Titleist 915D2 Driver Review


On this page you’ll find our detailed assessment of the Titleist 915D2 Driver. The pros and cons, and a comparison with other drivers we have recently reviewed.

We reviewed the Titleist 915D2 as part of our Best Golf Drivers Review.

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Titleist 915D2 Driver

Our Assessment

8.8 Total Score
Great (B+)

Let's face it, Titleist is a world class product in every department and the 915D2 is a solid offering. Simple yet beautiful appearance with wide variety in standard stock options. Whilst feedback and sound is not the best, distance and forgiveness are so and if you're looking for a driver that provides a straighter ball flight and won't date easily, then this is your option.

Design / Appearance
Build Quality
Control / Feel
Value for Money
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Pros and Cons

  • Simple, neat appearance… classic pear-shaped Titleist clubhead
  • Long and more importantly consistently long
  • Wide range of stock shaft and loft options for both right and left handed players
  • Weakish feedback, bit disappointing on that front
  • Slightly poor workability compared to competitors

Key Facts

Product Details Titleist 915D2 Driver Review
Launch RRP $449.00
Gender Mens
Handicap Range Low to High
Hand Availability Right and Left
Right Handed Lofts 7.5°, 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°
Left Handed Lofts 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°
Lie 58.5°
Swing Weight D2
Club Length 45.00″
Shaft Type and Name Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 70, Fujikura Speeder Evolution 757 Tour Spec, Aldila Rogue Black 70
Grip Titleist Tour Velvet 360
Manufacturers Website Titleist

Official Video

A look at the higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) in the 915 series of drivers – Video length 01:20

Titleist 915D2 Driver Review

A closer look at the higher moment of inertia

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Titleist 915D2 Detailed Review

Design & Appearance

Titleist maintains the pear shape to the 915D2 head and whilst maximizing the 460cc allowance the head still doesn’t have an overly big look to it. The solid simple black crown is only impended by a neat triangular flake that acts as the alignment aid.

The club-head also has a relatively flat footprint on the sole of the club which in our opinion is better than a center-swollen sole.

Even with their new Titleist 917D2 they’ve kept the pear shape and general consensus is that particular head isn’t the most exciting we’ve ever seen.


Image Credit: Official Titleist Image

Build Quality

An Active Recoil Channel (ACR) is situated on the bottom of the club-head just behind the club-face and this channel allows the lower half of the face as well as crown to flex at impact thus creating a higher energy transfer, which results in more distance.

Titleist have saved weight by using a forged titanium club-face and a light density casting crown in order to reduce weight. The club-face has been made slightly thicker though as the ARC was beyond legal limits in terms of speed so this has dampened it slightly.

Control / Feel

The sound off the club-face is surprisingly louder than past Titleist drivers with a slight ‘bang’ at impact. The feel is also a bit more springy than past models that had a firmer feel to them.

Superb forgiveness, but the feedback isn’t quite top-draw. You like to REALLY know when you’ve struck it out of the dead center of the club-head and perhaps get a bit extra out of it.

This does feel consistent around the greater center of the clubface though.

Titleist 915D2 Driver
Titleist 915D2 Driver Review


All this being said, the Titleist 915D2 does get it out there…solid consistent distance and with the forgiveness being in the upper echelons it does aid the dispersion from left to right.

Workability isn’t a strong point for this driver, but with that being said who REALLY wants to be able to work a driver? You just want to bomb it straight down the middle like raw spaghetti not worrying about whether you can draw it or fade it.

Having the adjustability option of being able to change the lie angle is another point which perhaps is to the benefit of Titleist.

The reason being is that there will be less confusion and most players will stick with a preferred lie angle and not change that regularly at all (unlike the moveable weight system in the Taylormade M1 driver for example).


Image Credit: Official Titleist Image

Value for Money

Having been a fan favorite of ours for a number of years (if not decades) the Titleist 915D2 is another great club for the better player.

Most players once they’ve opted for a Titleist driver don’t turn back and stick with Titleist until the end of their playing careers! The 915D2 is a value for money item no doubt.

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