

Official Video

Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood Detailed Review

Design & Appearance

There is a slightly more refined look at address when looking at the crown of the Rogue compared to the GBB Epic.

This has a lot to do with the removal of the green and white lines around the back edge of the crown and replacing it with thinner blue and white lines that seem to blend into the clubhead more effectively.

This also frames the cool looking carbon Triaxial weave on the crown much more.

The speed step near the front of the crown is also less visible and helps remove some of the distraction when looking down at the clubhead. The black clubface blends well into the crown too.

Build Quality

There are numerous improvements in the construction of the Rogue fairway wood over the previous GBB Epic and it shows in the performance. The most obvious is the addition of Jailbreak Technology that makes a huge difference in consistency of distance and accuracy across the entire face.

The two hourglass shaped pins that connect the crown to the sole behind the face really help to reduce any unnecessary flexing of the face on mishits and this produces a much more consistent result across the entire face area.

The Face cup system is the same as what was used in the GBB Epic but thanks to the Jailbreak and additional weight in the clubhead saved by removing the adjustable hosel system, the forgiveness and stability of the club is far more than before.

Callaway has further refined the speed step on the crown and the overall aerodynamics of the crown to offer less resistance and therefore more speed through the swing.

The Rogue is really one of the easier fairway woods to hit especially for higher handicapped golfers who battle to launch the ball high with their woods.

Control & Performance

As said before these are really easy to hit fairway woods regardless of what type of lie you find your ball on. The rounded leading edge and subtle curve to the sole really helps to bounce the club off the turf effectively.

The incredibly stable clubhead then ensures every strike is solid, consistently straight and launches high.

Much like the GBB Epic the sound and feel is quite a bit more hollow and dull, yet this time around it is not as profound and is closer to that of a traditional stainless steel fairway wood.

This all becomes irrelevant when you see how the ball flies off the face with plenty of speed and height making it easy to want to attack longer holes with confidence.

Value for Money

Rogue fairway woods are quite expensive when you consider what you get. Sure the performance is outstanding and these are so easy to hit, but the lack of adjustability means you get one option per loft and as such paying a premium price for one of these is quite a shock. That is until you actually hit a few shots with one of these clubs.

Then the price looks quite appealing.

About the author  Jason Mylroie

Been hooked on golf since I was 12 and lived on a golf estate while at school. Began to work in Golf Industry during university and spent a year on the Sunshine Tour as a media operator. Subsequently became deputy editor of Compleat Golfer in South Africa for 5 years, specializing in equipment and travel reviews. After that I became a consultant to a major golf chain, testing and reviewing all equipment. Also a Callaway custom fitter and play off a 2 handicap when actually getting the chance to play!

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