Mizuno T7 Wedge Review

On this page you’ll find our detailed Mizuno T7 Wedge Review, the pros and cons, and a side-by-side comparison with other wedges we have recently reviewed.

Mizuno started using boron to complement their forged irons in 2016 and have now decided to implement the same in their T7 wedges.

The T7 wedges have been designed with a primary focus on groove structure and their importance in wedge play. To be honest, Mizuno have always seemed to have struggled in terms of an offering that can compete with the likes of the Vokey and Cleveland options, but one thing is for sure, they’ve just got a whole lot closer to their competition.

We reviewed the Mizuno T7 Wedge as part of our Best Golf Wedges 2017 Review.

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Mizuno T7 Wedge

Our Assessment

9.1 Total Score
Excellent (A)

Mizuno have stepped up their game tremendously with the new T7. The boron infused carbon steel offering is available in two finishes being either Blue IP or White Satin - both beautiful. Mizuno have a new milling tool that has made the edges sharper in the Quad-Cut grooves and along with the metal composition allow for longevity in groove performance. Mizuno wedges have never seemed to have the ideal launch angle and spin, but that's all changed in the T7 - low off the clubface on full shots and plenty of action upon landing. The huge variety in loft options is also convenient, but can be tricky in deciding the ideal combination suited to you so it's best to stick with the standard stock offering of 12 separate lofts. Slightly pricey at $149, but it provides plenty of value at that.

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Design & Appearance
Value for Money
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Pros and Cons

  • Beautiful in both the Blue IP or White Satin finishes with custom stamping an option too if that tickles your fancy
  • Wide variety in loft offering all the way from 45 – 62 degrees in one degree increments
  • Longevity is the biggest factor with the new boron infused carbon steel T7 allowing grooves to not wear as easily whilst still retaining performance
  • With there being so many loft options it can confuse you as to which suits best, but if in doubt then stick to the conventional standard loft options of which there are 12
  • A touch expensive relative to competition so if you find this for a deal then take advantage

Key Facts

Product Details Mizuno T7 Wedge Review
Launch RRP $149.00
Gender Men’s
Handicap Range Low – Mid
Hand Availability Right & Left Hand
Lofts 45° – 62° (1° increments throughout)
Offset N/A
Lie 63°
Length 35.25″ – 35.50″
Swing Weight D5
Shaft Type and Name True Temper DG Spinner Wedge Flex (Steel)
Grip Golf Pride Multicompound Round Blue/Black – .60
Manufacturers Website Mizuno Golf

Official Video

Video Length – 02:03

Mizuno T7 Wedge Review

Full length Research & Development with Luke Donald

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Mizuno T7 Wedge Detailed Review

Build Quality

Not a whole lot of boron has been used together with the 2015 carbon steel, but nonetheless it is enough. Enough to allow the quad-cut grooves to still provide enough spin for longer periods of time.

It has been said that modern wedges have a lifespan of roughly 75 rounds. For most of you averaging one round a week that equates to 17 months before having to change weaponry due to the grooves and performance tailing off.

A notable feature of the T7 wedges are that they are offered in the widest range of loft options of any manufacturer in the world. From 45 degrees all the way to 62 degrees with one degree increments. Just fantastic.

Even though the average player isn’t likely to opt for 47, 53 and 57 degree options – they are on the ‘custom order’ table if need be.


Image Credit: Official Mizuno Image

Control & Performance

Mizuno have used a new milling tool that allows the Quad-Cut grooves to have sharper edges and be milled a lot closer to the legal limits than before.

This subsequently results in tremendous spin and something Mizuno have been seeking for some time now. Before the T7, generally the launch angle was too high with not enough spin imparted.

The launch angle and trajectory with the T7’s are solid – just as wedge trajectories should be. Mizuno have opted for wider shallower grooves in the higher lofts (54 – 62 degrees) and narrower deeper grooves in the lower lofts (45 – 53 degrees).

This has made a big difference in spin and control on particularly the short pitch and half wedge shots.

With the longer wedge shots you are creating enough swing speed in order to maximize potential of the narrower deeper grooves in the longer wedges too.
The higher lofted options from 56 through to 58 performed well out of the sand due to the softer leading edge aiding a beautiful splash time and time again.

Mizuno T7 Wedge
Mizuno T7 Wedge Review

Design & Appearance

Cannot fault Mizuno on the appearance front – they look stunning and I’d be surprised to hear if anyone had one bad word to say about the T7. Available in either Blue IP or White Satin and both look equally as good.

The Blue IP does wear away over time after which it reveals the durable chrome layer beneath. The textbook teardrop shape is prevalent with the lower lofted wedges having a straighter leading edge and the higher lofted wedges softer and more rounded.

Standard shaft is the True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex and a nice touch by Mizuno is the custom stamp offering on the back of the clubhead or shaft of up to 6 characters in a variety of colors. Makes you feel like a tour professional!


Image Credit: Official Mizuno Image

Value for Money

You’ve got to sum up the factors and benefits that you are looking for in a wedge before making a decision.

Now you can opt for the expensive Vokey with its exceptional spin and performance. Or you can give the Cobra King Wedge a go because it’s a cost effective option that does enough. Or you can stock with Cleveland being the ‘godfather’ of wedges at a good price.

However – there is a new kid on the block that offers an all in one package. Longevity in groove performance, a sexy overall design, a wide variety in lofts and lastly a noticeable step up in terms of launch angle and ball flight maximizing spin and control whether hitting a full wedge or a short pitch shot.

The only thing that we could argue is the slightly expensive price of $149.00. Mizuno are trying to win over the golfing market and it’s tricky when many manufacturers are offering quality product at a more cost effective price.

Let’s not take anything away from the Mizuno T7 though, they are superb and we were hugely impressed with the improvement on their younger S5 sibling.

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

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