Sureshot Axis GPS Watch

May 2021

After recently testing the Sureshot PINLOC 6000 iPM rangefinder, and being super impressed, I was very much looking forward to giving the Sureshot Axis GPS watch a whirl.

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Sureshot Axis GPS Watch

My Assessment 

After using the Sureshot Axis GPS watch for a few rounds, I can confidently say that it's not coming off my wrist. 

In addition to being very accurate, the Axis is also super easy and intuitive to use. Other golf GPS watches I've used in the past require a manual to figure out. With the Axis, the interface and functionality is simple to understand. You'll be able to hit the ground running from the moment you open the box.

Distances on the watch are provided to the front, center and back of greens, and the greens themselves have been digitally drawn to provide an accurate representation of every course in their database - all 38,000 golf courses!

Yip, you read that correctly.

There are 38,000 golf courses available on the watch, so that's nearly every golf course in the world! I'm pretty confident that you won't find yourself on a course that isn't featured on the watch.

Sureshot Axis GPS watch review

Image Credit: MGI

One of my big bugbears with GPS watches is their battery life. Past watches I've used have claimed long battery life only to die on me whilst coming down the 17th. In the few rounds I've used the Sureshot Axis, the battery has held up all the way through two rounds before needing a charge. The manufacturer, MGI, claims the watch will maintain charge up to 12 hours in battery mode and 1 month in time mode, and given my experience to date I believe them.

If tracking your score is important to you, then you can retire your pencil (that's so 20th century), and instead record your score directly on the watch. The scorecard functionality is actually really good. The watch offers both stroke play and Stableford scorecard formats, and also comes with an automatic hole advancement feature which reminds one to enter a score at the end of a hole and moves onto the next hole when one reaches the tee box.    

Finally, the watch actually looks good. I've had a number of people comment on the sleek black design. It feels good to wear it on and off the course.

Overall, I'm really happy with this watch and I'm happy to recommend it.

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  • 38,000 pre-loaded golf courses to choose from - that's pretty much every golf course in the world.
  • Solid battery life - up to 12 hours in golf mode and 1 month in time mode.
  • Multiple colour and face displays, scratch proof face and water resistance up to an IPX 6 rating.
  • Sleek design that works equally well on and off the golf course.


  • The app was a little buggy when I tested it, but it may have been my phone (old iPhone). 

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Golf Mode: Up to 12 hours
Time Mode: Up to 1 month

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Sureshot Axis Watch Detailed Review

Design & Appearance

GPS watches can sometimes look a little gimmicky and cumbersome (yes, I'm thinking of some of the Garmin golf watches I've tested in the past). This however, is not the case with the Sureshot Axis GPS watch, which has a subtle and refined design. In fact the design and size is such that I would be happy to wear it as my normal timepiece.

The watch comes in a sleek black design, and has brushed metal buttons that sit flush against the side of the watch. I find these types of buttons far superior than those chunky raised buttons found on watches like the Bushnell Neo, for example, or the dial-type buttons found on watches like the Garmin Approach.

The watch face is scratch proof and water resistant with an IPX 6 rating (which in plan english means the watch is protected from high pressure water streams from any angle). This basically means it's good to go in the rain, but don't go swimming in it.

There are multiple watch face and colour display options, but the simple day, date and time (seen in the image below) is my favourite. The automatic backlight feature that illuminates the face when activated is also pretty cool, especially when checking the time at night.

Sureshot Axis Watch

Image Credit: MGI

Features & Performance

The Sureshot Axis comes with 38,000 golf courses in its database. As there are only about 40,000 courses in the world, you can be pretty sure every golf course you decide to play will be featured on this watch.

Distances are dialled in to the front, centre and back of greens, so you can get an accurate distance read to within a few yards of a flagstick. And the watch also provides distances to key features like water hazards and bunkers. If you are playing a golf course for the first time this feature is really helpful.

One of the features that sets the Sureshot Axis apart from many competitors is the scorecard functionality. Every course on the watch comes with a built-in scorecard for both stroke play and Stableford. And the watch itself stores up to 10 previously completed scorecards, should you decide to review your last few golf game performances. What's really nifty about the Axis scorecard functionality is the automatic hole advancement feature, which reminds one to add a score at the end of every hole and automatically moves to the next hole once you reach the tee box. So there is no messing about trying to figure out what hole you are on and the distances, everything on the watch advances automatically.

Finally, the battery life on the Sureshot Axis is excellent. Many watches that I have tested in the past struggle to get past 8 hours in golf mode, but when I tested the Axis I got a solid 12 hours of battery life on golf mode. When toggled onto time mode the battery life can last up to 1 month. The rechargable lithium battery uses a USB charging cable that comes standard with the watch.    

Image Credit: MGI


When you get your watch you'll need to download the MGI and Sureshot App, which is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.   

The app is super easy to use and navigate. Using the bluetooth setting on the Sureshot Axis watch you can seamlessly connect to the app to register your rounds, update course data and install software updates.

The App was a little buggy when I tested it, but admittedly I was using an old iPhone, which is often buggy with lots of apps.

About the author 

Paul Bradshaw

Paul hit his first golf shot at the age of 5, and from that point on was immediately hooked. He went on to become one of the leading amateurs in South Africa, securing a full golf scholarship with the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Turning professional in 2004, Paul played extensively on the Sunshine Tour and co-sanctioned European Tour events. Paul is our lead editor at Golf Assessor.

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