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Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Putter Review

April 2016

On this page you’ll find our detailed assessment of the Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Putter, the pros and cons, and a side-by-side comparison with other putters we have recently reviewed.

We reviewed the Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Putter as part of our Best Putter Reviews.

If you already own the Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Putter please leave your review in the customer review box at the end of this article.

Ping Cadence TR Anser 2

Our Assessment 

The Cadence TR Anser 2 is a world class offering. Enough options in terms of weight or face insert and the clean neat lines help your alignment beautifully!

True Roll technology is what makes the difference in terms of ball speed consistency and accuracy.

This in turn will lower your number of putts per round. Great value for money and comfortably comes makes the listing for our GA Best Putters Review.

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  • Beautiful clean, square lines to the Anser 2
  • Variety in options in terms of insert or weight
  • Feels and sounds soft, but still carries a fraction of firmness


  • Be sure to know which of the two weighted putter heads will suit you best – our Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Putter Review advises on which would suit you best

Key Facts



Launch RRP




Handicap Range

Low to High

Hand Availability

Right & Left



Head weight

340g (Traditional), 365g (Heavy)

Club length


Putter type

Conventional Blade


 Ping Cadence Traditional

Manufacturer's Website

Official Video

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Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Detailed Review

Design & Appearance

The Ping Anser is one of the best looking putters on the market that has stood the test of time. It hasn’t differed much since the original Anser decades ago, but what has changed is the finish as well as the insert technology and the weighting.

Exceptionally clean, neat lines that are either square or perpendicular to the target line. Why does that matter? Simple, alignment, alignment, alignment! What’s even more of an aid is the black finish of the putter head opposing the white golf ball and white alignment line behind the clubface at address.

Sure, it’s psychological, but it works!


Image Credit: Official Ping Image

Build Quality

Build quality in ANY Ping putter is top drawer so let’s just get that out there from the word go. But the Anser 2 is a proven successful winner and chosen by most professionals around the world for good reason.

The new Cadence range offers two different weight inserts either being aluminium (which is the lighter of the two) or stainless steel, which is heavier.

Each of these will suit different strokes so depending on your stroke tempo or feel preference at least you have an option in this aspect rather than just making do with a standard weight setup.

There are number of different hosel options in the Anser 2 range as well as weight options, which range between 340g – 400g in head weight.

If you’re not really a classic ‘blade’ putter fan then there are a total of 7 different head designs with some mallet options as well such as the Ketsch or Rustler.

Control & Feel

Feel is exceptionally consistent and soft, particularly with the stainless steel insert. The aluminium insert is slightly firmer, but still within reason.

Definitely one of the best feeling putters around. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of putters being TOO soft… it needs to still have a slightly solid feel to it on the mid-length putts and soft on the tiddlers. The grooves are responsible for this feel because of the depth and spacing.

What also aids the feel on the Anser 2 is the slit in the sole that seems to ‘separate’ the putter face from the back of the putter.

The head weights on the heel and toe feel stable and if really paying attention on a putt to that aspect you’ll certainly notice the putter head release slightly easier than some competitors.

As mentioned earlier with the brilliant consistency in feel across the actual putter face it can make you feel like you have the best stroke around (even though that’s likely not the case!).

It also sounds beautiful and after carefully listening to a few strokes you’ll easily hear when a ball has been struck out the center or off-center… that helps in order to chirp your playing partner/opposition and talk them out the game!


Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Putter


The ‘TR’ in the name stands for True Roll technology and the long and the short is this technology improves ball speed consistency at impact.

So even if you sometimes ‘battle’ to strike the center of the putter face and hit it out the heel or toe the ball speed will remain consistent and true.

Another reason for this consistency are the grooves that vary in both width AND depth on the putter face. What’s fantastic is the option between two head weights in the standard Cadence TR Anser 2 as well as the option of which face insert you’d like to have.

Obviously the weight being the biggest factor in our opinion… if you need help over the short putts then opt for the heavier variation, but if you are looking to improve your distance control on longer putts then go for the traditional head.


Image Credit: Official Ping Image

Value for Money

I’m not going to beat around the bush here… Ping are known and have always been known for their putters, the original Anser in particular. The Anser 2 has even better features and technological aspects and is well worth every penny.

Make the right choice in weight and face insert that meets your stroke tempo and feel preference and you are well on the road to lowering your number of putts per round.

About the author  Michael Todt

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

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