Equipment Guides

Our equipment guides are designed to help you get a full overview of all major options for any given piece of gear. We sometimes segment our guides by handicap or gender, and because the golf industry is always evolving and improving we often provide equipment guides for new seasons.

Here are some of our most popular equipment guides.

Golf Equipment Guides

Best Golf Drivers

best-golf-drivers Check out our selection of the best golf drivers currently on the market. Find the perfect driver for your game. Ranked by budget, distance, forgiveness and more…

Best Golf Irons

best-golf-irons Looking to invest in new irons? Have a read of our assessment of the best golf irons for different handicaps and swings. From game improvement irons to driving irons, we’ve covered it all!

Best Fairway Woods

best-fairway-woods Is it time to upgrade your fairway woods? Check out our top picks for the best fairway woods on the market currently. Find a fairway wood that you can rely on!

Best Golf Hybrids

best-golf-hybrids Golf hybrids have saved the day for amateur golfers – they are much easier to hit than a standard long iron and more forgiving. See our most recent list of the best golf hybrids.

Best Golf Wedges

best-golf-wedges Getting the right set of wedges can make a huge difference to your game and handicap. Don’t waste your time with standard set wedges, find the best golf wedges to drop shots today!

Best Golf Putters

best-putters Putting is mostly about feel and confidence. Your putter can go a long way in helping to improve feel and increase confidence. Check out our picks for the best putters currently.

Golf Gadgets

Best Golf Rangefinders

best-golf-rangefinders Seriously folks, if you haven’t tried using a golf rangefinder yet, you are seriously missing out. Forget yardage sticks and sprinkler heads, and instead get an accurate read every time with a rangefinder.

Best Golf Swing Analyzers

best-golf-swing-analyzers The golf swing can be a beautiful thing, but for most amateurs it ain’t pretty. To find out what is wrong with your swing you need to try one of these golf swing analyzers. Here’s our list of the top swing analyzer training aids!

Best Golf GPS Watches

Watches are great for telling the time, but imagine having a watch preloaded with 1000s of golf courses that can give you accurate distance readings and loads of course information with the touch of a button. Enter GPS watches! Here are our picks for the best golf GPS watch. Hint, we love Garmin golf watches!

Gear For Beginners

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

best-golf-clubs-for-beginners-review Are you just starting out in golf? Fear not, we have you totally covered on Golf Assessor. The first thing you will need are golf clubs. So we have outlined the best golf clubs for beginners and golf sets for ladies! You may also want to check out list of the best irons for beginners and best drivers for beginners.

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

best-golf-balls-for-beginners-header The biggest challenge that most beginners face is getting enough distance off the tee and maintaining consistency of ball shape! Golf balls play a huge roll in both. Here are the best golf balls for beginners, or if you are particularly looking for distance here is our list of the best distance golf balls.

Best Senior Golf Clubs

best-golf-clubs-for-seniors Are you just discovering golf in your senior years? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Find the best golf clubs for seniors.

Best Junior Golf Clubs

best-golf-clubs-for-juniors If you are looking for the perfect set of golf clubs for your kid, then this list of the top golf clubs for juniors is a great starting place. We cover all ages and skill levels.

Best Golf Gifts

Finding the right gift for your man or gal can be challenging, especially if they are a golfer. But fear not, we have scoured the internet for the best golf gifts. If you can’t find something suitable in this list then you are just too picky!

Best Golf Books

Looking for some golf entertainment or inspiration? This list of the best golf books will not only entertain and inspire you, but you may learn something nifty too. We’ve read and reviewed over 50 golf books, check out our favourites.

Bags and Related Accessories

Best Lightweight Carry Bags

best-lightweight-golf-carry-bags-review Finding the right golf bag is key to enjoying your round. If you plan to carry your bag, then you definitely want something light. Here are our picks for the best lightweight golf bags.

Best Golf Travel Bags

best-golf-travel-bags-review Do you travel a lot for golf? If you do and you don’t own a travel golf bag then you will know how your clubs and golf bag get destroyed by airport officials. Avoid the pain by getting an affordable golf travel bag.

Best Golf Trolley Batteries

best-golf-trolley-batteries-chargers-review Finding a reliable battery for an electric golf trolley is not the most exciting thing we have ever done, but due to demand from some of our (ahem… older readers), here is our list of the best golf trolley batteries.

Best Electric Golf Trolleys

best-golf-electric-trolleys Sick and tired of carrying or pushing your golf bag? I hear you! Thankfully electric golf trolleys are now pretty mainstream and affordable. Here are our picks for the best electric golf trolleys.

Push carts are a game changer for many golfers. The newest technology is ridiculously light and carts now fold away into a small bundle that is easy to store. Check our list of the best golf push carts.

Other Golf Accessories

Best Golf Gloves

best-golf-gloves Your hands are the only part of our body that makes contact with the golf club. Make sure you get the right comfort, feel and support. Here are our picks for the best golf gloves.

Best Rain Gloves for Golf

best-golf-rain-gloves Playing golf in the rain is generally awful. What can make it even worse though is wet gloves that have no grip. To avoid this make sure you get good quality rain gloves for golf.

Best Sunglasses for Golf

best-sunglasses-for-golf If you live in sunny climes, you will know that the glare from the sun can be really distracting. Standard sunglasses don’t grip to the face well enough for golf. Enter golf sunglasses!

Best Golf Rain Gear

best-golf-rain-gear Just like a rain glove, the right rain golf gear can make your experience in wet weather so much better than poor weather gear. Check out our top picks for the best rain gear for golf.

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

best-waterproof-golf-shoes Most golf shoes nowadays have some level of waterproof membrane, but there are still definite winners and losers in this category. Find the best golf shoes for wet weather.

Best Golf Umbrellas

best-golf-umbrella When it comes to umbrellas in golf you want to make sure you get one that is strong (i.e. can withstand serious wind) and big (i.e. can comfortably cover you and your bag). See the best golf umbrellas.