Srixon Z 745 Driver Review 

 February 16, 2016

By  Michael Todt

Our recent Srixon Z 745 Driver review established that this particular driver is targeted at the lower handicap player and obviously Tour professionals. A solid offering allowing maximum workability and control.

We reviewed the Srixon Z 745 as part of our Best Drivers Review.

If you already own the Srixon Z 745 please leave your review in the customer review box at the end of this article.

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Srixon Z 745 Driver

Our Assessment 

To summarize, the Z 745 is a simple clean looking driver that offers the better player a quality piece which allows huge workability and versatility.

Great sound and feel at impact with a powerful ball flight, but off-center strikes are punished unfortunately so if a high handicap (>6) then perhaps opt for an alternative...all in all fair value at the price though if in the handicap frame.

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  • Clean, classic appearance reminiscent of the late 90’s – who doesn’t like that!
  • Exceptional workability in terms of trajectory and shot shape provided you’re a good ball striker
  • Superb meaty solid feel on center strikes which relays into a rewarding penetrating ball flight


  • Unforgiving on mis-hits, lose in terms of both distance and direction
  • Only available in Right Handed option – sorry lefties!

Key Facts



Launch RRP




Handicap Range

Low to High

Hand Availability

Right only



Right Handed Lofts

8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°

Left Handed Lofts


Swing Weight




Shaft Type and Name

Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage


Lamkin UTx Full Cord Red (48g) Grip

Manufacturer's Website

Official Video

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Srixon Z 745 Driver Detailed Review

Design & Appearance

Not the most beautiful or exciting set of clubs ever produced, but they are by no means ugly. The entire ‘i’ set of irons in the Ping range are aimed at the better player and they have leaned more towards less offset in this particular set, which is a big positive.

Other irons such as the Srixon Z 745's have slight offset to them – some like that, but most don’t. In the past even the best version of the i range carried a bit too much offset through the set and as most will agree, this is not beautiful.

One other noticeable thing is that the toe of the club is far less square/angled and is now fairly rounded.


Image Credit: Official Srixon Image

Build Quality

This particular driver is aimed at the better player and so the build quality is slightly different to that of the bread and butter market.

The elegantly rounded sole of the club-head is a nice change to the current drivers on the market that have large cavities, rails or channels in the sole such as the Nike Vapor Fly Driver.

The only adjustable offering is the simple system whereby only two weights are provided (3 grams or 11 grams) that can be positioned in the center sole of the club and then obviously the adjustable loft/lie angle on the hosel.

Control / Feel

Outstanding solid feel at impact that provides a partial ‘thud’, but really makes you feel like you’ve either connected it ‘in the screws’ or missed it.

This is mainly due to the titanium cup face that has been implemented as well as the Variable Face Thickness which is elaborated on below.


Image Credit: Official Srixon Image


Workability is also a plus and is probably one of the best drivers we’ve tested in terms of workability and being able to adjust ball flight and launch angle.

Definitely an advantageous club to the low handicapper or tour player offering. There really is so much choice on every tee shot.

Distance is fair, although not the longest club around it still gets it out there. Carry distance is slightly shorter than average, but roll-out is decent.

I don’t mind that at all being slightly shorter off the tee than most other professionals. I am able to get it out there very near to the long hitters due to the penetration and roll I’m getting upon landing. When tricky, windy conditions are forecast – I love it.

A larger sweet spot is as a result of Variable Face Thickness which has thinner heel and toe portions thus allowing maximum power out of the sweet spot.

Value for Money

If you are in the handicap bracket of 5 & lower or if you are a professional then the Srixon Z 745 driver is definitely a value for money purchase. It will provide so much bang for your buck in terms of workability, feel, control, sound and distance.

What is disappointing unfortunately is the lack of left handed option. Nowadays manufacturers are expected to provide at least one option for lefties.

If you’re anywhere from roughly a 6 handicap upwards then perhaps this isn’t for you as the very little forgiveness it offers just won’t be enough to maximize your potential out of the Srixon Z 745.

Michael Todt

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

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  1. Been playing for 55 years still hit the ball 310..only driver comes close to feel and deliver ability is the Titleist 910..the rest of drivers are hype and junk

    1. Hi Rube

      Each to their own regarding opinion on equipment and the Titleist 910 was a great piece. There have however been great developments since then that have resulted in world class equipment. Some aren’t great – sure, but there are a whole lot to like in terms of appearance, feel, sound and most importantly performance.

      If you’ve been playing for 55 years and still hit it 310 that is incredible! You playing any senior professional events?

      Keep on golfing!

  2. I found one pre owned at a big box store. It appeared as though it had never been hit. It is amazingly beautiful, and all the things you say are exactly what I have found to be true. The look and feel are classic and that promotes confidence. I have never hit any other driver better and more consistently than I am this Z745. It came with the original classic shaft sock head cover all for…… wait for it…… 20 dollars.

  3. I am a Long driver using a 30 year old maple wood driver. Its called the Long John. I just bought the sirixon Z745 driver. Im hitting it straight and 290 yds average. I love this club. Wished I knew of it years ago. Used my friends at driving range and was instantly sold on it. I think it is more forgiving than the reviews.

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