Volvik Golf Balls Review (S3 Model)

I recently watched Bubba Watson tee it up with a bright pink golf ball which got me thinking, is this guy so talented that he can bend any golf ball any which way but, and do it with a ball you would get at your local crazy golf course??!!

After some research into the ball I learnt that he was an ambassador for a Korean ball manufacturer named Volvik.

After scouting around at my local golf stores I found a supplier that sold them and asked which particular ball Bubba used.

I was told that it was the S3 model which is acclaimed to be the equivalent to a Pro V, which is my current ball preference, so I thought: ‘Hey, why not, I have a stableford competition this weekend and it might be a bit of a laugh to tee it up on the first with a ball brighter than my usual clothing attire’.

So I picked up a sleeve of three and put them in the bag ready for Sunday.

When I arrive at the course, raring to go, I go through my usual practice routine, few balls on the range followed by 10-15 minutes putting on the practice green.

I reached into my ball pouch, pulled out the sleeve and started to putt, instantly I got a few looks and odd glances, one of my buddies even shouted over and made a joke about me having balls to use those balls, but anyway, it didn’t perter me and I continued to roll some 8 foot putts.

At first I wasn’t expecting a great feel, I mean these things look ridiculous but I was instantly taken aback, I thought I had mishit my first putt even, it came off the face with that soft feel you get with any high end ball, such as a Pro V or TP5.

1 up to the Volvik!

My earlier feeling of novelty over quality had been dampened, these things feel good on the greens.

Although they look a bit garish and in your face the soft urethane outer layer was surprisingly top quality.

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So onto the first tee, after marking with my usual 5 dots with the blue sharpie I took out my 3 iron, teed up the ball and made a few practice swings.

One of my playing partners jested that I had teed up a satsuma instead of a golf ball, again another talking point that may break the ice with a playing partner that maybe you haven’t met before.

After my usual pre shot routine, I stepped over the ball and made my swing, the ball took off, I must add that it was a particularly sweet shot, pretty much out the middle and the ball took off as normal with a lovely trajectory!

Through the air the ball really stood out on a fairly over cast day with a grey background this bright orange thunderbolt resembled a Terry’s chocolate orange taking off through the air.

2 up for the Volvik!

After playing a few holes with the S3 I really was impressed, it gave very similar performance to my usual Titleist Pro V 1s, with a soft feel around the greens and good distance. It’s colour is a novelty, it is slightly off-putting when your stood over the ball and I think I would go for them in white next time.

As balls go, they are good, the only reason I would stick with my Pro Vs is for economic reasons, they are not cheap, at almost £15 for a sleeve of 3 they certainly do not outdo a Pro V and I think that Volvik would certainly have more success in the market if they were too consider a lower cost point.

All in all a great ball with a nice choice of illuminous colours, would use them again and may even consider replacing them as my preferred choice (if the price was more competitive). Well done Volvik and I can see why Bubba champions them.

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

  1. Hi Mate, I picked up a dozen Volvik s3 white today, was tossing up between them and Prov1’s opted for the Volvik. I did try the Volvik matt finish ones but had trouble seeing them if the went into the 1st cut or longer grass. Will be using the Volvik s3 in Saturday comp, so will be interesting.

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