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Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

Last Updated: June 12, 2020

Looking for the most comfortable golf shoes? You’ve come to the right place!

Golf shoes are often overlooked by golfers when it comes to comfort. In the past, golfers deemed golf shoes as just simple footwear needed to play the game but as technology has evolved, golf brands have created shoes that provide maximum comfort specifically aimed at golfers walking the course.

Comfortability is a major concern when it comes to golf shoes, but what does this mean exactly? Comfortable golf shoes fit securely - they should not move at all on your heel while you are walking. To be comfortable, the shoe should fit perfectly in the toe box as well, so your toes won’t feel too cramped. The best golf shoe is the one that will easily fit your foot.

In this review, we have looked at all the most comfortable golf shoes currently available on the market. The guide gives background on notable features as well as the pros and cons of each product.

Best Golf Shoes For Comfort On The Course

Below are our top picks for most comfortable golf shoes.

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Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

1. Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes

adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

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These men's golf shoes feature a lightweight EVA midsole with a low-profile construction to get your foot closer to the ground for comfort and stability on the links. The breathable mesh upper helps keep your feet comfortable under pressure. Grip greens and fairways with confidence.

The Adidas Tech Response is a great choice for golfers who prefer a spiked sole but at the same time wants the comfort of a spikeless shoe especially when walking the course. 

The lightweight technology is outstanding in the shoes and responds exceptionally well to the rigors of walking 18 holes. With little friction to the feet, golfers can ease into stroke play having no doubts about their grip and stability.

Even though these shoes offer no water protection, the enhanced mesh upper layer keeps your feet dry even in the wettest conditions. 

The combination of lightweight performance and outer sole stability is incredible in these shoes and they certainly deserve all the praise they get.


  • Upper layer is made exceptionally breathable
  • Excellent traction on the bottom of sole
  • Very well priced
  • Super comfortable to walk long distances in


  • May find them to be too narrow

2. Adidas Adipower 4orged S Golf Shoe

adidas Men's Adipower 4orged S Golf Shoe

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Adidas’ Adipower 4orged shoes are a lightweight, very breathable pair of shoes that are made for hot, sunny days on the golf course.

These golf shoes feature a new forging technique using heat and pressure to reinforce and stabilize in key areas for increased lateral support and stability. The Boost foam midsole are consisting of energized cushioning for lasting comfort throughout your round and give golfers the maximum feel they are looking for.

The outsoles are designed with advanced puremotion technology and strategically placed adiwear traction for enhanced stability, grip and performance. Adidas have also featured a slightly rounded toe shape and wider forefoot for increased overall volume, improved comfort, exceptional stability and natural fit.

These are truly a great option for golfers of all capabilities seeking enhanced technological techniques woven into a comforting, well supported shoe that withstands all kinds of terrain.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable and breathable
  • Priced well considering advancements 


  • Lacks traction due to spikeless concept

3. Skechers Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe

Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe

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The Skechers GO GOLF Elite is a conservatively styled shoe that would be perfectly appropriate for a round of golf with your boss or your father-in-law. They match with the image of their prime spokesperson.

These shoes feature modest styling where the uppers appear to be actual leather, and thus avoid that plasticky sheen look that sometimes plagues these types of shoes.

The Go Golf Elite 3 is a low drop shoe, which means that the heel is at about the same level as the forefoot whereas on a high drop shoe, the heel is higher than the forefoot, creating more of an angle. This creates a more neutral position and tends to be helpful in promoting balance. They also feature waterproof technology and provide a 2-year warranty regarding this.

All in all, premium footwear crafted from high-quality materials with a softness that comforts the foot and doesn’t cause the blister-creating friction that ruins a round. The Elite 3 is a dynamic golf shoe that is great for golfers of all levels, including low-handicappers.


  • Waterproof with high quality exterior
  • Very lightweight
  • Durable in all conditions


  • May seem too old fashioned for golfers these days

4. FootJoy Pro/SL Golf Shoes

FootJoy Men's Pro/Sl Golf Shoes-Previous Season Style

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Everyone knows that FootJoy is the #1 shoe in golf, but here’s something you may not know.  FootJoy’s most popular shoe, the Pro SL, would be a top three shoe company all by itself.

The latest version of the Pro SL is a massive aesthetic upgrade over the previous version.  From the wearer’s perspective, the shoe is very clean.  Everything from the midfoot forward is solid ChromoSkin leather.  The rear portion of the shoe is busier with a variety of materials, textures, and colors. 

