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Looking for the best golf shirts for your game?

You’ve come to the right place. Below we have reviewed what we think are the best golf shirts on the market at the moment.

Read our considerations and reviews of the top brands and make an informed choice!

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Editor’s Choice: Puma Patternblock

Our Editor’s Choice for Best Golf Shirt is the Puma Patternblock.

It is super comfortable, is really sweat resistant and has a UV coating to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays! It’s a trendy shirt that will knock years off your age (if you are an older vintage), but at the same time it looks classy and stylish.

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Important Considerations

1. Comfort

Golf is one of those sports you play in any weather conditions – mostly in the heat though. So it is vitally important that you take advantage of technological advancements and opt for golf shirts that are going to allow maximum comfort. You need to feel as cool as possible. You need to feel as flexible and free as possible. And ideally the fabric needs to be as lightweight as possible. All these factors will allow you to focus purely on your game rather than the discomfort and irritation of an outdated and ‘tired’ golf shirt.

2. Style

The first player that comes to mind when thinking basic style is Adam Scott. Besides his ideal athletic build, he always wears great fitting shirts that really make him look like a professional. The sizing is correct at the sleeve where the bottom of the sleeve doesn’t reach his elbow. The shoulder seam runs along his actual shoulder rather than halfway down his arm. There is enough breathing space around his core, but then again isn’t too much where it looks like he’s inherited a large mate’s shirt and just wears it anyway.


Again – don’t follow Johnson Wagner in choice and fit of a golf shirt. He literally drowns in every shirt he wears and is very outdated. Adam Scott is the style icon!

3. Value for Money

Quality comes at a price unfortunately. But don’t let that get you down and prevent you from buying a couple of quality pieces. Wait until the time is right or even until the end of summer where manufacturers are discontinuing certain lines or just trying to move stock heading into winter. Then you’re going to get superb quality at a much better price.

But in principle stick to the big players in sport and primarily the golf industry and opt for their golf shirts. They’ve had the money to test over and over and over again until satisfied with results before production and you won’t benefit by choosing a lesser known brand only because they are cheaper.

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Best Golf Shirts

Alright then, let’s move onto our best golf shirts review!

Footjoy Lisle Feeder Stripe

The Footjoy ProDry Fabric offers extreme comfort throughout the golf swing with virtually no wrinkling.

In addition, the Lisle Feeder shirt offers much needed UV sun protection, which is fantastic. Another point to note is the anti-microbial finish that inhibits odor build-up when sweating out on the course.

Best Prices and Discounts on Amazon

Here is a summary of the pros and cons.

  • Virtually no wrinkling at all, which is an absolute pleasure
  • The Anti-microbial finish prevents odor build up and your shirt smelling awful once finishing your round of golf
  • Longer than usual back shirt tail that makes tucking your shirt in a breeze

  • Nothing serious, but the sleeves are a fraction on the long side

Puma Patternblock

The dryCELL technology in the Patternblock Polo will keep you comfortable and dry out on the course and one thing is for sure. You’re going to be turning a few heads by wearing this colorful yet classic shirt.

Much like the Footjoy, UV resistant threads will protect you from the sun’s harsh rays.

Best Prices and Discounts on Amazon

Here is a summary of the pros and cons.

  • 92% Polyester & 8% elastane to provide flexibility and comfort
  • The dryCELL technology definitely does work well and keeps you cool throughout your round
  • Great price at the moment and solid value for money

  • There’ve been a couple of remarks about the fit being slightly too big, but it was absolutely perfect for all of our stable who tested the shirt

Under Armour Coldblack Tempo

The Under Armour Coldblack Tempo have embraced the slightly looser fit to enhance comfort and playability.

The revolutionary coldblack technology reflects heat rays making wearing even a black shirt much cooler than you’re used to. At only 6.5 ounces it weighs next to nothing and that makes it really comfortable.

Best Prices and Discounts on Amazon

Here is a summary of the pros and cons.

  • Exceptionally lightweight and comfortable fabric, which has a small 5 of elastane present
  • the revolutionary coldblack technology reflects heat and IR rays making wearing black shirts a breeze
  • Great fit around the arms and sleeve length doesn’t come near to the elbow

  • Fairly pricey at a RRP of $69.00 – if you can knock 20% off there by searching Amazon then take advantage

Nike Momentum Fly Sphere Graphic

The Nike Momentum Fly Sphere Graphic is a slim fit polo that is only suited to slim golfers obviously – don’t take a hold of this one if you’re donning a serious belly.

A breathable design with a fast drying fabric that provides superb comfort throughout your round.

Best Prices and Discounts on Amazon

Here is a summary of the pros and cons.

  • Dri-FIT Technology helps keep you dry and comfortable throughout your round
  • Back mesh panels provide breathability and ventilation to keep you cool
  • Slightly random, but reflective elements provide visibility in low light

  • Definitely pricey so as mentioned above rather don’t choose this if you are still searching for the ideal upper body

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