Ping G Driver Review


In our Ping G Driver Review we’re confident to say that this driver is the meanest looking club available on the market right now.

Inspired by the prehistoric insect, the dragonfly. The design has been crafted to minimize drag on the downswing, thus creating more club-head speed and stability.

The result: Crazy long distance!!!

We reviewed the Ping G Driver as part of our Best Drivers Review.

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The Dragonfly technology aids in minimized drag with increased stability resulting in even longer yards off the tee.

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Our Assessment

8.9 Total Score
Great (B+)

The Dragonfly technology (although possibly a bit gimmicky and not massively effective) has still resulted in slightly minimized drag with increased stability. Particularly on the downswing. This has a knock-on effect of exceptional distance! Forgiveness is also a huge plus due to the increased Moment of Inertia. Slightly pricey, but man oh man if you can afford this then you will not be sorry... fantastic offering from Ping and sexy at that too!

Design / Appearance
Build Quality
Control / Feel
Value for Money
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Pros and Cons

  • Exceptionally long, stable and forgiving on off-center strikes
  • Unique eye-catching design with the dragonfly Vortec technology on the crown
  • Powerful launch angle, really makes you feel like a touring professional when connecting and timing it well
  • It is expensive and you’re going to feel it a touch, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the ammo!
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Best Deals

Product Title

Great launch angle that has the ball hanging in the air for what seems to be forever. Plenty of carry which is great in softer conditions.

Best Prices and Discounts on Global Golf Best Prices and Discounts on Amazon Second-Hand Deals on eBay
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Side-by-Side Comparison

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Detailed Review

Design & Appearance

One of the fiercest strongest looking drivers out on the market. When addressing the ball one just immediately get’s that mental image of ‘power’! The Ping G has a beautiful pear shape to the head with the ‘dragon fly’ aerodynamics having a very catchy look about them to the naked eye. For some this might be slightly distracting, but nevertheless a good looking club. Nowhere near as distracting as the Nike Vapor Fly Driver though!


Image Credit: Official Ping Image

Build Quality

The Vortec technology used in the G driver certainly has a an effect on performance by minimizing drag created on the downswing. This subsequently creates more club-head speed and also provides more stability through impact. With this Vortex design it has allowed engineers to move weight lower more to the rear of the club which greatly improves launch conditions. The Moment of Inertia rating has also improved by up to 6% on a vertical scale and this in layman’s terms is basically ‘increasing forgiveness’.

Control / Feel

The Ping G sounds fantastic.

A rich solid sound at impact where one feels as if the whole club-head is literally aiding the strike at impact. Some drivers tend to feel empty and only the club-face provides feedback rather than the whole head. A definite leader in workability despite the modern large club-head, in our testing we were able to turn it over at the drop of a hat as well as hit a light cut shape.

Ping G Driver

The Ping G is undoubtedly one of the longest drivers that we have tested so can definitely agree with Ping’s marketing spiel of it being the longest and most forgiving driver, EVER


LONG in capital letters! The aerodynamic design has proven to not just be an aesthetic change, but an actual performance enhancer… high ball speed at impact, ideal launch angle as well as the feel of the ball just hanging in the air for that second or two longer than usual. The G driver had one of the longest carry’s of any club we’ve tested and still had a reasonable roll-out after that as well – not just a case of the ball falling out the air.


Image Credit: Official Ping Image

Value for Money

Being a brand new offering from a quality brand, the price is unfortunately expensive so if you can afford it or you are a big Ping fan you won’t be disappointed as the Ping G Driver will give you huge enjoyment each and every time you take it out of your bag.

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Official Video

A closer look at the technology behind the new Ping G Driver – Video Length 02:39.

Ping G Series Driver

Summary of the aerodynamic and technologically advanced design of the Ping G Driver

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Key Facts

Product Details Ping G Driver Review
Launch RRP $449.00
Gender Mens
Handicap Range Low to High
Hand Availability Right and Left
Right Handed Lofts 9°, 10.5°
Left Handed Lofts 9°, 10.5°
Lie 58°
Swing Weight D3
Club Length 45.75″
Shaft Type and Name Alta 55
Grip Ping 5L Round Grip
Manufacturers Website Ping
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  1. Ping g400 driver is the DRIVER. Thats all i got to say about that.

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