Though there is a lot going on, the branding is clean and minimal, and the accent colors are used tastefully. The Pro SL is at the head of the class for spikeless shoe traction.  Whether on mats, sloppy wet grass, or dry turf, there wasn’t any slipping or twisting arising in these areas.

If golfers have never worn a pair of FootJoy Pro SL golf shoes, it’s time to find out why they’re so popular.  They’re comfortable, stylish, and they can be worn on and off the course.  And thanks to the redesign, the Pro SL has even more traction and stability than ever before.


  • Hosts exceptional features
  • Tremendous cushioning for ideal golfer comfort
  • Provide dynamic waterproofing


  • A bit on the pricey side in comparison to other brands

5. Skechers Performance Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoe

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoe

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Skechers Go Golf Drive 2 shoes are not the most fashionable shoe. The style is pretty muted, and some might call them a bit boring. If you are looking to wow your playing partners with fresh kicks, this is probably not the golf shoe for you.

Having said this, these shoes are out of this world comfortable. They are excellent for walking on any surface on any terrain. They are made of a soft rubber compound which makes walking on hard surfaces particularly gentle and easy. On grass they offer decent traction as well without digging in too hard. They aren't as aggressive as spikes which is ideal for golfers looking for more comfort rather than intense grip.

The super soft Goga Mat insole causes a little disconnect from the course. While it creates a super comfortable shoe, this insole also accommodates aggressive swingers of the golf ball which makes them ideal for all types of golfers. 

These golf shoes are priced fairly and offer tremendous performance for golfers seeking simplicity infused with comfortability.


  • Waterproofing truly keeps the shoes from damp
  • Spikeless sole is incredibly durable
  • Insole infused with comfortable cushioning


  • Not the most appealing in terms of looks

6. Puma Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe

Puma Golf Men's Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe, Black/Silver, 8.5 Medium US

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A personal favourite of professional golfer Rickie Fowler, the Puma Ignite Pwrsport golf shoe deserves a ton of credit for its sleek design and wonderful performance.

The mesh upper indicates this one is designed primarily for comfort and breathability rather than water protection. A rubber sole is a neat touch that provides both traction and comfort, and a cushioned insole – very much a standard for golf shoes – also comes as part of the package.

Indeed, Puma has developed its own ‘Fusion Foam’ inserts for comfort, and it meets with much approval. Available in all sizes from 7 upwards and in some rather nice original color schemes, this shoe is widely approved by users, with the only downside mentioned being a lack of waterproofing.

For golfers seeking design and beauty, these shoes are a great choice as they not only provide comfort and durability but also an array of terrific additions to add to their outstanding performance on the course.


  • Maximum performance
  • Aesthetically pleasing to look at
  • Spikeless sole has great traction


  • Lacks waterproofing

7. Callaway Balboa Vent Golf Shoe

Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Golf Shoe, White/Black, 8 D US

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The Balboa Vent golf shoe is an entry level product from Callaway but provides a surprisingly pleasant experience when walking the golf course.

The lightweight upper layer is vented with the company’s mesh Opti-Vent technology and provides an experience that will have golfers’ feet feeling cool and dry on a particularly warm day on the course. 

The Dura-Rubber outsole is a revelation as it maintains a strong comfort level throughout the golf round and has golfers thinking twice about what they are actually wearing on their feet.

Callaway have coupled comfort with technology to produce sleek, spikeless golf shoes for golfers of all capabilities. The shoes also feature waterproof technology which keeps them dry and durable through the toughest of conditions.

For an entry level pair of golf shoes, Callaway have outdone themselves and provide a brilliant product for players seeking maximum comfortability both on and off the course.


  • Well vented upper layer
  • Spikeless sole provide substantial grip


  • May not suit golfers in colder climates

8. FootJoy FJ Originals Golf Shoes

FootJoy Men's Fj Originals Golf Shoes, White/Brown, 7

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These classic looking FJ’s are an all-round great pair of golf shoes, perfect for dewy mornings, rainy days and uneven terrain.

With soft, stylish leather uppers, these shoes are very aesthetically pleasing. Not only do they look great, but they’re also sturdy and supportive – FJ are known for their reliable construction, and these shoes are a great example of this.

The DuraMax rubber outsole is extremely durable and provides exceptional traction and stability during a round of golf. If you have wider feet, it may be worth getting a slightly larger size, as these have been known to be quite tight-fitting.

