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Golf equipment reviews that appear on Golf Assessor are born from the passions and talents of our reviewer network.

Our reviewer network is made up of golf amateurs, pros and enthusiasts alike who have chosen to share their independent reviews with the Golf Community in an effort to build the very best resource for golf equipment information.

To maintain the highest quality reviews we pay our contributors for their efforts, as well as recognise outstanding contributors by providing seasonal awards, prizes, and free gear.

If you would like to join our reviewer network and help build Golf Assessor’s lively, active community, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s how it works

1. Each week we post out review topics to our network. Example topics range from specific club / gear reviews (i.e. Taylormade M1 Driver Review, Footjoy Weathersof Glove Review) to more general reviews (i.e. Top 5 Spikeless Golf Shoes).

2. Reviews are claimed by contributors in our network on a first come first serve basis, the only prerequisite is that the contributor either owns the gear or has access to the gear to review it.

3. Using our writing guidelines and editorial support, contributors write detailed, impartial and entertaining reviews. Contributors also provide Golf Assessor with photos and / or video material to augment their reviews.

4. We pay via PayPal £20.00 (US$30) per completed review. Occasionally Golf Assessor reviewers are given complimentary gear to review, which the contributor gets to keep as well.

To apply

If you would like to join our reviewer network and become a contributor, please complete the form below.

In the section called ‘Your Review‘ on the form below, please include a ~600-word review on one of the following pieces of gear you use: either your current choice of golf ball, your current glove, your current golf bag or any golf device you use (i.e. rangefinder, gps watch etc.).

In the review set out your likes / dislikes, pros and cons, why you went with this piece of gear compared to competitors, who you think this piece of gear would suit best, and who it wouldn’t suit, along with any other useful / practical nuggets of information.

Accepted applications will be invited to join our network.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.


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