Most Forgiving Irons

Updated on June 12, 2020

Welcome to our most forgiving irons review.

A golfer without their irons is not a golfer at all. For many golfers, iron play is the most difficult art to master and forms part of the more challenging element of golf.

The main aspect that golf players find the most difficult to accomplish is making direct, clean contact with the golf ball. A consistent predictable strike and consistent distance is truly the aim of the game when it comes to iron play. Having said this, there are specific brands and types of irons on the market today that can make iron play far less daunting and difficult for golfers who play regularly and desire low scoring rounds of golf.

This guide features numerous sets of forgiving irons today that can enhance both your consistency and self-confidence to play the course successfully using your choice of irons to strike shots from the fairway or from the rough.

We have reviewed the most forgiving irons currently available and discuss which set is best for you along with specific details on how each iron will provide you with forgiveness you need to feel confident approaching the green.

Most Forgiving Irons On The Course

Below are our top picks for most forgiving irons.

Also check out our buyers guide for forgiving irons.

Most Forgiving Irons

1. Taylormade M6 Irons

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron Set, 4-PW, AW, Left Hand, Regular Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Orange

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The Taylormade M6 irons is aimed at golfers seeking maximum distance and forgiveness from their iron set. They have been engineered for added distance and enhanced sound and feel for golfers who seek confidence boosting irons.

Featuring the brand-new revolutionary Speed Bridge technology, a redesigned speed pocket and hybrar compression dampner, Taylormade have created their most advanced game improvement irons to date.

The M6 features an extremely low and deep CG via a Fluted Hosel and a 360° undercut that relocate weight low in the head for maximum forgiveness. An ultra-thin face with varying thicknesses delivers maximum ball speeds over a large area face. New set wedges enhance playability around the greens allowing golfers of all levels to maximize shot direction and distance.

The result is a combination of inspiring technology that leads to added distance, accuracy and solid feel in a forgiving, confidence-inspiring shape that is easy to hit. The vast majority of club golfers (10 handicappers and above) should be considering irons just like the M6 when buying a new set.


  • Excellent ball flight and distance
  • Easy shot shaping
  • Extremely forgiving


  • Higher price bracket

2. Cleveland Launcher HB Irons

Cleveland Golf Men's Launcher HB Iron Set

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The Launcher HB irons mark a return to the super game improvement category with a set that launches it high for mid to low swing speed players.

With a hybrid-like look and progressive shaping, the Launcher HB Irons offer tremendous forgiveness while achieving high, straight ball flights in the super game improvement category.

The hollow-body build engineers a ton of room to maneuver, and they did everything they could to make the Launcher HB easy to hit high and far. The arcing HiBore crown most certainly intensifies, moving the CG lower and deeper into the clubhead.

The thin HT1770 face does its part to add a unique look, while internal tuning makes sure it doesn’t sound or feel too overwhelming for your typical golfer.

All in all, a good option for golfers who want to hit it high and long with ultimate forgiveness. Brilliant ball speeds with high launches and spin will stop shots even on firm green surfaces which give golfers of all capabilities the chance to feel confident on address.


  • Great performance for a hybrid like iron
  • Forgiving on off center shots
  • Higher and straighter ball flight


  • May take longer to get used to them
  • Fairly pricey for unconventional irons

3. Wilson Staff D7 Irons

WILSON Staff Golf Men's D7 Irons (Sold as Set)

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Wilson Staff has occupied the value game improver iron sector with some fairly impressive options in recent years, but the D7 looks to have improved upon it even further.

The D7 is inviting to look down on and looks attractive at address. Long from heel-to-toe and with a chunky topline, it inspires confidence that a good shot is on its way. Even on the 7-iron, the back of the sole can be seen, which not everyone will enjoy but after hitting the irons, these feelings will soon pass. 

Slower swing speed golfers, who would typically gravitate towards an iron of this size, will welcome the combination of ball speed, lower spin and a higher trajectory while faster swingers may consider a split set, opting for D7 in the longer irons.

As a result, The D7 is an impressive, user-friendly distance iron that will save golfers considerable amounts of money compared to the more premium brands with seemingly little sacrifice in performance.


  • Fast, forgiving and deliver extra distance
  • Lovely look and feel


  • Quite expensive for Wilson Golf Irons

4. Taylormade SIM Max OS Irons

TaylorMade SIM MAX OS Irons, Steel Shaft, KBS Max 85, 4-PW, Right Hand, Stiff Flex

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TaylorMade's new SIM Max OS irons represents a new direction for the brand which are the strongest lofted irons they’ve ever made. Thus, providing ultimate forgiveness for golfers.

By thinning face thickness by 17% over the praised M6, and using progressive inverted cone technology in the longer irons, where shots are often hit more towards the toe- TaylorMade say the SIM’s sweet spot has effectively grown by 40%. 

