Lofthouse Proscope 400X Rangefinder Review 

Why spend $500 on a rangefinder, when you can spend a third of that on a rangefinder?

That’s the position Lofthouse have subtly adopted in this competitive market, and many will find it hard to argue with them – provided that the gadget does the bare minimum of what’s expected in an efficient and accurate manner.

Yet with the standard of technology in the realm of rangefinders increasing almost by the day, that bare minimum itself becomes a moving target with an evolving set of sub minima.

The question is, is the Lofthouse Proscope 400X up to the task?

We reviewed the Lofthouse Proscope 400X as part of our Best Golf Rangefinder Review, see here.

If you already own the Lofthouse Proscope 400X please feel free to leave your own review in the comments at the end of this article.

Lofthouse Proscope 400X

Our Assessment 

With the ProScope 400X, Lofthouse have stripped away the bells and whistles to focus on the core functions of a rangefinder – proving accurate distances and good range. If you are looking for complete features like slope adjustments and jolts, then the ProScope 400X doesn’t cut the mustard.

But if your budget is tight and you want a rangefinder that just does the job, then the ProScope ticks the box. Really good value for money and the best price out of all the rangefinders we reviewed.


  • Super affordable, this one ain’t going to break the bank!
  • The Flag-Lock Display and Pin-seeker technology deliver accurate measurements, fast
  • Really light, compact and ergonomic – it fits perfectly in the hand and slides into a pocket with ease
  • Very easy to use, there is no setup process. Just turn it on and start playing


  • Very easy to use, there is no setup process. Just turn it on and start playing
  • The build of the body doesn’t feel or look water resistant so unsure it would fair well in rain

Key Facts



Launch RRP

From $169.00

Zoom Level


Distance Range

Up to 400 yards (250 yards for Flagstick)


4.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 inches


6.7 oz

USGA Approved


Manufacturers Website

Lofthouse Rangefinder

Lofthouse Proscope 400X Detailed Review

Build Quality & Features

It’s not exactly fragile or cheap-looking, but you can definitely feel the difference in quality of the body when you pick up the Proscope 400X compared with some of the other upmarket brands out there.

We’re also a bit puzzled to see that it’s been marketed as waterproof, when in fact a reliable source told us that it is probably better described as ‘water resistant’.

But we don’t want to be too harsh here, because it has a lot going for it in this regard too. We tested this thing extensively, and were really impressed with how quickly the Pinseeker technology delivered its readings, and how easy it was to pick up the flagstick.

Of course, locking it in is what’s most important, and that’s where the Flag-Lock Display does its job superbly.

We’d estimate that, on average, it’s accurate to within roughly 2-3 yards, which still isn’t bad, while a range of 250 yards to the pin should be enough for you.


Image Credit: Official Lofthouse Image

Size and Weight

It isn’t the smallest rangefinder around. But it’s not far off! But even with my big bucket hands, I found there wasn’t too much dexterity required to handle this device.

It actually fits into your palm and fingers really nicely, and sits perfectly when you hold it up against your face. It’s wonderfully lightweight too.

The challenge with any rangefinder that’s on the light side of average is to marry this with speed, so that those with less of a steady hand aren’t left messing about, trying to hold it still for too long.

But thanks to the Pinseeker technology, you shouldn’t really encounter any problems here.

Ease of Use

Simple and straightforward is what this device is all about, and that really reflects in its user-friendliness. There’s no setup process at all – you just fire the power button and scan for your target (there is a comprehensive manual if you do get stuck). As mentioned above, it has two modes for getting readings, which you can flick between using the mode button.

The Golf Rangefinder Mode, where the flag is displayed on the LCD, is the one which incorporates the Pinseeker Technology and Flag-Lock. It’s just a case of keeping your finger pressed down on the power button until you’ve locked in the pin – and it’s really easy to see when you have done so.

The Common Rangefinder mode is what you use to lock in any non-flag targets. Simply get the target you have in mind within the rectangular box when you’re aiming, hit the power button when you’ve done so, and voila… the measurement will pop up on the LCD.

You can also use this mode to scan various targets by simply keeping your finger down on the power button and scanning the golf course.

Other than that, all you need to know is that it will shut itself off automatically after 30 seconds (only if you haven’t used it) to preserve battery. There’s nothing else to it – easy stuff!


Image Credit: Official Lofthouse Image

Value for Money

Here lies the ticket. There are numerous cheap rangefinders out there. However, there aren’t many cheap rangefinders which boast a decent set of features and high-quality performance, and that’s where the Proscope 400X stands out from the pack.

For as little at $170, you’re looking at something that is going to deliver you efficient, accurate results without requiring any real effort.

For the high-end player or hardened enthusiast, this may not be enough. But for those who are simply keen to have a reliable idea of how far away the target is so that they can focus on their next shot, they’re going to get a lot of bang for their buck here.


Image Credit: Official Lofthouse Image

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  1. Bought one of these a couple years ago and the led went before the battery died. Not worth the money. Now they have changed their ip address so ya cannot contact them. Shady company

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