PXG 0311 Irons Review

When you look at these irons, you just have to try them. Simple as that. Even if you know you can’t afford them.

It’s absolutely audacious when you think about it. A little-known newcomer to the game like PXG, disrupting the status quo with an outrageous “money is no object” set of irons, and showing the big boys that critical mass in terms of technological development has not yet been reached.

That’s how the whole furore surrounding the launch of the PXG 0311 irons was framed anyway. All we knew for sure was that the price tag was other worldly. What still needed to be determined was whether the quality of the product justified it.

We reviewed the PXG 0311 Irons as part of our Best Golf Irons, find out more here.

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PXG 0311 Irons Review

9.4 Total Score
Excellent (A)

We tried to find fault with these clubs, but couldn’t. The design is something that just draws you in – it’s hard to explain. Pop the club down at address, and you can’t wait to have a swing at it. Performance and results don’t disappoint either. There is a tremendous amount of forgiveness available, although, despite the underwhelming sound, there is still excellent feedback on mishits too. For those of a finer golfing ilk, the 0311Ts provide a more-compact alternative, although they are just as delightful to hit. Clearly, a lot has gone into the manufacture of both versions of this set of irons, and this is one of the few pieces of golfing merchandise which genuinely lives up to the hype. The only question is money. And lots (and lots) of it.

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Control & Performance
Design & Appearance
Value for Money
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Pros and Cons

  • Superb feel off the club from 3 to wedge
  • Unbelievably forgiving irons. You’ll quickly run out of superlatives
  • Top-quality design – from the badging to the tungsten weights, it all looks beautiful
  • More compact 0311T version ideal for low handicappers/better ball strikers

  • The price isn’t just expensive – it’s prohibitive. Out of my league, and will be for many others too

Best Deals

PXG 0311 Irons

Luxury clubs at their best. If you are in search of the most expensive clubs on the market then look no further.

But these are undoubtedly also some of the best irons you’ll ever set your hands on. Just majestic.

Superb high launch packed with plenty of distance and precision. Fantastic set of golf clubs.

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PXG 0311 Irons Review

When you look at these irons, you just have to try them. Simple as that. Even if you know you can’t afford them. ...

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Detailed Review

Build Quality

The standout feature of the build is obviously the tungsten weighting, which comes in the form of 11 black screws dotted around the edges of the S25C carbon steel head. There is also CNC milling in the face; the point of which is to shift weight to the perimeter – underpinning the forgiveness of these irons.

They do resemble blades, but there is an unmistakable cavity back tucked away in there, which comprises HT1770 steel. The cavities also have a somewhat-revolutionary injection of Thermoplastic Elastomer, which serves to reduce vibration, and allow the ball to hug the clubface for a split second longer. This means that more spin can be put on the ball, which is a bit of genius.

But in case you’re wondering if that will mean a loss of distance, fear not, because these irons have arguably the thinnest face in this particular market niche today. Ergo, efficient energy transfer.

As for the shaft, the True Temper Dynamic Gold is the one that comes stock standard. But there is a myriad of others to choose from. Given how much money you’re spending, prepare to put a bit of fitting time into this. It’s worth making sure you get the absolute perfection you deserve.

Control & Performance

Just… wow. Honestly. That good. Yes. Prepare to have your mind blown, because there isn’t another iron on the market which is anywhere near as forgiving as this that still maintains such a sleek, compact look. Let’s just say that the Thermoplastic Elastomer does its job, because you have to miss the sweetspot by a long way to even feel the smallest bit of discomfort. Clearly, the tungsten weights play a big role in that too, and the feel is like nothing else you’ve ever tried.

The sound is perhaps a little bit hollow, given the cavity backs. But, all things considered, you can hardly hit a false shot with these irons, and our numbers for ball speeds, MOI and distance were exceptional. This in spite of the higher-than-average levels of spin, which make for an easy launch, and a relatively high trajectory.

If you’re an elite player, and words like offset are scaring you off, then fear not, because the 0311T irons are at your service. In this case, the “T” stands for “Tour Performance”, and, true to its name, it performs as such. All the same cutting-edge technology is incorporated into this version, except that it is more compact, with a thinner top line and sole to give you all the playability you could possibly want.

You will never feel more in control of your golf ball than with these irons clasped between your palms.

Design & Appearance

As we’ve mentioned above, these irons could easily be mistaken for blades, with the excellent design allowing the cavity to blend in seamlessly. The clubhead itself is impressively compact, albeit that it features in the “midsize” category, with a mid-range top line and sole. The level of offset will probably be agreeable for most low-mid handicappers too.

The tungsten weights are not an eyesore in any way, and instead help to inspire confidence when you whip the club out the bag. As does the trailing edge in the sole, which boosts MOI, and shares the load in terms of offset with the top of the club.

As for other aesthetics, the badging looks classy, and adds to the glorious look when these irons are tucked away in your bag. When they’re at address, they sit very nicely indeed, with the look of a traditional iron. But once you hit even a single shot, you’ll quickly learn what we now know – that these irons are anything but traditional.

Value for Money

Well, as someone who can only dream of shopping in the luxury golf clubs section, I had to take a breath before reviewing these clubs. To rationally assess value for money, you just have to put the number of zeroes in your own personal bank account (or lack thereof) to one side. You’re in for well over 2,000 bucks here (even more than the Callaway Epic Irons), as the clubs are only available through authorised custom fitters, and the price can escalate once you start dabbling with more expensive shafts – or indeed the 0311T version.

That said, for the enormous cost, you do at least have the right to expect one thing: an absolute game-changer. That’s pretty hard to achieve in a competitive market like irons, where marginal gains have generally been the order of the day until now. However, we can hands down say that this is precisely what the PXG 0311s have gone and done.

The bar has been raised in terms of both performance and design, and you will be blown away. The question is, are you willing and/or able to gather the requisite pennies to bear the fruits of PXG’s labor? The truth is, this set is just not for everyone – nor is it intended to be.

Official Video

Video Length – 00:31

Key Facts

Product Details PXG 0311 Irons Review
Launch RRP $2299.00
Gender Men’s & Women
Handicap Range Low – Mid
Hand Availability Right & Left Hand
Set 4-PW (3-iron & GW also available)
Lofts 18° to 49° (3-GW)
Lie Angle 60.5° – 64°
Swing Weight D0 / D2
Shaft Type and Name True Temper Dynamic Gold
Manufacturers Website PXG

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