The Speed Bridge technology gives more rigidity to the topline, making it behave like a hinge, flexing and rebounding at impact, improving ball speeds all round. It also helps eliminate harsh vibrations, improving sound and feel for golfers.

Taylormade have created a dynamic set of irons with the SIM Max OS, appealing to golfers seeking maximum forgiveness aligning with beautiful pro-like finishes.

These irons are unique in their own way and make way for new technology to bring golfers the much-desired high ball flight and great distance control. 


  • Beautifully designed
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Great sound and feel


  • Very expensive

5. Callaway Big Bertha Irons

Callaway Golf 2019 Men's Big Bertha Iron (Individual Iron: 9 Iron, Right Hand, UST Recoil ZT9 470 F4...

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In terms of game improvement irons, the Callaway Big Bertha Irons reign supreme in the looks department.

The Big Bertha name is synonymous with innovation and maximum distance and these irons certainly don’t disappoint.

The irons have a hollow construction which along with a 360 Cup Face, which has a thin flexible rim to maximise ball speed, gives consistent, long distance, extreme forgiveness and a great impact sound.

The aim of the Big Bertha 2019 irons is to get the weight low and back to launch the ball higher, combined with a faster face to give you the launch, speed and distance that super game improvement irons are renowned for.

As a result of this, the Suspended Energy Core is intensified and makes for an extremely durable iron.

Overall, these irons are considered easy to hit and appeal to golfers of all skill levels looking for gorgeous irons with great forgiveness. 


  • Look and feel great
  • Well priced
  • Maximum ball speed with high flight


  • Little heavier than most other irons in this category

6. Callaway Mavrik Max Irons

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Individual Iron (Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 5 Iron)

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The Mavrik Max is the super game-improvement entry in Callaway’s MAVRIK line of irons. It features a larger shape, wider soles, and a deeper CG for even more forgiveness and an easier launch.

These irons feature the Flash Face Cup designed by artificial intelligence which consists of a complex face architecture that is unique for every iron in the set.

It results in even higher ball speeds and spin consistency. The custom tungsten-infused weights allow the center of gravity (CG) to be precisely positioned for optimal launch, trajectory, spin rate, and land angles throughout the set of irons. 

The MAX has a larger body, wider sole, and lower/deeper CG placement. This is meant to inspire confidence in higher handicaps and provide a higher launch and longer carry.

These irons were aimed at golfers needing confidence on the golf course and provide all the features needed to do so. A great set of irons for golfers of all levels with beautiful finishes.


  • Fresh look and feel
  • Excellent ball trajectory
  • Unique design


  • Very expensive for entry level golfers

7. Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Irons

Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal Iron Set (Men's, Right Hand, Steel, Regular, 4-GW),

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Mizuno's JPX 919 Hot Metal irons stand out as one of the better models for golfers demanding a good looking, reasonably compact head size iron set.

Being open at the heel portion, this enhances stability and launch, while producing a Tour preferred vibration and sound, much desired by all golfers.

These irons feature one-piece cupped geometry and produces a surprising level of feedback at high ball speeds which is great for golfers of low handicaps. 

The chrome plating is truly stunning and provides a more durable Pearl finish to soften the jpx919's precise lines in sunlight. The sound ribs have been re-engineered to develop specific sound vibration patterns to give that smooth sound.

These Mizuno irons look magnificent and feel amazing which will undoubtedly appeal to many golfers out there searching for help in the steel department. Compact and engineered to perfection, these irons are ideal for golfers needing that extra bit of confidence on address.


  • Beautiful looking irons
  • True forgiveness
  • Brilliant ball speed


  • On the expensive side

8. Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Iron Set (Set of 7 total clubs: 4-PW, Right Hand, Stiff,...

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Cleveland's Launcher CBX irons offer a more stripped back design as opposed to others, with emphasis put into areas of the design which make a significant difference in a golfer’s performance.

The low-profile long irons have a bit more offset and longer blade length for higher ball flights and softer landings on the green whereas the short irons, with less offset, are more compact for consistent ball flight and improved accuracy.

Cleveland’s Launcher Cup Face is a thinner clubface in the 4-7 irons that transfers more energy to the ball by adding high-strength steel around the perimeter.

These irons are well suited to golfers who put a premium on looks, and don’t like overly wide top edges or soles while still need giving a solid degree of forgiveness. 


  • Beautiful looking irons
  • Well priced
  • Consistent ball flight and accuracy


  • More clubhead vibration than anticipated

9. Cobra F Max Superlite Irons

Cobra Golf 2019 F-Max Superlite Iron Set Black-Red (Men's, Right Hand, Steel, Reg Flex, 5-GW)

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The F Max Superlite are Cobra's lightest, most forgiving irons deliver unrivaled distance, forgiveness and launch for moderate swing speeds.

