Seemore Corona Del Mar X2 Putter Review

On this page you’ll find our detailed assessment of the Seemore Corona Del Mar X2 Putter, the pros and cons, and a side-by-side comparison with other putters we have recently reviewed.

We reviewed the Seemore Corona Del Mar X2 Putter as part of our Best Golf Putters Review.

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Seemore Corona Del Mar

Our Assessment 

Seemore putters are not everyone's cup of tea, but it does have one primary factor that's a winner - the red dot!

If you take to something quickly and are serious about your game then the Seemore is a great option.

The red dot technology makes sure one's eyes, hands and putter head are in sync and provides fantastic roll at impact. Ideal for the mid to lower handicapper.

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  • Superb red dot shaft angle idea that helps transform your putting style into a textbook stroke over time
  • Optimal roll off the face at impact which is what we all look for in a putter


  • May take some time getting used to the putter and ‘hiding’ the red dot at address each time before pulling the trigger
  • Not the best looking putter

Key Facts



Launch RRP

From $195.00



Handicap Range

Low – Mid

Hand Availability

Right Hand Only

Head Weight


Lie Angle

66 – 74° (custom)



Putter Length

30 – 39″

Putter Type



Wide variety of custom options

Manufacturer's Website

Official Video

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Seemore Corona Del Mar Detailed Review

Design & Appearance

SeeMore putters in general are not designed with aesthetic appeal in mind so let’s just get that out the way right off the bat.

In terms of the Corona Del Mar X2 putter I found the look to be somewhat chunky and basic in design, with a very thick top line at address.

There is one solid line on the top and two alignment lines behind the putter face. Seemore have used a brushed metal head with a polished silver face and sole.

Lastly there is the iconic red dot ‘hidden’ behind/below the center shaft, which has an important role! Do you know what that role is?

Side note: One interesting custom option that Seemore offer is choosing one’s own shaft stem color.


Image Credit: Official Seemore Image

Build Quality

Build quality is solid. The SeeMore technicians have put the primary principle of balance into place in every one of their putters as a trademark.

The research into optimal loft for the center shaft also has a very positive effect on the roll of the ball. SeeMore are so confident in their product that they offer a 100% guarantee on it after a direct online purchase.

Now this guarantee is not just on damages, defects etc. but also provides a platform to raise questions on your putting stroke, your thoughts on the putter or merely seeking advice on how to improve what you’re currently doing.

Control & Feel

The absolute best thing about the Corona De Mar X2 is the balance. Superb right through the putting stroke particularly at impact.

Feel is soft, almost forged-like and feels slightly dampened at impact. What’s also nice is the feel is still soft on off-center strikes and feedback is spot on.

You KNOW when your hands and putter have been in the perfect position at impact due to the feel and roll of the ball off the putter face. The Corona Del Mar X2 is fantastic over short putts.


Image Credit: Official Seemore Image


The Seemore is particularly effective because of the center shaft that builds one’s stroke into a ‘square to plane’ stroke over time.

This is because traditionally putters do tend to have an offset putter head where the hands are ahead of the ball at address and at impact.

SeeMore have opted for center shafts only and they are just heel side of center.

There is a red dot just heel side of the shaft on the top line that is evident from any visual position except one. And that is when your eyes are directly over the ball at address then this red dot will be hidden.

When it is hidden from view then you know you’re ready to take the putter back! What this innovation does is produce optimum roll off the putter face at impact due to the eyes, hands and putter head all being in synchronization with one another.

THAT is what every golfer has always strived for and that is what YOU should want too.

If you’re a high handicapper then rather steer clear for two reasons. Firstly the adjustment to a center shaft is not easy on the eye and will only benefit you as your game progresses.

Secondly, hiding the red dot from your vision at address is going to take you longer to get used to and may be frustrating at times while you try perfect it.


Image Credit: Official Seemore Image

Value for Money

The SeeMore Putter is a solid offering at the price and if you are serious about your game and not so much aesthetics then this one is for you.

Looks wise it is basic and has a very thick top line that I’m not mad about. The roll off the face at impact though is brilliant and you’ll do well to find better in that department. Feel is soft, even on off-center strikes with fair feedback.

If you’re the kind of person that picks up something quickly and easily after a few attempts then you won’t have any issues with this. But if you aren’t, you’re going to take a fair bit longer on and before each and every putt that may frustrate you AND your playing partners at times!

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.