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Nike Vapor Pro Irons Review

February 2016

On this page you’ll find our detailed assessment of the Nike Vapor Pro Irons, the pros and cons, and a comparison with other irons we have recently reviewed.

We reviewed the Nike Vapor Pro Irons as part of our Best Golf Irons Review.

Nike Vapor Pro Irons

Our Assessment 

The Vapor Pro’s are an attractive ‘modern muscleback’ set of blades. Sharp lines frame the center of the club on the back of the club-head along with a pronounced Nike swoosh on the toe of the club. These babies are designed to ensure that they won’t go unnoticed in your bag.

Whereas traditional blades feature a Centre of Gravity (CG) that’s closer to the hosel, Nike have used tungsten plugs to move the CG closer to the middle of the club-face – this design subsequently provides the best results when the ball is struck in the middle of the club-face. 

Whilst they do have aspects that aid playability, off-center strikes are still punished. Feedback is however, superb throughout the set.

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  • Incredible workability and versatility particularly with the longer irons
  • Piercing ball flight due to Center of Gravity in club-head
  • Oozes precision


  • Really unforgiving for average ball strikers

Key Facts



Launch RRP




Handicap Range


Hand Availability

Right & Left Hand


59.5° – 64° (3 – PW)

Swing Weight



115″ – .06″ (3 – PW)


21° – 47° (3 – PW)


36.00″ – 39.25″ (3 – PW)

Shaft Type and Name

True Temper Dynamic Gold


Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Manufacturer's Website

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Nike Vapor Pro Irons Detailed Review

Build Quality

One of the biggest technological features on the Vapor Pros are the tungsten plugs that significantly improves the Center of Gravity location of the club by moving it closer to the middle of the club-face. Traditional blades feature a CG that’s closer to the hosel.


Control & Feel

These clubs feel fantastic – when struck in the center of the club-face. No doubt they are one of the best feeling clubs around in that aspect, but on the off center strikes they are a bit like classic blades where your hands sting for a short while if you’ve missed it.

If you’re in the correct niche of a low handicap player and your ball striking is one of your strong points then you’re going to love the Vapor Pro Irons.


Image Credit: Official Nike Image


Being able to work the ball absolutely any way you wish is a serious advantage with these irons – high, low, draw, fade, hook, slice! The distance control is also superb.

The range is very small between long and short irons and is easy to adapt to. If the right player has these in his hands then beware! They ooze precision and accuracy.


Image Credit: Official Nike Image

Design & Appearance

A surprisingly attractive ‘modern muscleback’ set of blades that are designed for great ball strikers. Sharp lines frame the center of the club on the back of the club-head.

A fairly large yellow swoosh framed by a black background ensures that these clubs are noticed in one’s bag from a fair distance.

What’s also nice to see is the slightly thicker top line at address, which does aid your confidence.

Value for Money

This is a debatable one. If you are in the correct niche as a player and ball striking is your strong point then the Nike Vapor Pro Irons are good value for money – accuracy, workability, great distance control, piercing ball flight.

But if you are an average ball striker and in the mid low figures handicap then perhaps look for something else such as the Nike Vapor Pro Combo Irons where you will get a whole lot more value out of.

About the author 

Michael Todt

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

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