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7 NBA Basketball Players Who Love Golf

Updated on March 15, 2021

Many NBA players take up golf during their career because it’s a low-impact sport that won’t damage any of their super valuable limbs.

Here are 7 NBA stars who love golf.

NBA Basketball Players Who Play Golf

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

Besides Curry’s obvious talent on the court, it’s no secret that he’s also a solid golfer.

I know it might seem unlikely because what are the chances that someone can be uber-talented in more than one sport?

Turns out, Steph’s that guy, playing to a 2-handicap. In 2013 he finished 4th in the American Century Championship in Tahoe.

Curry is often spotted teeing off alongside other well-known celebrities and has also curated a line of golfing apparel with the athletic brand, Under Armour.

He’s also been known for giving back and has paved the way for golfers from Howard University by establishing their first-ever golf team.

Michael Jordan

michael jordan golf

Another athletic prodigy, Michael Jordan has been an avid golfer for over 30 years.

Some say Davis Love III introduced MJ to the sport when they were both at UNC.

Throughout his career, and into retirement, the 1-handicap player has also started his tournament called the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational that has raised over 7 million dollars for charity since its inception in 2001.

Jordan has been known to hit the greens even on big basketball game days and who knows, maybe that’s what helped him cinch all those NBA titles over the years.

Larry Bird

Larry Bird

We all know of Larry Bird’s infamous trash-talking on the court and turns out that he stays true to form while teeing off too.

Throwing the term “gentleman’s game to the wind”, Bird thoroughly enjoys throwing other players off their game with his notorious smack-talking.

Besides that, the NBA star boasts a very respectable 3.1 handicap and is co-founder of the Hideout Club in Florida.

Time has not done much to quench the fire that the iconic Boston Celtics player brings to the greens and we’re pretty sure that he won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O Neal

Often seen sporting jean shorts and a t-shirt on the greens, we’re actually not quite sure if Shaq is good at golf.

According to some sources, the limited footage of his swing leads us to believe that his handicap is pretty high.

To be honest, as one of the best NBA blockers of all time, Shaq probably doesn’t need to be very good at anything while enjoying retirement. If anything, we’ve got nothing but respect for the 4-time NBA championship winner!

There seems to be an inside joke about Shaq’s swing, with many notable golfing websites calling it “the funniest thing to have ever happened to golf”.

He’s not shy about his obvious lack of golfing skills and can be seen to be snickering to himself as he tries to hit the ball.

Jerry West

Jerry West

Besides being the model for the iconic NBA logo and an NBA Hall-of-Famer, the 83-year old still has a very respectable handicap at 7.9.

He’s slowed down over the years, but that’s understandable for someone his age.

He was inducted into the NBA hall of fame in 1979 and has been playing golf pretty much since his basketball career started.

West has been known to visit the golf course once a week, on a Monday with a few lifelong friends.

Ray Allen

Ray Allen

Wouldn’t you know it, the basketball player with one of the best shooting strokes turns out to have a pretty brilliant swing on the golf course too.

With a handicap of 1.6 at TPC River Highlands, it’s no surprise that Allen is having a tough time leaving the competitive sports scene.

It would seem that he’s hung up his high-tops for golf shoes. He has been known to lead other celebs at charity fundraiser invitationals and often speaks on his passion for the sport.

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd

10-time NBA All-Star winner, Jason Kidd retired from basketball after the 2012-2013 season, and so he has had more time to spend on the course.

He might not be able to keep up with the younger NBA players on the court anymore (although we’re sure he’ll still give them a run for their money), but his golfing game just seems to be getting better and better the more time he spends on the greens.

The latest reported handicap for Kidd was 5.4 but we’ll bet it’s improved in leaps and bounds since then.

About the author 

Paul Bradshaw

Paul hit his first golf shot at the age of 5, and from that point on was immediately hooked. He went on to become one of the leading amateurs in South Africa, securing a full golf scholarship with the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Turning professional in 2004, Paul played extensively on the Sunshine Tour and co-sanctioned European Tour events. Paul is our lead editor at Golf Assessor.

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