The lighter overall weight of 15 grams and increased performance is achieved through a 3-gram lighter clubhead, a 7 gram lighter grip and a 5 gram lighter shaft.

The progressive CG-progressive hosel lengths are shorter in the long irons and taller in the wedges, tailoring the CG to produce the desired launch and trajectory throughout the set of irons. This technology allocates more forgiveness to the long irons where golfers typically tend to struggle.

The weight savings from a deep undercut cavity are redistributed well in the low heel and toe area to increase forgiveness and stability on off-center hits.

The chrome finish is of premium quality and looks stunning in all aspects of golf irons. With longevity and careful precision, these irons are perfect golfers looking to gain confidence and ultimately hit better shots on approach to the green.


  • Lighter than all competitors
  • Considerably cheaper than competitors
  • Looks maintain longevity 


  • Not the most forgiving in this category

10. Callaway Rogue Irons

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue Individual Iron, Right Hand, True Temper XP 95 Steeples Steel Shaft,...

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The Callaway Rogue Irons are the best combination of distance, accuracy and playability ever found in a Callaway iron with all the technology to go with it.

These irons combine the world renowned 360 Face Cup technology with Variable Face Thickness technology to expand the portion of the face that delivers fast ball speed wherever the ball may land up.

Tungsten weighting allows the positioning of the CG in each of the long irons to be of extraordinary precision, promoting optimum launch and control at each individual loft.

The upside of a thin clubface is faster ball speed and more distance, the downside is excessive vibration that generates an unpleasant sound and feel for golfers of higher handicaps. Having said this, the elastic urethane used for these irons provide the sound and feel benefits all golfers desire.

Golfers on the prowl for a combination of distance, feel and forgiveness will find these irons bursting with life and enjoyment. Perfect for golfers needing variability in their iron.


  • Technology that produces results
  • Great look and feel
  • Maximum distance


  • On the higher price spectrum

Forgiving Irons - Buyers Guide

Shaft Options

If distance is the main concern, a graphite shaft is the more plausible option. The lighter shaft is going to help launch the ball higher and swing the club faster. Approach shots will likely go higher but you will be hitting them further. If swing speed is not a concern but accuracy is, go with the steel shafts.

Steel shafts are going to be significantly heavier and help control the ball flight and shot shape with more precision. When looking at steel shafts, golfers will need to look for something with mid launch and mid kick. Some good options are Dynamic Gold or KBS shafts. These may be more expensive but they certainly improve iron play and give golfers the soft feel and distance they desire.

Clubhead Size & Weight

Generally speaking, the clubhead side will be larger for a more forgiving iron. For a manufacturer to pack the most performance technology and the largest sweet spot into the clubhead, space is the main priority. As golfers improve and gear more towards the irons that pros use, the clubhead undoubtedly will get smaller.

Having mentioned low center of gravity, located in the heel and some tungsten weighting earlier in the reviews, these aspects are all good things for performance and forgiveness. As a golfer who does not hit the center of the club head all that often you will need that low center of gravity.

Look & Feel

With a true forgiving iron, you are usually going to find an offset cavity back with a large sole. This design is to help offer the maximum amount of forgiveness. Be prepared to see more of a thicker look from the top down and irons frequently starting to appear almost bulky in stature.

Amateur golfers prefer this look and feel as it gives them more confidence as to the direction of the ball and ultimately where the ball will end up. Most professionals are going to want a thin top-down look. In the years past the most forgiving irons would often feel hard and sound hollow. Much has been done to improve both sound and feel while still providing an extremely forgiving golf club. The hit feels softer and the aesthetics have changed to help improve the visual appeal of a forgiving club.

Set Make Up

Its interesting when an amateur golfer explains to that the best club in their bag is a 3 iron. They struggle to hit their 7 iron but that 3 is solid. Three questions commonly asked are:

  • Are you hitting it at the right launch angle?
  • Are you hitting it as far as you should?
  • Is it consistent?

Most times an amateur player looking for a forgiving set of irons likely does not have the clubhead speed nor the control to hit a 3 iron solid, consistently. The best set makeup if you’re looking for forgiveness is something that incorporates both irons and hybrids.

Most players are getting away from 3 and 4 irons and going to hybrids. The sole is wider, they are easier to hit out of the rough and the golf ball just jumps off of them much easier.

Lately, there has been a trend to replace the 5 iron with a hybrid as well. This decision will be largely personalized on what type of golf shots you are trying to hit. The one thing to add here is that some of the best irons have a 6 iron loft that is very similar to that of a 5 iron of the past. 

All in all, the make up of the irons is vitally important when finding the set that suits you and your game and is not to be overlooked when doing your research.

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