The FJ Originals are great value for money that’ll have golfers looking good and feeling confident out on the course. All in all, a great product for golfers of all levels looking for old school design and general comfortability.


  • Classic design
  • Fully waterproof
  • Surprisingly lightweight


  • Sizing may not suit golfers with wide feet

9. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe, Black/Bermuda Blue Yak Leather, 39 M EU (5-5.5 US)

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Ecco continue to lead the way with hybrid spikeless shoes and the Biom Hybrid 3 is the latest in the line that dates back to the Fred Couple's original version.

For the Biom 3, the styling takes a different tack and the range looks a little more traditional with the introduction of a couple of print styles like the white/silver you see here. 

The overall feeling on parkland courses and longer grass is one of excellent comfort as the sole works with the ground and the grip is very good for a spikeless shoe.

The firmer sections on the sole combine with rasied up parts of the outer sole in the inside of the toe and around the heel to give the feeling of greater stability than the Biom Hybrid 2 during the swing.

Overall, this is another classy and very comfortable waterproof, spikeless shoe from Ecco with a unique style which appeals to all golfers.


  • Breathable exterior
  • Waterproof premium exterior wears well
  • Extremely comfortable


  • One of the most expensive shoes on the market

10. Skechers Max Golf Shoe

Skechers GO GOLF Men's Max Golf Shoe

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Mens Max is an interesting blend of smooth and mesh synthetic uppers. The smooth front section may appear plastic looking out of the box, but took on a more broken in leather look after they have been worn in.

From heel to toe there’s comfortable, responsive cushioning thanks to the Goga Max insole and Ultra Flight midsole. There’s a bit of wiggle room in the toe box but not in the heel area which is fine for golfers who aren’t bothered by these things.

Protruding from the bottom, each nub has a central spike, about the size of old metal spikes, with four smaller points surrounding it. Collectively, the spacing provided solid connection with the ground and performed well in the variety of conditions found on your typical golf course. I’ll be curious to see how traction is affected as the nubs wear. 

The construction of the shoe doesn’t provide much lateral stability – a consequence of shaving weight. And this may not appeal to golfers looking for ultimate stability and comfortability. 


  • Goga Max insole provides good comfort
  • Well priced considering performance
  • Very durable


  • Lacks the stability performance of other competitors

Golf Shoes - Buyers Guide


Comfortability is a vital component, and many of the shoes reviewed eschewed the likes of waterproofing, for example, in order to provide greater comfort. Golfers need comfortable shoes not just for walking the course but also for the approach stance before the desirable twirl. Golfers need to be confident in their footwear and truly feel the sole connecting with the ground. Comfortable golf shoes are essential for the game of golf and might be the defining point of confidence all golfers need to boost their game.


Playing a round of golf is a beautiful thing but it takes time. Its crucial for golfers’ feet to feel fresh in their golf shoe and this is typically achieved through the use of microfibre materials and mesh fitments which help airflow as well as stop the feet from sweating too much. Dry feet are always comfortable feet and it is essential to have a pair of golf shoes with adequate airflow. Some of the shoes we reviewed have been designed with this feature to accommodate golfers looking for that perfect combination.


Not all the golf shoes we have reviewed claim to be waterproof, and those that aren’t, are generally the ones that score highest in terms of breathability. It is difficult to find the combination of materials that gives you sufficient levels of both functions, so compromises have to be made. If you play in the rain often you definitely need waterproof golf shoes and probably a golf umbrella too. This adds to the comfortability of the golf round tremendously. As always, it’s up to the golfer and hopefully that compromise gives the best of both worlds.

Outer & Inner Soles

All of our picks offer comfortable, padded insoles that will keep you comfortable throughout a long game of golf, and some have gone further than others. It is standard to enjoy a padded insole, and when it comes to the outer sole, we have covered that in the part about spikes above. What we will say is that you need a sole that is durable – so that means synthetic or rubber – and that connects with the surface in a manner that you are happy with, and there’s plenty of choice in our ten options.

About the author  Paul Bradshaw

Paul hit his first golf shot at the age of 5, and from that point on was immediately hooked. He went on to become one of the leading amateurs in South Africa, securing a full golf scholarship with the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Turning professional in 2004, Paul played extensively on the Sunshine Tour and co-sanctioned European Tour events. Paul is our lead editor at Golf Assessor.

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