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Cameron and Crown Putter Review – Titleist Scotty Cameron

Updated on March 1, 2017

On this page you’ll find our detailed Cameron and Crown Putter Review, the pros and cons, and a side-by-side comparison with other putters we have recently reviewed.

Ever since 1994 when the first Scotty Cameron putters joined the Titleist lineup they have been fan favorites and exceptionally sought after. As you’d expect, this is a high quality offering from a leading brand in terms of putters.

The Cameron and Crown range is designed for players whose setup demands a 33 inch putter. Scotty Cameron noticed an increased demand from juniors, women and Asians. So – why should they suffer and be under-served if they’re searching for a quality putter?

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of our Cameron and Crown Putter Review shall we.

We reviewed the Cameron and Crown Putter as part of our Best Golf Putters Review.

If you already own the Cameron and Crown Putter please leave your review in the customer review box at the end of this article.

Cameron and Crown Putter

Our Assessment 

Just a cut above the rest in all facets. As in every Scotty Cameron offering, build quality is outstanding with a multi material technology that's been used to optimize preferred weight.

 Available in four models, the Cameron and Crown is designed for players whose setup demands a 33 inch putter - each with precise heel-toe weighting to allow for the most consistent and beautiful stroke.

 It is expensive we're not going to lie, but don't let that deceive you into thinking it isn't great value for money. Because it is. Just a pity there is only one model available in a left handed option, but then again you can't please everyone!

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  • The multi-material technology that has been implemented provides superb feel and consistent weighting throughout each of the four models
  • The shorter length hasn’t compromised the weight of the putter because of Scotty Cameron adding two 20g weights to each of the heel & toe to total 360g
  • As always, each of the models look fantastic and the glare resistant finish is neat and handy


  • It’s a fair sum to pay for a putter, but then again that isn’t an authentic con in our opinion – it’s fantastic
  • Only one model head is available in left hand, all four could’ve been offered to left handers giving them a wider choice.

Key Facts



Launch RRP




Handicap Range

Low – High

Hand Availability

Right & Left Hand








Small White Matador

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Cameron and Crown Putter Detailed Review

Design & Appearance

As mentioned above I like the traditional Newport 2 and found that the sexiest and classiest of the four models. The sharp rectangular frame with slightly rounded peripheral edges seem to be easier to line up to the target.

One solitary alignment line simplifies things too and takes your mind (and eyes) off the putter and more onto the back of the ball.

The raw stainless steel finish has been capped off with a unique Silver Mist bead blast that provides a radiant yet glare resistant finish. They are just beautiful and could spend some time staring at each and every one of the models.

One thing is for sure. Playing partners and fellow golfers will notice this putter in your bag and likely be jealous!

A gold, black, grey and white color scheme blend in well with the familiar three dots at the back of the putter face that this time around are white in color and not red as in some of the other ranges.

Only the Newport 2 has the traditional plumbing neck and the other three have a Flowing Single Bend hosel that goes directly into the putter.


Image Credit: Official Titleist Image

Build Quality

Precision in a nutshell. Precise heel-toe weighting in each of the four tour proven models, refined looks and a small matador white grip to cap it off.

The Cameron and Crown oozes class and quality.

There are four different model heads to choose from being the Newport 2, Mallet 2, GOLO 5 and Futura X5R. A number of different materials have been used depending on the model head.

From 303 stainless steel used in the Newport 2 to 6061 aircraft aluminium face sole construction used in the Mallet 2 and GOLO 5.

Two 20g weights have been used in the heel and toe to perfectly match the 33 inch length. This makes the head weight 360 grams in each of the models and again points to pure detail and quality from Scotty Cameron. Why is that you say? Well, because think about it.

You purchase a 35 inch putter (which feels great in terms of weight) and then decide you want to shorten it to 33 inches. What happens? The putter feels a whole lot lighter than it used to and now will likely affect your putting stroke too.

One thing to note is only the Newport 2 is available in a left handed option. The rest are only right handed.

Control & Performance

We’ve used this word before with our previous Scotty Cameron Review – and we’ll use it again here. The feel off the putter face of the Cameron and Crown is just majestic. A number of things are responsible for this too.

Firstly the variation in metals used depending on the style head are all superb. They don’t provide a ridiculously soft feel off the putter face, but soft enough to enjoy each and every stroke.

And also solid enough to give you healthy feedback after each and every putt knowing exactly how you stroked it.

The heel-toe weighting adds to the feel and delivers beautiful control. Something that is so important in a putter in order to produce consistency in terms of stroke and strike.
The white matador grip is beautifully soft and is slightly shorter in length and thinner in width. This aids the feel and doesn’t detract from overall response off the putter face.

The enhanced alignment options also add to the overall performance by giving you visual clues to how the putter face sits. Whether it be the criss cross of the Mallet 2 or the ‘fangs’ of the Futura X5R, all bring a sense of confidence when placing the putter behind the ball.

In testing, I found the Newport 2 and GOLO 5 suit my eye best. But each to their own on that one, no one model is superior in terms of quality. I just mentally felt better with these in my hands over the ball.


Image Credit: Official Titleist Image

Value for Money

At a recommended retail price of $410 it does come at a big price for a putter. But, and that is a big but, it serves up proven value and performance given the extent Scotty Cameron goes to in order to provide quality options for everyone.

The Cameron and Crown is a perfect example of this. He’s offered up shorter putters to a select few that have shown more demand in wanting shorter putters that are manufactured rather than cropped to meet their requirements. Precision and class sum up the Cameron and Crown range (as does every Scotty Cameron range).

Great aesthetic appeal along with sufficient alignment aid and perfect heel-toe weighting, these putters are outstanding.

If you play once a month or sometimes twice a month and just enjoy being out with your pals on the course then this likely isn’t going to float your boat in terms of value.

However, if you’re in this particular niche of needing a shorter than standard putter and are serious about the game then do yourself a favor and invest in it.

You won’t be sorry. They’re tour-proven for a reason and Scotty Cameron is like the Jack Nicklaus of golf. In terms of majors, the best player that’s ever lived and everyone else is trying to catch him!

About the author 

Michael Todt

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

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  1. I’m 5-7. I had a Ping Sedona putter that I used for 20 years. I had it cut down to 31 inches so my arms could be straight throughout the putt. The only problem was that the putter was extremely light.
    I invested in a Cameron & Crown Newport 2 putter this past year and I love it.

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