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golf equipment reviews

Our equipment reviews and guides are designed to help you get a full overview of all major options for any given piece of gear.

We sometimes segment our guides by handicap or gender, and because the golf industry is always evolving and improving we often provide equipment guides for new seasons.

Here are some of our most popular equipment guides.

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Golf Equipment FAQ

How to get free golf equipment?

Getting free golf equipment is not easy, but here are three ways: 

1. If you are good at golf and have a reasonable size social media presence, then you can approach manufacturers for free gear in exchange for promotion across your social media channels.

2. If you are willing to start a golf blog (like this one) or even a golf Youtube channel, then it's possible that as you start getting traffic / viewers, you will be able to partner with golf manufacturers to get free golf gear in exchange for advertising.

3. Finally, if you are young and a scratch or better player, then  you can reach out to golf manufactures for sponsorship. Many manufacturers have programmes to support up and coming golfers. So start a conversation with as many manufacturers as you can, and who knows, they may decide to sponsor you with free golf equipment.


Where to buy golf equipment?

Generally the best place to buy golf equipment is your local pro shop. Most pro shops are staffed with professional-level golfers whoo can help you find the right equipment for you game and also help get that equipment properly fitted.

The next best option is major sporting goods retailers, like Dicks Sporting Goods, who also stock a huge selection of golf equipment and have knowledgable staff.

Finally, shopping online is also an option, especially if you are bargain hunting. Some of the major online golf stores include Global Golf, Worldwide Golf Shops and American Golf.


How much does golf equipment cost?

Golf equipment is relatively expensive when compared to other sports. However, prices differ significantly between manufacturers. 

Beginner golf equipment can be quite cheap. A full set of beginner golf clubs (including a bag), will only set you back $300-$400. 

Whereas, more advanced players looking for top of the range equipment from premium manufacturers like Taylormade, Ping or Callaway, can easily spend $3000-$4000 on golf clubs.


What golf equipment does a beginner need?

When you are just starting out in golf it can be tempting to get the best gear. We recommend you avoid this temptation and instead invest in a good quality beginner golf set, like the Callaway Strata set or the Wilson Ultra set

Both sets come with a full selection of golf clubs (excluding long irons), as well as a golf stand bag. 

Once you have a beginner set, all you need are beginner balls, tees and golf shoes, and then you are good to go.

You should budget $400-$500 for beginner gear.


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