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Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer Review

August 2016

Is it a luminous bug? Is it some kind of leech?

No, my friends… that delightful yellow/green thing on our hand – well, glove – is none other than a golf analyzer. Hope you packed your sunglasses.

In all seriousness, Zepp have brought something pretty unique to the table here, and the least we could do while testing it was keep an open mind.

One of the advantages of having a ‘clip-on’ device like this is its versatility, so if you’re an avid tennis or baseball player too, then, with the correct additional clips, you could be getting two (or even three) for the price of one deal here.

But we’re here to talk about golf, and how it can improve your score in the fairest sport of them all.

So, without any further ado ladies and gents, we present to you our Zepp Golf 3D swing analyzer review!

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

Our Assessment 

In terms of leading brands in swing analysis, Zepp are as trusted a household name as you could hope to find, and this little gem has a lot going for it. I’ll be honest, the first time I used it, I was uncomfortable with having this thing clipped onto my glove – it just didn’t feel right. I also failed to align it properly, so it recorded some rather contortionist-looking swings initially! But after that, I was very impressed with what I saw – by and large.

It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some of the bigger guns on the market, and is arguably a bit limited in terms of metrics and analytics. But that’s part of its charm. Getting set up and calibrating the device is so easy, and the dashboard echoes this simplicity. No nonsense – you get what you see and you see what you get.

There is a bit of product-specific jargon to learn, but it’s nothing too complex. Besides, they’ve done well to portray loads of data in a user friendly, easy-to-interpret way, and it gives you the opportunity to really zero in on specific areas which need improvement. And then, of course, there is the price… like, wow!

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  • The price! Look at the price! Amazing
  • Loved the user interface and dashboard. So concise and simple
  • The colour-coded analytics make them easy to interpret, and the ‘goals’ are a nice touch
  • With thousands of data points, there’s plenty of relevant and actionable information here


  • Having the device on your glove takes some getting used to. You need to position it perfectly on the Velcro too

Key Facts



Launch RRP


Platform Compatibility

Android, iOS

Attachment Location


Battery Life

8 Hours


1.1in x 1.1in x 0.4in


0.3 ounces

Manufacturers Website

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Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer Detailed Review

Build Quality & Features

It’s hard to believe something that small, light and, er, yellow (or green – not sure which yet) can be of a quality build. But we had no qualms with respect to this. The clip mount is pretty sturdy and tight – the sensor won’t budge.

It’s hard not to be acutely aware of its presence when it’s so blatantly in your eyeline, which can be off-putting. Overall, this is the most obvious shortcoming of the device, and will inevitably turn some people away. Yet you should bear in mind that the flip side of this coin is that you won’t need to detach the sensor each time you change club.

It also has a very decent set of features to offer. You can track everything from swing speed to swing plane – all in 3D of course, and with a 360-degree view – and if you keep your smartphone close you can even record your hip rotation!

The playbacks are more or less instant, and the Smart Coach Training System is impressive (the split screen feature is excellent). As mentioned above, we also really liked the ‘goals’ feature, which allows you to quantify your progress.

We also had some doubts about the level of accuracy of the data, although it did seem pretty consistent across a large sample size of swings.

You could probably make the argument that as long as data is consistent, you can confidently make comparisons with previous swings, as they’re all subject to the same data points – of which there are thousands!


Ease of Use

No issues setting this one up – you simply push and then hold one corner of the device, and wait for the little lights to come on. In terms of calibration, you will need to do it for each club every time you use it, but it’s just a case of standing still at address for three seconds. After that, fire away!

You will see a few metrics fired at you which won’t mean much at first. But they do have brief explainer videos for each, so you’ll pick it all up pretty quickly.

The dashboard itself on the app is a nice concise grid, making it really easy to navigate your way around. Analyzing your swing, and comparing it to others in the library (which includes those of pros) arguably requires a few more clicks than necessary, but at least it’s clear where you are going at all times.

In terms of the goals, little things like the red and green colour coding are the little nuances we really appreciate – anything to make the user’s life easier, especially if you struggle with numbers as it is. The swing data is retained in the ‘My History’ section of the app.

Given its importance, you would probably have expected that to be higher up in the menu tab.

But these are fairly minor details, and I would be reluctant to heavily criticize a user interface which I actually found to be refreshingly simplistic.


Value for Money

Caveat, caveat! The $99 we’ve quoted above was on Amazon, and we’re not sure how permanent a fixture this will be.

But that is breathtakingly good value for what is a very solid little gadget indeed. What more can we say? It ticks so many important boxes, and if the quirk of having the sensor on your glove doesn’t bother you too much, then you’re going to have a hard time knocking this one down.

Perhaps if you’re one for more in-depth analytics, then this one comes up a little short. But, failing that, for a price like this, you may want to get in there quick.

About the author 

Michael Todt

Mike fell in love with the game from a very early age – a passion that hasn’t diminished ever since. He earned provincial colors throughout his junior years, but by the time he reached Varsity, the realization set in (thanks largely to some cold ales) that it was time to favor the pen rather than his clubs. He now writes for GA along with a few other sources.

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