Ping Hoofer 14 Review

June 2016

As the godfather of the prototype pop-out stand bag in the 1990s, Ping know what they’re doing, and the Hoofer looks to have taken things up a notch once again.

It fitted on my shoulders like a glove, and, perhaps by luck, sat perfectly without me having to make use of the fully adjustable straps.

But where this bag really cuts the mustard is its features.

It has a 14-way divider, a cart strap and an impressive 12 pockets – all of which are very cunningly located and offer plenty of storage space.

Another hallmark of Ping is that the bag stands just as steadily when it’s upright as it does when the stand is extended.

Ping Hoofer 14

Our Assessment 

Ping have delivered the goods once again here, and, even putting my bias aside as someone whose last two bags were made by this manufacturer, I can’t see how anyone can really knock it. 

You’ll look and feel the part with this on your shoulders, and have a great time exploring all the nifty little pockets too. The price tag may put you off, but if you’re able to stump up the cash, me thinks you’re going to get great mileage and enjoyment from the Hoofer 14.


  • I could go on about the features and versatility of this bag all day. Every single need of yours will be catered for – even the needs you didn’t think you had
  • It’s comfortable, and the Sensor Cool Technology on the shoulder pads will keep any sweat at bay
  • If you play in the wind a lot, you’ll be pleased to hear that the stand has a span of two feet. It will take plenty to blow this puppy over
  • You’ll be lucky to find one of these for less than $225, but, for the peace of mind of knowing you’ve picked a high-class brand, it seems fairly priced


  • At 2.5kgs (5.5 lbs), I’d say it’s marginally on the heavy side of average. But hardly a deal-breaker
  • As clever as the elasticized rain hood is, it’s a bit of a hassle to fit it on properly. Also, the material is pretty thin, and might not keep out as much of nature’s H2O as it should

Key Facts



Launch RRP

From $259.00


Mens, Ladies, Juniors

Handicap Range

Low to High

Bag Type

Carry, Stand

Bag Width

8 inches

Bag Weight

2.5kg (5.5 lbs)

Colour Options

Blue/Grey, Black, Grey/black/White, Grey/Black/Green

Manufacturer's Website

Ping Hoofer 14 Detailed Review

Weight and Comfort

It weighs in at a perfectly acceptable 5.5 pounds, which you can’t really argue with.

Weight isn’t always about numbers either.

This bag just sits so well, and, even if it doesn’t at first, the adjustable straps are easy to use – even with the bag already on your back, so you don’t have to hold up your mates when walking.

There are probably bags with greater padding on the straps out there, but this one is still pretty comfortable, and the Sensor Cool Technology is a tried-and-tested success with previous Ping bags.

Consider the Weight and Comfort box well and truly ticked on this one.


Image Credit: Official Ping Image

Build Quality

I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I was with the quality and sturdiness of this bag. The material is top class, the balance is exceptional (despite the small-ish base), and there’s all the storage you could need.

But, if you’ll indulge me one last time, this one is all about the features. Everything is just in exactly the right place, and when you think words like “keys”, “pencil” or “balls” while carrying this puppy, you’ll find your hands instinctively going to all the correct pockets and pouches.

And you’ll feel like it’s Christmas when you discover some of the other handy little gadgets.

It’s a well-thought-out design all round, and, other than the very slight irritation of trying to fit the (admittedly thin) rain hood on the poppers on the top with my fumbling hands, this bag oozes quality and style.


Image Credit: Official Ping Image

Value for Money

Probably the biggest sticking point, and subject to interpretation and perspective.

We respect that everyone has their budget limitations, and we’re not here to pressure you into paying over the odds because this certainly isn’t the cheapest bag on the market.

The best advice I can give here is that if you’re considering writing it off on account of the price tag alone, then go on in and have a look, see and feel.

You may just feel that the extra dollars are worth it.

About the author  Michael Todt

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

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